Warm, cosy and comfortable: if this is the description of your dream home, then ‘hygge’ is your vibe. And what is a better way to achieve that ambience than using IKEA furniture? This home you are going to look at is designed by expert Livspace designers with the best of IKEA furniture. Spacious and comfortable, this home has several ideas you can borrow if you are revamping only parts of your home. You’ll find the kitchen renovation ideas and bathroom renovation ideas to be particularly useful.

The Swedish furniture company is known for its practical and minimalist furniture. And it is collaborating with Livspace, an end-to-end interiors brand from Singapore, to provide the best interior design experience to Malaysian homeowners. So, if you are wondering how an IKEA-Livspace home would look like, here is a peek into one of our show apartments. 

A Spacious Living Room With a Reading Nook

The white IKEA storage units are the hero of this living room

A look at this living room clad in neutral colours gives you a sense of calm. Also, note how the space is segregated into seating and entertainment around the TV; but, a strategically placed storage unit carves out a reading nook too!

Look Out For

You can spot the iconic 2-seater Ektorp sofas in beige. Storage is taken care of by the huge Liatorp entertainment unit. The white unit has a combination of glass and wood shutters and adds a vintage touch to the room.

In the reading nook, we see a comfy Strandmon wing chair in dark grey that is paired with a black floor lamp and white rug. However, the hero of this space is the ever-favourite Billy/Oxberg white bookcase. It has two closed units with glass shutters and one open unit in the middle, making a perfect display cabinet for your precious books or decor items.

Design Takeaway 

To use two 2-seater sofas in a living room is a welcome idea because it saves space and looks harmonious. You can add more seating using a variety of furniture items like pouffes and benches. 

A Big Dining Room With a 6-seater Table

The whole room is well-lit with IKEA pendant lights and a classic table lamp

The dining room looks plush and spacious with a 3-toned wall and wooden flooring. This wall painting technique cleverly segregates the dining area from the living. The dining space has only limited pieces of furniture including the dining set and a console table; no wonder it looks so spacious. 

Look Out For

IKEA’s Ingatorp/Ingolf solid wood dining table adds a vintage edge to this modern room. The area is further accentuated with warm pendant lights, a round mirror and artwork. Also, a white Kallax shelving unit is used for display and additional storage.

Design Takeaway

Limiting the number of pieces of furniture not only keeps the floor space clean but makes the space look more classy. Remember, less is more!

A Small Open Kitchen With Dry and Wet Areas

The dry area
The wet area

Have a compact home? We have got some kitchen renovation ideas for you. Following an open layout, this kitchen is divided into two areas: the sink on one side and the hob on the other. This segregation of wet and dry areas helps to have a better workflow and a cleaner, more organised kitchen. 

Look Out For

Also, this kitchen could be small in size but is big on storage with IKEA’s kitchen cabinets. One of the kitchen renovation ideas that we love here is the pairing of warm wooden cabinets with a white countertop and backsplash. It is also well-lit with under cabinet lights.

Design Takeaway

Pick a design based on how you use the kitchen; don’t just look at its size. 

2 Bathrooms in 2 Different Styles

The round mirror is one of IKEA’s iconic products
The Godmorgon vanity unit comes with 2 drawers

Now that you have enough kitchen renovation ideas, let’s move on to the next important part of the house: the bathroom. This one has got 3 bathrooms. Let’s look at them one by one.

The first bathroom, though compact, is well-designed. It is fully functional with a glass partition separating the wet and dry areas. The bathroom is brightly lit using recessed lights. Furthermore, the white and brown tiles exude a modern vibe. 

Look Out For

IKEA’s Godmorgon vanity unit ensures that this bathroom has enough storage despite its compact size. 

Vintage white units are from IKEA’s Godmorgon series
A floor shelf unit fills dead space in this bathroom

The second bathroom is all grey with white lines running vertically and horizontally. As it is slightly bigger than the first one, it accommodates more storage units. 

Look Out For

This bathroom features a mirror cabinet and vanity unit from the Godmorgon series, and a floor shelving unit.

Design Takeaway: 

  • Make the space more appealing with a unique choice of tiles 
  • No bathroom is too small for a vanity unit 

How can Livspace help you?

We hope you could borrow some home and kitchen renovation ideas from this IKEA-inspired home design. If you are looking to apply these ideas in your home, then Livspace is here to help. All you have to do is book an online consultation by filling out this form. If you prefer getting things done in person, you can also find Livspace designers at the IKEA Damansara store. Hurry up and get quality home interiors from the best in the industry! 

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