Given the new variants with greater rate of spread, our stay-at-home lifestyle is starting to seem inefficient and unsustainable. Therefore, to reestablish safety in the most vulnerable spot in your home, here are 9 entrance foyer design ideas that you can implement. We collaborated with IKEA to provide you with a wide variety, budget-friendly furniture options that work for homes with a variety of foyer design ideas. 

#1. Allow Some Space as a Sanitation Port

It has become almost like a ritual to sanitise as soon as you step inside your house, but more often than not, you either forget or you are lazy about it. When you allow a designated space in your entrance for disinfection, there are less chances that you miss this most important COVID safety step. Most entryway modern foyer designs enable this port allocation. 

Creating a sanitation area is one of the more essential entrance foyer design ideas in Covid times

#2. Provide a Place for Emptying Pockets, Keys, Loose Coins, Cell Phones etc.

A small stand near the entry to put these pocket objects out in plain sight for disinfection is a good precautionary measure. There are many IKEA tables that will go well with your entrance foyer design ideas and effortlessly facilitate your sanitisation routine.

A sleek, minimally designed IKEA table can become part of your low furniture set

#3. Plan Entrance Foyer Design Ideas for Storing Clothes and Shoes of All Family Members

Clothes and shoes that are designated as outdoor wear to run errands can be accommodated in the entryway modern foyer design. This will ensure that, even after being sanitised, they do not mix with fresh clothes before they are washed. This IKEA shoe cabinet comes with creative shutters so no dirty pair of shoes are in sight from your living and dining rooms.

A closed IKEA shoe cabinet is best for a compact condo foyer design

#4. Get Sturdy Boxes for Outdoor Items Like Umbrellas

Outdoor items like sports, camping or picnic accessories can be contained in one place at the entrance. Since most of these are seasonal activities and you will bring out the related gear only for a few months, you can find temporary yet durable storage solutions at IKEA for them. These are really simple entrance foyer design ideas that aren’t expensive but will render effective cleanliness and protection. 

A temporary durable wooden basket to store umbrellas is a great organising solution

#5. How About a Clothes Stand as One of Your Entrance Foyer Design Ideas?

Planning a whole storage unit can be a lot if your foyer isn’t spacious or you live alone and practise social distancing successfully. A multipurpose stand like this one to hang most of your outdoor carry-ons can serve you sufficiently. It will also effortlessly complete your entrance foyer design with shoe rack look if that’s something you’d like to go for!

A clothes stand as one of the entrance foyer design ideas is a practical solution

#6. Include Seating in Your Entrance Foyer Design Ideas

A comfortable seating next to your shoe rack will ensure a smooth, less awkward experience at the door. It will also prevent you from touching your walls or other nearby objects for support while handling your shoes. We have furnished many entryway modern foyer designs with IKEA shoe cabinets and low seats.

Practical seating in entryway modern foyer designs

#7. Use Waterproof Material for Furniture

Our foyers must be prepared for all kinds of external elements coming into the house. Thus, it becomes imperative that your entrance foyer furniture be waterproof for easy maintenance and durability. This includes all of your entrance foyer design with shoe rack, seating, hangers, cabinets, baskets and more such items.

A waterproof rustic entrance foyer design with shoe rack and seating

#8. Child-Friendly Entrance Foyer Design Ideas

There are many low furniture options available with IKEA that are child-friendly. In light of the pandemic, it is advisable that you choose furniture with no-touch usability.

A child-friendly IKEA shoe cabinet

#9. A Last Look in the Mirror Before You Say Goodbye

A mirror can be a nice touch in your entryway modern foyer design. Mirrors are known to improve moods and make you mindful instantly. They also make spaces appear larger than they are, so they are a good addition to a compact condo foyer design. This is an optional choice among the many entrance foyer design ideas.

An entryway modern foyer design with a full-length mirror

We hope you found our entrance foyer design ideas useful as well as aesthetically appealing. You can even opt for our design and execution services to help renovate your entire house.

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