Bedrooms are almost an extension of who you are as a person, often a reflection of your personality and taste. It’s a secluded and private space where you find comfort and security. But what if you want all of your needs and the right ambiance in your primary bedroom, particularly if it’s small? That’s when a well-thought-out bedroom design might come in handy! It doesn’t matter whether you want something modest and minimal or a bedroom interior design with a little oomph, there are ways to get exactly what you want. And we’re here to show you how it’s done!. 

Bedroom Interior Design #1: In Wood and Black

Create a focal point with a black accent wall and wardrobe

This modern bedroom interior design is minimalist with black accents. The bedroom interior appears intimate and snug, from the black accent wall behind the bed to the elegant sliding wardrobe on the corner. Traditional New York loft designs were the source of inspiration for this particular bedroom remodel. The wooden flooring adds to the overall aesthetic.

Bedroom Interior Design #2: With a Marble Accent Wall

Use marble as material for your accent wall and adorn it with wall decor ornaments

We recommend utilising marble as the backdrop of your bedroom if you like the appearance of the exquisite veins of the material. That’s just what we did in this room. The marble accent wall, which stands out in understated splendour, reflects the natural light that pours into the space. It also has niches where you may store your essentials. A gold-toned metallic wall decorator holds the centre, flanked on either side by two pendant lights. The effect is completed by the softness of the white upholstered headboard and the warmth of the oak flooring.

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Modern Bedroom Interior Design #3: Clean and Simple

The window seat is a great space for you to curl up with a cup of coffee

Is it your style to be direct and to the point? Then, this is one of those modern bedroom interior design ideas that is just for you. In a grey and wood palette, this bedroom interior is kept basic. A hardwood bed with a prominent headboard is a wonderful focus point if you want to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. Play a game of match and set up some wooden bedside tables. A window seat is a great way to squeeze in some extra seating and curl up with a cup of coffee.

Bedroom Interior Design #4:With Pop of Colours

Little pops of colour keep things interesting

Chic style? Yes. Trendy? Check! This simple bedroom interior design makeover is simple and understated. The plain grey headboard draws attention to the multicoloured wall behind it. A space with a bay window makes this room ideal for girls or kids. There is plenty of space in the corners to place a study table, as well as a pin up board for notes and images. The multiple but muted coloured pillows work well against the multicoloured walls in this bedroom renovation.

Bedroom Interior Design #5: Use of Reflective Surfaces

This laminate headboard has a marble-like finish

Our designers did an excellent job of making the little bedroom appear larger by employing reflective surfaces. The platform bed is framed by a mirrored panel, as is the platform’s base. The glossy marble-finish laminate headboard, like the rest of the room, reflects light, giving the impression of more space. Reflective surfaces and mirrors make a small area appear larger. Furthermore, this is also one of the more effective bedroom interior design ideas if you are looking for inspiration to accommodate storage into your master bedroom, all thanks to the platform bed with storage and the wardrobes.

Simple Bedroom Interior Design #6: Travel-inspired Bedroom Design

Don’t these bedroom interiors look relaxing?

Want a piece of your vacation etched in your main bedroom? Take cues from these bohemian-inspired bedroom interiors we designed for a family who loves to travel. A big golden headboard is the first thing that catches your eye, followed by the wooden cupboard and decorative piece brought by the family during one of  their vacations. This bedroom appears appealing, thanks to a trendy bed frame and matching oak floors and furniture. The neutral-hued wall adds a touch of softness as well. To add to the design style, the wall lamps have been raised to a particular height. 
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Bedroom Interior Design Idea #7: Integrated Furniture

The platform extends to form a workstation.

What’s the secret to cramming storage space, a bed and a desk into a tiny bedroom? It is, in a nutshell, integrated furniture. Choose customised furniture to make the limited space in your bedroom interiors more functional. The bed is raised on a platform that can be used as a writing desk or a work from home station. The book shelf on the side can be used to store books. Clothing and other supplies can be stored in the compartments beneath the platform. The room’s minimalism matches its multifunctionality. As bedroom interior design ideas for small spaces go, this one’s surely a winner!

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