Do you have a pile of clothes lying around on an armchair because you lack the space to fit them into your wardrobe? Or is your kitchen a cluttered mess that makes cooking a pain? Lack of storage space can make even the most stunning homes a literal nightmare! And since 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives, our homes have had to do a lot more, especially with regards to storage. From packing your kitchen with essentials that you might need during lockdowns to ensuring you have enough medication at home for you and your family, storage has never been this important. So, we’re here with nine types of storage cabinets from IKEA that will help you declutter your home and organise all the extra stuff you have acquired in this age of the pandemic.

#1: Deep Storage Cabinets

The unit in this bathroom is a perfect example of a deep storage cabinet

The most common type of storage unit, deep storage cabinets can be seen in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. As the name suggests, the depth of these cabinets provides ample space for storing and organising your things. In the image above, the lower cabinet is a deep IKEA storage cabinet that is perfect for storing your toiletries.

Pro Tip: For extra deep cabinets, consider using drawer and cabinet organisers as these would reduce the time you spend decluttering your cabinets.

#2: Shallow Storage Cabinets

Perfect for small spaces!

If you are a hoarder but own a compact home, then shallow storage cabinets are your best friend! Unlike deep units, a shallow drawer cabinet does not protrude and takes up minimum space on your walls. These types of cabinets are especially useful in bathrooms to store essentials and toiletries.

Pro Tip: If you have a small room, add a mirrored finish to your shallow cabinet to make the space look bigger.

#3: High Storage Cabinets

Lofts are an easy way to add extra storage without wasting space

If you are planning on a house renovation, especially if you own a small home, don’t forget to incorporate high storage into your home. High storage is nothing but cabinets that make use of vertical space, like tall units, lofts and high wardrobes. These are very helpful in maximising on storage without taking up too much of floor space.

Pro Tip: Store things that you do not use regularly in your high cabinets, like blankets, warm woollens etc.

#4: Wire Baskets

Use wire baskets to store toiletries in bathrooms

Want a stunning home? Start decluttering and reorganising! And you don’t need storage cabinets to do that! The IKEA wire baskets can help you store all your knick-knacks, especially those keys and glasses that you keep losing. This type of storage is also renter-friendly as it does not involve any installation.

Pro Tip: Keep a wire basket near your main door and keep everything there that you might need before going out — car and house keys, sanitiser, glasses etc.

#5: Rails and Hooks

An easy way to dry and store your dishes

This is another smart storage hack for small spaces that you must bookmark. When it comes to kitchen organization ideas, rails and hooks are a quick and easy way to clean and declutter. The primary advantage of using these is that there is no installation involved, unlike cabinets.

Pro Tip: Place a rack hanger with hooks above your sink. This will reduce your utensil washing time significantly.

#6: Shelves and Brackets

Another organisation hack for small spaces!

Not everyone has the space for large, spacious storage cabinets. When space is less, consider opting for sleek shelves from IKEA. You can use them wherever you want — to display mementoes in your living room, for toiletries in your bathroom, or a spice rack in your kitchen etc.

Pro Tip: If you live in a rented accommodation, use self-adhesive hooks to hang your shelf.

#7: Stackable Storage

Use stackable boxes in your kitchen or your home office to store stationery

If you are looking for a smart kitchen cabinet organizer, use stackable storage. These are storage boxes that can be stacked on top of each other. The reason why stackable boxes are helpful is that they provide extra storage without taking up too much space. 

Pro Tip: Stackable storage boxes are usually available in a variety of colours. Choose bright coloured boxes to amp up the look of your home.

#8: Open Storage Cabinets

Use a variety of open storage units to display and store

Open storage cabinets are great for displaying your curios and mementoes. IKEA offers a wide variety of open storage units. You can choose to display these units in whatever pattern you choose — plain, quirky, geometric etc. Another advantage of open storage is that you can easily see where everything has been kept and not have to hunt for that elusive pen drive during an important meeting.

Pro Tip: Open storage is great for small homes as it makes the space look bigger.

#9: Closed Storage Cabinets

Use closed cabinets in the kitchen to ensure your cutlery does not get dirty

Finally, we come to the closed storage drawer cabinet. Your home is incomplete without closed cabinets. While wardrobes and kitchen cabinets are the obvious choices for closed storage, you can also keep some standalone cabinets in other rooms for extra storage space.

Pro Tip: If you have children or pets at home, keep all important documents in closed storage units, preferably in your home office.

These IKEA storage cabinets will surely help you declutter and organise your home. And while you are cleaning up your home, also check out these small kitchen design ideas.

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