Getting a balcony with a breathtaking view can be so refreshing! If you have a balcony where you’d like to sit and have your evening coffee, it means that you are looking to add seating to the space. We have a few balcony furniture suggestions that cover big as well as small balcony ideas. Sit back and enjoy the view as you lounge comfortably.

#1: Relax in Your Balcony Swing

Hook a swing set in the balcony for the child in you!

All you need for this setup is a sleek balcony swinging chair along with a coffee table and you’re set! You can also make some space for your significant other in this setup. This Livspace home’s balcony is all about using the space optimally; the balcony swing is ideal for varying moods while it provides a nice deck to enjoy the sunset. 

#2: Take the Party Outside

Set the bar high! (wink, wink!)

This balcony from a Livspace home has a bar right in the balcony. If you have some extra space to spare, you can set up bar chairs along with a counter that holds your alcohol. This setup is great if you are looking to separate the drinking space for the guests for a party.

#3: Bring the Tea (or Coffee!)!

This setup is ideal for a cuppa on a lazy afternoon

Throw in any type of balcony chair and a coffee table along with some of your favourite decor elements in your balcony — and you can enjoy your mornings relaxing in comfortably laid out balcony furniture with a cup of coffee and a book for company.

#4: Make a Personal Picnic Spot!

Everyday is a picnic here

If you are blessed with a lot of square metres in your balcony, put the available space to good use by bringing in more balcony furniture. It won’t hurt to have a mix of different types of balcony chair varieties. That can be your coffee spot in the evening but packs the potential of hosting a full-fledged picnic too!

#5: Bench It!

Keep it basic and beautiful

Looking for small balcony ideas? Go old school and pick a wooden bench to grace your balcony. The wood adds a touch of warmth to your space. It’s comfortable too and you can even add more cushions! Plenty of bench designs are available in the market right now so you can easily take your pick from a range of options.

#6: Nap in This Nested Balcony Swing

Get cosy in this nested swing with a book of your choice

A nested balcony swing bench is ideal where you don’t want to take the trouble of putting in hooks on the ceiling. One of the small balcony ideas that lets you cocoon in peace and catch up on the latest bestseller.

#7: Get Balcony Furniture for Outdoor Comfort

How about taking the lunch outside?

This is another one of the big balcony seating ideas. If you have the space, dare to keep a lightweight dining table outside. This setup can be quite helpful in taking a break from work and appreciating the view. This balcony wooden chair setup is also moisture-proof, making it safe from any rain damage.

#8: Go with Small Balcony Ideas–Pouffes, Bean Bags and Stools

Add bean bags in the balcony of your rented apartment

When you are living in a rented apartment, or if you are looking for small balcony ideas, we advise you to get seating options like bean bags, pouffes or stools. They are easy to move and leave a lot of space for your plants. You can also bring them in if guests arrive and you need some extra seating.

#9: Think about Flexible Seating

Bring indoor furniture outside to lounge in your personal garden

If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of exposing your furniture to rain, heat or sun, you can opt to have a movable setup in the balcony. Just bring in furniture out in the open whenever you wish to sit there. For example, this corner chair easily serves as balcony furniture whenever one wants to sit out.

#10: Lay It Down for Small Balcony Ideas

Sit on the floor and gaze at the stars

For even more compact balconies, where bringing even a chair or other things seems impossible, consider the floor to be your seating option. Lay down a stretch of artificial grass or bring out the seating cushion to add seating. This way, you can spend some quality time on the balcony even if there is less space.

#11: Splurge for Comfortable Wooden Deck

Create ambient space with proper lighting and comfortable seating

Your balcony can double as a chilling zone where you can just sit back and relax. Create a wooden deck and throw in some balcony furniture and greenery — you’re all ready to zen out!

#12: Take the Bay Window Outside

Sit out on a bay window

A bay window is a great option to add seating to your balcony as it can optimally offer you seating while taking up less space. You can also customise it to have storage. However, make sure that you take precautions to make it safe for children to prevent accidents. You can also opt for smaller shutters or close the balcony with steel bars.

Different Types of Balcony Chair Options

As mentioned, balcony furniture materials are important as they would be more exposed to the sun, dust and rain. We don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining them, right? So here are some balcony seating options to consider.

#1: Leave Stress Behind in Your Balcony Rocking Chair

Rock your way to comfort!

A balcony rocking chair can be good for those hot days when rocking the chair will give you a little comfort from the heat. A balcony rocking chair can be a good substitute for a swing too! Get one for your balcony and rock away all your worries here.

#2: Swing Away on Your Balcony Furniture

Doesn’t this balcony swinging chair look cosy?

If you are looking for balcony chairs, then a balcony swinging chair is a great option for you. Not only does a swinging chair look and feel amazing, it also takes up minimal space.

#3: Keep It Trendy with Metal Chairs

Get sleek designs and water-resistant features with metal chairs

Metal chairs are available in a plethora of designs and colours. You can try adding colourful ones to keep the space vibrant or go for basic designs. Either way, you are signing up for sturdy chairs that are heat and rain resistant.

#4: Add a Warm Balcony Wooden Chair

A balcony wooden chair will instantly add warmth to your space

An easy choice, the wooden chair is a traditional favourite for balcony seating ideas. You can add a couple of chairs and a table to create your personal cosy corner easily.

With careful planning, even the most compact balconies can turn out to be comfortable and breathtaking. Let us know which of these are your favourite seating options. If you are looking to renovate your balcony, here are 6 Best Balcony Ideas for Homes in Malaysia That Are Practically Useful.

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