Wall and ceiling design can make or break any room. That being said, Livspace has made many false ceiling design ideas come to life. But that’s not all; we also love jazzing up homes in Malaysia with wall design ideas. Here are some of the best wall design and false ceiling design ideas from Livspace homes. We’d like to serve them up as inspiration for your own home. Scroll down to browse through them. Happy reading!

Unique Wall Design Ideas for Malaysian Homes:

Gone are the days when paint was the only option for homeowners. Now we have options of panelling, wall trims, accents and wallpaper on the list of wall design options. Here are some unique ways Livspace homes have used wallpaper to amp up a room.

#1: Get a Themed Living Room Wall Design

An animal-themed wallpaper adds unique character to this living room

This living room wall design gives an interesting faunal touch to this space. We love how this compact space has been space optimised with multifunctional furniture, neutral palettes and a ceiling design with built-in recessed lights. The wallpaper adds to the palette without being loud. If you have a living room where you need to add a bit of character to liven it up, use one wall to add a unique wallpaper like this. 

Pro Tip: If you have an odd wall, it is a great place to add a wallpaper and play up the space instead of playing it down. 

#2: Enhance the Bedroom Wall Design with Pastels

Care for a wash of trendy pastel on the bedroom wall design?

Pastel shades have officially become the trend of the times. With more and more homeowners preferring colours, this bedroom wall design uses pastel blue to perfection. And, can you guess? That’s wallpaper. Most homeowners have switched to wallpapers as they are more durable and easy to maintain.

#3: One-Walled Wonder for a Trendy Dining Wall Design

A beige wallpaper on the dining wall is a safe choice

This beige dining wall design is a subtle tone that does not overwhelm the look of the dining room. Sometimes, when you need a wash of colours without overdoing the design, it is best to pick a subtle shade that will fulfil both your wishes. This dining wall design is the background that lets the ceiling design shine as the focal point of the dining area.

#4: Do Something Bold for the Kid’s Room Wall Design 

Why so serious when picking out your wall design?

The kid’s room wall design is where most people love being creative. This one, in particular, catches the eye of every DC Comics fan. Wallpaper in the kids’ room is an ideal pick as it is easier to maintain and can be changed swiftly.

Amp up the Ceiling Design:

When looking to design your home, most people forget the fifth wall of their house — the ceiling. For a cohesive interior design, your ceiling should seamlessly fit in with the rest of your home design. Moreover, if you have a compact house, the ceiling is the one area where you can get the look you want without worrying about any design or decor element taking up extra space. Below are some of the ceiling ideas we know you’d love.

#1: Make an L-Box False Ceiling Design 

Watch the clever L-box design bring this whole room together

The L-box ceiling is one of the most popular options because of its minimal style. The ceiling is installed on the perimeter of the actual ceiling, keeping the height the same. It is complemented by the mirror in this living room wall design shown above, and works to create the illusion of space in this room.

#2: Fit the Recessed Lights in the Border of the False Ceiling Design

Recessed lights can be installed  on a border false ceiling

If you have been looking at false ceiling design ideas, you have definitely come across recessed lights. They are the perfect lighting options for a modern home with a false ceiling. Moreover, they are cost efficient and act as ambient as well as task lights. Fit them along the border of the ceiling so the light is distributed evenly.

#3: Optimise Space with Cove Lighting Boxed in the Ceiling Design

Stylish and minimal cove lighting options by Livspace designers

Another popular and sleek option is a ceiling design with cove lighting. Installed with LED lights, it emits light towards the ceiling or the walls, giving the room a cove or domed feel. They can be designed in a number of patterns and colours. Moreover, this false ceiling can be used to accentuate a ceiling or wall design in the home.

#4: Layer Lights in the Carved-Out Ceiling Design

Carve out the ceiling to layer different light fixtures

Layering the light is an ideal choice for any home. This dining room, for example, has pendant lights and cove lighting layered together. The pendant lights serve as the show-stealers while the cove lighting makes sure the entire room is well lit.

#5: Use the Ceiling Design as Demarcation

Wooden false ceilings look warm and add a highlight to a room

If you’re looking for a false ceiling design that has woodwork, like rafters and an extended ceiling, you will need to call a carpenter. Subsequently, these designs include ceiling structures that require shaping or installing wooden fixtures. What is interesting about this room is that the ceiling wall design acts to set this space apart from the room, demarcating the space. This is another way this area stands apart from the rest of the house.

#6: Customise Unique Ceilings for Your Bedroom

Ceiling designs can never get boring with colour

The best part about unique wall design ideas is that there are immense possibilities to play with it. This POP ceiling design was carved out and painted in a teal shade to add character and colour to the neutral palette of this bedroom. This is just one example of a unique ceiling design.

You can always get your own ceiling custom-made according to your tastes. Want to get a custom wall and ceiling design for your own home? Reach out to us!

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