You might think there’s only one straightforward way to decorate your bedroom when it comes to designing. After all, the elements you use in the space typically remain the same with just a few stylistic inclusions here and there. But if you’re someone who likes to do things differently, you might not want the same run-of-the-mill bedroom decor ideas that are overused. If you’re looking to stand out and embrace the unconventional, these room decor ideas will surely help you get the job done! 

Just like there are several different types of interior design styles, there are multiple styles of room decor ideas and aesthetics to experiment with. You can either play it safe with some common styles, or you can amp things up with something avant garde. Read on to know what bedroom decor ideas you can use for a fresh new look!

#1: Bohemian-Style Decor Ideas

Go for an intentionally thrown-together look with a mix of materials and styles

Bohemian interior design is all about embracing the unconventional and doing away with hard-and-fast rules that restrain us. By using this style to inspire bedroom decor ideas, you can play around with multiple options for a cosy ‘thrown-together’ look.

To get this aesthetic just right, go for a mix of different textures and elements for a mismatched yet complementary look. Consider playing with floral or paisley wallpaper, wooden/rattan accents in furniture and vintage-style elements for a comprehensive visual.

#2: Room Decor Ideas for Small Rooms Featuring Scandinavian Design

Enhance the size of the room with natural light and reflective colours

Looking for room decor ideas for small rooms that can elevate your space in a natural way? Scandinavian-inspired bedroom decor ideas can help you get the job done! Similar to the use of natural materials in bohemian design, the Scandi style also makes use of wooden accents and light palettes. 

The use of natural light also plays an important role in taking Scandinavian decor from theory to practice. Embrace a steady flow of natural light, minimal furniture and light-coloured palettes to bring this style to life. The presence of daylight matched with light-coloured palettes helps create the illusion of a bigger space, making it one of the best room decor ideas for small rooms. 

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#3: Strike Industrial Notes with This Room Decor Ideas Aesthetic

Use a mix of cement, wood and metal to nail the industrial look

Reminiscent of old factory units and hardy interiors, the industrial style boasts a rugged, unfinished look. The industrial room decor ideas aesthetic focuses on creating a similar look in your bedroom by making the most of existing infrastructure. If you have exposed cement walls or floors, you’re already halfway through to achieving the look! 

Some simple room decor ideas you could employ for an industrial-style room are exposed brick walls, metallic accents and fixtures, cement flooring/walls, grid patterns and exposed pipes. Similarly, try to work some wooden elements into your design to add contrast to the unfinished look.

#4: Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas

Mid-century modern furniture typically uses exposed wooden legs for the bed

Before you can know how to use these bedroom decor ideas in your space, it would help to know what mid-century modern design is all about. An easy way to understand it is to know that this style makes use of furnishings that are typical to the mid-20th century period. Here, you would notice simple room decor ideas that include functional wooden units with curved designs. 

Apart from the play on wooden furnishings, also embrace colours that lend a pop to your space. Pastels and shades in the colour family of teal, orange, yellow etc. work especially well for this style. Also consider using geometric shapes and patterns in your bedroom decor ideas to tie the whole look together. Similar to Scandinavian interiors, the mid-century modern look also works well as room decor ideas for small rooms.

#5: The Minimalist-Style Room Decor Ideas Aesthetic

Keep things simple with limited furniture pieces and minimal palettes

A common crowd favourite for bedrooms is undoubtedly the minimalist style owing to its clean and simple room decor ideas. Since minimalism works on the principle of decluttered spaces, ensuring that your room is stripped down to the bare essentials is crucial. For those of you who prefer bedroom decor ideas that are low on ornaments and decoration, minimalist interiors are for you. 

Look at introducing minimal colour palettes like pastels, neutrals and other mild colours for a simple look. If you’re worried that this could make your room appear dull, attempt to create visual interest with the use of statement patterns and stand-alone designs. 

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#6: Art Deco for the Bold and Beautiful

Embrace rich colours and bold patterns for a statement art deco vibe

If watching the film adaptation of ‘The Great Gatsby’ left you floored by all the rich visual imagery, you might already be familiar with the art deco style. Conceptualised in the 1920s and 1930s, the art deco style makes use of geometric patterns, statement designs and man-made materials. 

To bring this look to your bedroom, embrace opulence and introduce metallic tints, bold colours and plush textures and fabrics. Similarly, since art deco bedroom decor ideas are fairly rich and dramatic, they might be better suited for bigger spaces. 

#7: Go Contemporary for a Present-Day Vibe

When it comes to light fixtures, sconces are a great way to bring a bit of contemporary design to your bedroom

Contemporary bedroom decor ideas are nothing but a combination of design styles that are trending in the now. They include a mix of design elements that are currently popular and are subject to change as trends change with time. 

So if you’re wondering what simple room decor ideas currently count as contemporary, you just need to stay alert about what’s trending. Make use of straight lines, clean colour palettes, uncluttered spaces and minimalist design for a more contemporary look. You could also consider adding a touch of elegance with metallic accents and use sconces as your go-to lighting fixtures for a more detailed appearance. 

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#8: Perfect the Modern Look with These Simple Room Decor Ideas 

Glass and metal and common elements in modern design that can elevate the look

The modern design style is probably one of the most sought-after styles right behind minimalism. So what are modern bedroom decor ideas all about? In simple terms, modern design makes use of monochromatic palettes, clean/straight lines, sleek styles and natural light. Much like its Scandinavian and minimalist counterparts, modern design also incorporates natural materials in its design elements.  

Go for a mix of metal and glass fittings or panelling to derive a sleek look. Natural materials, statement light fixtures, modular furniture and luxe soft furnishings can further amp up the look of your space. For a more catered look, also consider using bold primary colours highlighted by profile lighting options to make a statement. 

#9: Simple Room Decor Ideas Don’t Get More Simple Than the  Zen Style

Maximise the flow of energy into your space with natural materials and sparse furniture placement

In recent years, interior styles inspired by Asian design principles have grown in popularity across the world. One such style is that of zen interiors which makes use of natural materials and minimalist principles. 

These bedroom decor ideas are also aligned with the flow of energy in your space. Use natural materials like rattan or woven rugs like jute for a more detailed decor style. You could also consider installing a small waterbody in your bedroom for added effect. Using the same is said to improve the energy in your bedroom and rejuvenate the space.

#10: Maximalist Room Decor Ideas

With maximalism, you either go big or go home with your design style

Unlike minimalism, maximalism aims to make the most of decor by incorporating different elements within the design for a comprehensive look. In maximalist interiors, one thing you’re bound to notice is the rich amalgamation of colours, patterns and statement pieces that create a ‘loud’ look. 

Since this design style uses such a wide range of details, it can often end up looking busy or messy, depending on your preferred taste. But if you’re someone who loves the look of mixed materials and patterns, maximalism might just be your holy grail in terms of design. 

Play with different patterns, colours, trinkets and accessories to get the look. However, you will also need to do this carefully to ensure that all these elements meld together harmoniously. Though not all these bedroom decor ideas need to match, they also need to be brought together with intent for a more thoughtful look.

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