If you have the space to spare, a dining room can serve as a great functional and stylish addition to your house. Not only will evening meals be served on the dining table, it will also be the perfect backdrop for hosting parties, cosy evening conversations and that ideal extension to the kitchen. If we’ve got you suitably excited at the prospect, we now show you some great designs to inspire you further. Here is how you can perfect the dining room design so it suits your personal preferences.

#1: Measure the Size of the Dining Area

Decide your dining room design based on how many people it needs to accommodate

Before you buy anything, measure the space you have to work with. This applies to your dining table as well. The size will also depend on the number of people the dining room will cater to. Do you only need a simple four-seater? Or do you need to accommodate a huge family? These questions will help you make functional decisions for your dining design.

Pro Tip: Opt for a foldable table if you have a compact room but need a large seating area.

#2: Decide on the Location of Your Dining Table

Pick a convenient spot for your dining table

The location of your dining table is another obvious element you need to factor in. Although it’s ideal to have a designated dining room you can still accommodate the table anywhere you feel is appropriate if you’re facing a space crunch. The key is to make sure the dining area is located near the kitchen so so it is easier to set down hot piping food straight from there. 

#3: Hand-Pick the Right Kind of Chairs for Your Dining Room Design

Make sure to complement your dining table with cosy chairs

Now that the location and size of the dining table is determined, it’s time to pick out the dining chairs. Comfort should be your first priority when doing so. You have the choice to pick from linen, velvet, polyester, vinyl or any other material you deem fit. You can also use the chairs to add a subtle wash of colour in your room, as shown above.  

The number of seats also plays a pivotal role. You should have enough chairs to accommodate your household, plus one or two more for when guests pop by. A pro tip is to have spare foldable chairs that you can use when needed, but can easily store away when unnecessary.

#4: Indulge in Crockery and Bar Units for Storage and Style

Hanging shelves can also be used to display your bar collection

Storage in the dining room should be smart even as it adds aesthetic value to the space. A crockery unit or a butler’s unit is a must if the space allows for it. A bar unit can also be built to display the collection of fine wines you have.

#5: Include Mood Lights in Your Dining

It is a good idea to add lights just above your dining table

The dining is not complete without proper lighting that appropriately focuses on  the dining table. After all, you’re not going to enjoy dining in the darkTry placing lights right above the dining table for optimum lighting. For example, the pendant lighting right above this dining table adds a great design element to the area, while anchoring the space that the dining area occupies.

#6: Balance Out the Dining Room Design with Curtains

 Install the right kind of curtains to add to the visual appeal of the dining room

Curtains may be the background character in your dining but they can still be pivotal to enhance the overall look. If you have a compact dining area, you can add full-length curtains in a neutral palette to add visual height to the dining area.

#7: Complement the Room Design with the Right Colours

Add textures and decor for a stunning dining room

Colours are a quirky way to add more style and interest to the dining room design. Pops of colour are important to break the monotony of monochromes or a neutral palette. You can add colour with plants, rugs and other accessories in the room design. The dining table can also have centrepieces to add to the same.

#8: Make the Most Out of Your Dining Room Floor

Cement flooring lends a rustic look to this industrial-style dining room

Flooring can easily determine the look of your room design, so pick the right kind to define the style of your dining room. If you feel you need an extra element, opt for a rug that adds to your comfort.

#9: Establish a Focal Point in Your Dining Room Design 

The use of wood is the focal point of this dining room design

The focal point of any room is whatever catches your eye the moment you walk into that space. It is a good idea to create a focal point in your dining room as well. You can make a dining table centrepiece, statement lighting fixtures or any other decor element as the focal point of your dining room.

#10: Decide on the Overarching Style of Your Dining Room

Pick a style that can continue the theme of your house

Does the Scandinavian style suit you? Or would you rather drizzle that glam all over your dining room design? If you already have a theme going on for the rest of your home, we advise you to stick to it when designing your dining room. If you’re not sure how to define your home aesthetic, you could always consult an expert to decide what will suit your taste the best.

#11: Add Oodles of Personality to Your Dining Room

The artwork in this dining room adds character and interest to the space

There are multiple ways you can add your personality to the dining room design. You can add vintage decor or pick an artwork that appeals to your preferences. This could be anything, from the dining table to the planters hanging in the background. 

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Do you Need a Dining Table in Your Home?

A family that eats together, stays together

The question of whether or not you need a dining table in your home can be simply answered by defining its functional purpose. A dining table is a good idea if you:

  • aim to connect with your family over meals
  • want a kitchen extension to put down hot piping food 
  • are a sociable host who frequently entertains guests
  • simply want to add aesthetic value to your house

These are appropriate reasons to make space for a dining room in your house. We hope this article helps you to decide if you’d like to have a dining area in your house, and offers you enough inspiration for how you’d like to design the space! Here are 10+ Stunning Dining Hall Design Ideas to Pick for Your Own Home.

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