Do you often find yourself shopping for home furniture and products at IKEA? Then, like us, you know how great an addition IKEA’s products are to a home. Now, the Swedish furniture giant has joined hands with Livspace, an end-to-end interiors brand from Singapore, the process of getting your home furnished is hassle-free too. To help you picture how an IKEA-inspired home designed by Livspace would look like, our designers have put together a 3-room condo interior design that will leave you awe-inspired. 

With pops of blue and light-toned wooden finishes, this condo exudes a chic and modern vibe. Also, every room is optimised for maximum storage. Scroll down to see the full home.

#1: A Blue-grey Entrance and Dining Area

Can you spot the famous Flugbo chandelier in this brightly lit dining area?

Soft pastels give you a warm welcome as you enter this home. The open space is divided into living and dining areas. Let’s look at the dining area first.

Look Out For

Featuring IKEA’s popular Lisabo ash veneer table and grey Odger chairs, the dining area can accommodate 4 people. It is brightly lit with a sleek Flugbo chandelier. Also, a 3-set painting highlights the wall. 

Design Takeaway

Add more character to the space with colours and decor items.

#2: Clean and Uncluttered Living Room

Did the grey sofa win you over? It’s a 2-seater Kivik from IKEA!

The living room in this 3-room condo interior design exudes a contemporary vibe with clean walls, aqua blue and white colours as well as straight-lined furniture. 

Look Out For

Perched on a grey rug, we have a 2-seater grey Kivik sofa and a black-brown Lack coffee table. The bright throw pillows, blue curtains, Lauters floor lamp and a large painting complete the look of the living room.

The Besta TV bench with cabinets and Billy bookcase take care of storage. We have white wall-mounted shelves above the TV that can be used to display plants and other decor items.

Design Takeaway

For small spaces, choose furniture with storage compartments.

#3: A Grey Parallel Kitchen Filled With Storage

A mix of glass and wooden doors  for overhead cabinets helps open up the space
The kitchen also has a dedicated utility area complete with clothes drying rails

This 3-room condo interior design has a sophisticated grey parallel kitchen. With several overhead and base cabinets from IKEA, the kitchen is storage-intensive. There are also wall-moun shelves for additional storage. To offset the grey, we have used a light-coloured wooden countertop and concrete wall panel.

Look Out For

A separate utility area is furnished with a washing machine and cloth drying rack in this suave kitchen.

Design Takeaway

A parallel kitchen lets you have a lot of space to work and storage compartments. But, you must ensure that you follow the golden triangle rule for kitchen design for maximum efficiency.  

#4: Spacious and Comfy Master Bedroom

Can you spot the popular PAX wardrobe from IKEA in this bedroom?
The round mirror and chest of drawers from IKEA are used as a dresser unit

The master bedroom in this 3-room condo interior design exudes a plush and cosy vibe. 

Look Out For

The bedroom shows off popular IKEA furniture like the white Malm bed, chests of drawers and a fitted white PAX wardrobe. The bed and chests of drawers come with additional storage space, ensuring a clutter-free room. Our most favourite element in this bedroom is the Sonderod rug as the blue adds a touch of serenity to the decor. 

Design Takeaway

The wooden flooring and blue soft furnishings add pops of colour to the otherwise white room.

#5: Boisterous Blues for the Guest Bedroom 

The blue upholstered IKEA Stocksund bench works as a storage unit too
L-shaped corner wardrobe is perfect for small bedrooms

The guest bedroom, as you can see, is much smaller than the master bedroom. So, a corner wardrobe with mirrors fits in the small space like a glove. 

Look Out For

The same chest of drawers from the Malm collection we saw in the master bedroom, is in use in this room too for storage. 

Design Takeaway

Two seemingly unrelated items of furniture, like the round mirror and chest of drawers, can be assembled thoughtfully to create something new and useful like the dresser unit in this bedroom. 

#6: Unique Designs for the Bathrooms

A glass partition segregating the wet and dry areas
A quirky combination of plain and patterned tiles

There are 2 toilets in this 3-room condo interior design. 

The common toilet has a quirky design with a combination of patterned blue and white tiles as well as plain green tiles. The white vanity and mirror unit is here for storage and also add a dated vibe to the space. 

A compact bathroom with ample space for storage
A sleek vanity unit 

The smaller toilet also has a unique combination of chessboard floor tiles and blue wall tiles. A glass partition separates the dry and wet areas areas. 

Look Out For

The white vanity unit with a black countertop is a sleek addition to this toilet. For extra storage, there is also an open shelving unit. 

Design Takeaway

Tiles in different colours and patterns are a great way to segregate space without using partitions. 

How can Livspace help you?

We are sure you like this IKEA-inspired 3-room condo design. You can also get such beautiful interiors for your home and Livspace can help you along the way. All you have to do is fill this form. You can also find Livspace designers at the IKEA Damansara store. Hurry up and get quality home interiors from the best in the industry! 

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