A dining hall design is made keeping in mind that it will be used for formal get-togethers as well as family mealtimes. Dining halls may not hold as much importance as a living room but they sure are an addition worth having. We have compiled some dining hall design options that are sure to mesmerise your HDB or condos. Every  dining idea  listed here is sure to give you that fine dining experience you want, right at home. 

#1: Fit this Dining Table in a Sleek Space

A muted colour palette allows for a coherent design

The striking feature of this dining hall design is the set of armrest-free chairs that complement the straight-lined dining table perfectly. This dining hall has enough space for meals and to catch up with your buddies. A crockery unit in the background conceals the fine dining crockeries and also gives ease of access. All this dining hall lacks now is friends, families and shared meals.

Perfect for: Fitting in a cosy corner without occupying much space in compact homes

#2: Go Scandinavian for Your Dining Hall Design

Go for a fuss-free Scandinavian dining hall

Want a dining room design that also accommodates the living room? Then opt for this design. The false ceiling with classic black drop lights serves as the partition in this dining hall. The marble tabletop dining table coupled with wooden seating give a warm country vibe to the space. This is perfect for families that love to eat their meals together.

Perfect for: A large open area for a combined living area and dining hall. This setup is good when you need a free-flowing space where a lot of people can be seated together.

#3: Save Space with This Dining Hall Design

Opt for a foldable dining table for more space

This space-saving dining hall design consists of a foldable wooden dining table. An essential for compact homes, this dining table allows for more space to move around freely. Whenever you need to sit down with your meals, just unfold the table and place chairs around it.

Perfect for: Small homes with space constraints.

#4: Introduce Warm Hues in Your Dining Hall

Fill your dining area with warm wooden hues

Are you one of the lucky few whose condo or HDB has ample sunlight and great views? Then this dining hall is made for you. Maximise your space by also adding reflective elements in the dining hall. To complement the warmth, opt for an all-wood look like this one, and round it off with a funky rug and some wall art/photographs. Trust us, your guests will not stop complimenting you. 

Perfect for: Someone striving for an affordable space with a welcoming fine dining experience.

#5: Ever Thought of a Rooftop Dining Hall at Home?

Munch at this ultra unique dining hall

Putting a dining table in a traditional dining hall is too mainstream, don’t you think? Why not kick things up a notch and take your dining table up and set it up on the rooftop! If you are a fan of rooftop dining, then this setup will be perfect for you. However, make sure to use materials and accessories that are water- and wind-resistant to avoid any wear and tear to your unique rooftop dining idea. 

Perfect for: Families and couples looking to recreate the rooftop fine dining experience right in their homes.

#6: Create an Edgy Dining Hall Design

Can you see the industrial-style accent to this look?

The kitchen opening into the dining hall is a very popular option for HDBs and condos, where the space available is limited. Make the fine dining experience count by using a marble table with complementary plush chairs. The round table in this setup looks trendy while the pendant lights above give it an modern yet artsy touch.

Perfect for: Family dinners and casual get-togethers.

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#7: Keep the Hall Design an Opulent Zone

Exude a luxurious vibe with an all-neutral dining hall

This dining hall design sports a round dining set with plush upholstered chairs around it. To add modern elegance, we have added the sleek chandelier right above the round table. The mirror with the laminate-finished crockery unit further accentuates the look. 

#8: Looking for a Dining Design Ideal for Two?

Turn your kitchen island into a dining table

This dining hall design is a unique custom piece and serves as a kitchen island and a table, depending on the homeowners’ requirement. In a compact setting, this can be a huge space saver as it can accommodate seating and its convenient position means you get toplace piping hot food straight from the kitchen. The modern industrial lights further accentuate the space.

Perfect for: A small family that requires multifunctional furniture for a compact space.

#9: Curate Wooden Warmth

Enjoy the view and the breeze with a balcony-fronted dining hall

Love feeling the breeze while you eat? Then this is the perfect dining hall design for you. This setup is simple, with a wooden dining table and a comfortable bench that can accommodate extra people.

Perfect for: Anyone who loves spending time outdoors. In fact, if you have a great balcony view, this should definitely be an option.

#10: Set Your Dining Table in a Niche

Leave out no details of this dining hall design

There are way too many details in this dining hall design to marvel at! Firstly, there is the  oh-so-luxurious seating with its dining chairs and long bench that makes this a hit. Then there are the trio of pendant lights suspended  overhead that add a touch of elegance to this nook. Further, the wood-grain laminate on walls that create a seamless look when combined with the wooden flooring makes this hall look like a perfectly created fine dining space.

Perfect for: Those who think investing in a detailed dining hall design is all worth it.

#11: Use Small Spaces for Larger Seatings in Dining Hall Design

Feel the elegance of this dining hall design

A big dining table can still be used in small spaces. For that, a smart buy is necessary. As you can see, the above dining table is structurally light and can be neatly tucked away in a niche just outside the kitchen. The elegance is further enhanced by  the fancy upholstery and the modern chandelier light. 

Perfect for: Large families living in compact spaces, or people who want extendable dining halls.

#12: Liven Up Your Dining Hall Design with Wallpaper

Indulge in a preppy wallpaper to amp up your dining hall

Sometimes, the dining hall is not about the dining table but what is done with the room as a whole. In this one, the lively wallpaper that steals the show. The basic dining table is complementary in the design. Made with leggy chairs and a glass tabletop, this dining hall  will add a funky ambience to mealtimes. 

Perfect for: People that want to create a quirky ambience in their dining setting.

Here Are Some Compact Dining Hall Design Tips:

 It’s easier than you think to create an inviting dining hall design in a compact space

Here are some ways you can make your compact dining hall design look larger:

  • Stick to minimal dining tables and chairs
  • Keep the walls of your dining hall neutral
  • Use ample lighting to evenly illuminate the area
  • Stick your dining table in a corner to make it look more symmetrical
  • Utilise the space outside the kitchen

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