The Swedish furniture giant IKEA, is a lot of Malaysians’ favourite furniture store. It offers great, affordable solutions to city dwellers who appreciate on-trend, well-designed homes. Just take a look at this landed house for a family of four. Our Livspace designers used IKEA furniture to create a beautiful Scandinavian home interior that is sure to inspire your own home renovation journey.

#1: Bright and Airy Modern Living Room Furniture 

The most prominent design characteristic of a Scandinavian design is the light and uncluttered appearance of the interior. And since we are way past our maximalist intentions, we enjoy the clean, straight lines that such styles can offer. With that in mind, we have chosen slightly bulky but cheerful furniture for the living room in this landed house. 

Bright coloured furniture is perking up the living room

As you can see, this living room receives plenty of natural light, thanks to the tall windows and the glass doors to the garden of this landed house. Hence, the large neutral-coloured accent wall needs quite a lot of furnishing to prevent the room from seeming empty. This is handled by the pre-designed combination of a tall Besta TV storage unit which provides a perfect floor-to-ceiling solution. The unit also help to keep the room looking neat, thanks to the grommets at the back that you can run cables through. 
We added muted pops of colours with cheery, colourful furniture like the orange Vallentuna sofa and the olive green low-pile rug. If you wish, the Strandom wing chair offers a chance at a modern mix and match seating layout. These elements in this Scandinavian house are chosen while keeping the wooden flooring in mind, so there are no awkwardly standing out pieces.

#1.2: Family Room

Open shelves are making the room look spacious

The family room upstairs follows a similar furniture layout, but instead of the TV unit, it has two tall Elvarli units for storage. These units can directly face the French doors to the balcony because there are no reflective surfaces on their accent wall. Also, there is a good use of potted plants like Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens in this landed house to add more life in it. 

#1.3: Staircase of Your Landed House

One way to add storage in odd places like under-the-stairs

The space under the staircase is an opportunity to accommodate more storage in your house. For this, you can choose matching cabinets and racks to decorate this part of your landed house. We also recommend that you add some proper lighting and use neutral, Scandinavian house colours since these spaces don’t always receive enough sunlight. 

#2: Modern Kitchen with Island

Modern, open-concept kitchen with an island and IKEA wall cabinets

The kitchen is a good example of low-maintenance and durable design in this landed house. Here, the fully tiled wall is not only long-lasting and easy to clean, but also stylish. The central island is placed appropriately in the open-concept L-shaped layout and adds to the kitchen’s utility. It can even serve as a breakfast or social counter with the additional of the bar stools. Much like the tiles, the green IKEA wall cabinets fulfil the room aesthetically. They also keep the kitchen tidy and organised as they are designed for built-in appliances. 

#3: Scandinavian Dining Room

The best layout for a dining room is with a centred table and chairs set

A dining room design must be able to bring a family together and that is not a job left to chairs alone. In this home, the dining area is spacious and uncluttered. This enables free-movement around the table, leading to a livelier setting for the large family in this landed house. Moreover, the lean-make of the INGATORP / INGATORP table and chairs is letting the light regulate in the room, thus, keeping it bright. 

There is also the dark, mould-work accent wall that casts a lavish look in the room. And finally, the SKAFTET pendant light accentuates the style of the landed house by introducing some mood lighting. 

#4: Modern Bedroom Interior Design

A modern bedroom interior design with distinguishable hobby area

Our rooms have become the most important to us since we have started spending more time in them. They are required to be cosy and comfortable, and must be able to support our lifestyle and activities in it. The master bedroom in this landed house is finished in soothing lavender paint and contrasted with the warm tone flooring and the LANDSKORNA light-green sofa. The blackout curtains match with the wall colour, lending a seamless look to the space. 

To make room for more storage, employ furniture like the MALM bedframe with four storage boxes. And if you want to compartmentalise the rooms in your landed house for your hobbies, you can do so by placing distinguishable furniture in that space — just like this master bedroom that has demarcated its reading area.

#5: Storage-Compliant Bedroom Furniture for Your Landed House

A cosy and private bed area for the daughter’s bedroom

There are a lot of ways you can optimise for storage in your room. You have already seen a typical bedframe with storage in this landed house, but to amp your game, you must check out this PLASTA bedframe with ten drawers. Need even more storage? METOD wall cabinet mounted over the bed is another handy addition. 

Teenagers and young adults have needs that can be very different from that of children and parents. But fear not, most of what they need, can be provided with the right kind of modern bedroom interior design. For most girls, or young ladies, mirrors are a necessary part of their regime. This room has two mirrors — one on the wardrobe door with efficient track-lighting above, and the other full-length KNAPPER mirror next to the bed. 

#6: Budget IKEA Bedroom Design

A neutral grey-coloured room design for the son’s bedroom

What one requires from their room differs from person to person. And if you’re looking to furnish a room minimally, but with Scandinavian furniture, you will need to note these takings from the son’s bedroom in this landed house. The furniture in this room is set apart in the two corners to allow some space in the centre for physical activities. To further define these regions, the designer has put some rugs to use in this room. 

What’s notable, is that although minimal, a very much needed personalised touch is given by the use of art frames that connect with the owner of this landed house. The major piece of furniture here is the LAGKAPTEN / ALEX desk which complements the single MALM bedframe. 

#7: Low-Seating Outdoor Furniture for Your Landed House

A welcoming front porch with durable, outdoor furniture

What’s exciting about the outdoors is the seating layout. One can easily imagine themselves entertaining on the front porch of their landed house while enjoying the balmy weather. Being in an outdoor space means that the furniture needs to be durable and able to survive all sorts of weather conditions.  You don’t want this dreamy opportunity ruined for you because your furniture is high-maintenance. Hence, the designer here has used the ÄPPLARÖ seating set with TORDH shelving unit meant for use in the outdoors. 

We hope you have found one too many ways to furnish your landed house in Scandinavian style with IKEA furniture. And if you’re staying in an apartment; then, Here’s How to Get a Beautiful Condo Interior Design Inspired by IKEA or Here’s How to Get an Amazing Modern House Design Inspired by IKEA.

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