When it comes to designing your house, there are several important components to truly understand house interior design before you get started. This may be something as obvious as knowing the proportion of your space to get the right-sized furniture, to something as personal and intangible as your style and tastes.

We’ve all seen numerous ‘before and after’ photos of home makeovers on Instagram, Pinterest and in publications, and while many such homes may give us design goals, there is a lot of effort and hard work involved in making the spaces beautiful. The idea of the amount of work needed may give you the jitters to even get started, but fear not! At  Livspace, our job is to make the home design as effortless as possible for you. Here are a few back-to-basics interior design rules from Livspace’s interior design experts to assist you in creating your own dream home!

#1. Your House Interior Design Should be ‘Healthy’

Your home design should that allows ample natural light and ventilation into the space

Natural light and ventilation are key in ensuring a healthy home. Your house interior design should ensure that the space receives an optimal amount of both. These two features protect you from multiple infections and diseases. Your home should also be ergonomically sound and reduce the chances of accidents and injuries for you and your family. Only once these things are in place can you expect to feel safe and comfortable in your surroundings. Dark and dingy places are detrimental to your physical and emotional health. 

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#2. Your Home Design  Should Pay Attention to Detail

A lot of thought must go into what is ideal for you

God truly is in the details when it comes to home design. This applies not only to the visual elements but also to the thought and care that goes into making your home comfortable and inviting. The best interior house design ideas are the ones that include things that reflect your personality and lifestyle. To begin with, try to make rooms more personal by repurposing existing furniture.

#3. A House Interior Design Should Respect Your Privacy

 Does your home have a spot for ‘‘me’ time?

Your home should be able to create healthy separations between common areas where your family and friends assemble and private areas where personal expression should be the  predominant factor. After all, a home is the only place where you are free to be yourself. So, whether you want some ‘me’ time or some family time, your home should be able to accommodate both.

#4. Make your Home Design A Good Value for Money

Your house interior design should give you a return on investment

Your home design should not cause you to worry about the financial upkeep of your house, whether it’s the design or the maintenance. Aside from affordability, every dollar you put into your home should be well spent. However, it also doesn’t mean that a house interior design should come cheap. If you are receiving returns (in terms of comfort you’re getting in your home) on your investment on your property, you are getting good value for your money.

#5. Your House Interior Design  Should be Comfortable

Your house interior design should put you at ease

Comfort extends beyond lazy Sunday mornings spent in PJs while binge-watching Netflix. It’s all about creating a private haven where you can unwind completely. It’s not the plush couch that you won’t leave on a bad day but the atmosphere in your home that immediately puts you at peace. This can be easily accomplished by incorporating elements that make you feel good, such as mementoes or accessories that remind you of your hometown, setting up a bed just next to a window or balcony, or adding some  cherished artefacts.

#6. Your Home Design Should Help You Live Better

A house should allow you to rejuvenate your soul

Your dreams should not be limited by the amount of space available. Your home should be designed to meet your wants and objectives, and it should be a place where you can relax and unwind. So don’t be afraid to set your sights high or to achieve something you really want. After all, you only do your home’s interiors once, and your design ideas must make room for (at least some of) your dreams.

#7. Your House Interior Design Should be Beautiful

Aesthetics are just as important as functionality

And finally, looks are as important as the practical aspects of your home, because beautiful interiors make homes inviting! A beautiful home is one that makes you happy and proud of your space. Furthermore, being in an environment that you find aesthetically appealing is actually beneficial to your mental well-being. So your house must be as lovely to look at as it is functional to live comfortably in.

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