If you’re familiar with macramé accessories, chances are you already have a general idea of what bohemian style decor looks like. However, bohemian interior design is a relatively different ball game altogether. Apart from using typical bohemian accessories to get your home a stunning bohemian design, you can also consider other design elements to get the look. 

But before we get into that, let’s look at what bohemian style interior design is about. Bohemian interior design is all about embracing the unconventional and being free-spirited or carefree. In terms of design, this translates to using a mix of cultural elements in your interior design for a well-travelled look. Whether you identify with the principles of bohemian interior design, or just love the look of it, it’s certainly worth experimenting with for your home. 

Read on to know what bohemian style decor tips and tricks you can employ to get the look: 

#1: Low Seating is a Popular Choice in Bohemian Style Interior Design

A floor mattress, daybed or pouffes are great ways to introduce floor seating

Floor seating is not a new concept in Malaysian homes. Whether it be to make room for kids to play or to house more guests during family gatherings, using the floor is the easiest way to accommodate more people. Similarly, Bohemian interior design looks to create a relaxed and informal vibe when it comes to the furniture used in bohemian design. 

In the case of bohemian interior design, low-lying furniture is the way to go for a more authentic look. All you need are some comfortable statement rugs in bold colours or prints along with some floor pillows or pouffes and you’re good to go! The key here is to look for furniture pieces that have a vintage or collector’s feel to them to nail your bohemian-style interior design.

#2: Play with Different Lighting Styles for an Airy Atmosphere

French windows are a great addition to bohemian interior design

The most common element you might find in bohemian interior design is the focus on natural light. Most of the homes that use this aesthetic opt for natural light to create an airy and inviting atmosphere. What’s more, natural lighting is a cost-effective way to recreate this look. 

However, you can also use artificial lighting to add to the mood. Since bohemian interiors are all about creating a welcoming atmosphere across the home, try to limit the use of overhead lighting. Instead, look at using lanterns and floor lighting for a more natural and ambient vibe. Such fixtures will also complement low seating and other accessories used in your bohemian style interior design.

Another design style that makes good use of natural light is the Scandinavian style. Check out Need Condominium Design Inspiration? Here’s a Home You Need to See for more details.

#3: Bohemian Design Makes Use of Floral or Paisley-Themed Wallpapers

Aside from decorating with plants, you can also use floral wallpapers to add dimension

Whimsical themes and patterns are known to dress bohemian-style homes. The use of floral, paisley and bold-patterned wallpapers add to the rich vibrancy of bohemian interior design. The reason being that natural themes further strengthen the ambience of bohemian design. 

Consider using eclectic wallpaper to dress up boring walls that can transform your space from dull to bohemian.

#4: Different Textures and Accessories Complement Bohemian Style Decor

Play with different accessories that tell a story of your travels or lifestyle

When you look at bohemian style interior design, one thing you’re bound to notice is the mix of accessories and textures that occupy the space. What’s more, most of the accessories in bohemian interiors are unique and tell a story. 

Unlike minimalist interiors, bohemian interiors focus on a slightly more maximalist approach to decor. All of the trinkets and bohemian style decor you see are typically collected from many cultures by avid travellers. This fusion of culturally rich decor elements adds to the feeling of an unconventional or mix-and-match theme. 

Use bold tapestries, wooden trunks/accessories and block patterns to further play on textures and colours. This mix of elements adds to the vibe of bohemian style decor and gives your space a more comprehensive look.

#5: Use Natural Materials Like Plants, Rattan and Wood Wherever Possible

Woven materials and handcrafted items are the best reflection of bohemian decor

The best way to bring a bit of the outdoors inside is to use natural materials that mimic it. Apart from macramé accessories, wood, rattan and natural fibres are also known to make an appearance in bohemian interiors. The woven look of these materials adds to the carefree and cosy vibe that bohemian design is all about. 

If you’re keen on recreating this at home, try to look for handmade items that stray away from the mainstream. Wicker is another great material to experiment with for a woven texture that adds warmth to your interior design. 

Similarly, another great addition to your bohemian style interior design is undoubtedly the inclusion of plants for an added pop of colour. The green from your botanicals will also complement the wooden accents of other accessories for a well-rounded look.  

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#6: For a Modern Bohemian Interior Design Go for a Clean White Palette with Wooden Accents

A white background is useful when you want your accessories to do all the talking!

Though bohemian interior design is all about embracing a mix-and-match theme that’s big and beautiful, modern bohemian interior design takes on a more minimalist approach. If you like to keep your colour palettes minimal but want to retain the principles of bohemian design, we have a solution for you. 

Stick to light colour palettes like white or beige and use one or two bold colours to offset the monotony in the room and make a statement. The good thing about sticking to a minimalist palette is that the accessories you use with it are sure to pop. By using wooden accents and finishes in your light-themed bohemian interior design, you add a bit of contrast to your space as well. 

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