Designing interiors of a rented flat can be difficult and confusing. It is tricky to decide where to splurge and where to save. There is no set way to plan your budget and finding inexpensive furniture that suits your style demands more of your time than you may be willing to give. But at IKEA, these problems will have no leg to stand on. IKEA designs and sells a wide variety of easy-to-assemble furniture, all kinds of soft furnishings, every appliance and all the hardware that you will need for your home. And about actual space designing, our IKEA bedroom ideas will train you for it. So, read on to find out what your room needs!

#1: Clever Storage Solutions with IKEA Bedroom Furniture

Compact rooms need clever solutions that can fulfil storage requirements without using a lot of floor space. Our collaboration with IKEA offers a wide range of bedroom furniture that addresses such problems. The tall PAX wardrobe with sliding doors maximises storage and frees up floor space. The glass panelling on it makes the room look spacious as well. Customisable wooden ledges in various laminate options enable storing options above your bed’s headboard. We recommend the usage of side tables, chest drawers and storage beds also for small room designs. 

Storage-compliant furniture using IKEA bedroom ideas
A bed with storage, side tables and a matching chest of drawers complete the bedroom furniture in this space

#2: IKEA Bedroom Ideas for Creative and Controlled Lighting 

Our designers use layered lighting for warm bedrooms as it helps accentuate the cheery vibe of the space. A combination of task lights and accent lights by IKEA add depth and texture without taking up any physical space. The neutral colours of the IKEA bedroom furniture ensure that the pieces look like they belong in this room. Also, there are two types of curtains we have used here to regulate the amount of natural light — IKEA room-darkening curtains and sheer curtains. Flugbo wall lamps are used to accentuate the wall and the Grimo panelled- door wardrobe is provided with track task lights. 

IKEA bedroom furniture and accessories for layered ambience lighting
Control natural light using room-darkening and sheer curtains

#3: Multifunctional Bedroom Furniture Sets for Compact Spaces

Adequate natural light is imperative for spatial planning in room designing as it can manipulate the users’ moods and energy levels. While a single window in your room can help let in some sunlight and achieve a little ventilation, it is not always enough. There are many ways to enhance natural light in a room, and one of our IKEA bedroom ideas is a super-easy fix — mirrors! Mirrors can reflect and distribute the sunlight in your room and make the room appear spacious. There is a Lindbyn vanity mirror over the chest of drawers and a customisable L-shaped PAX wardrobe with mirror-panelled shutters to strengthen lighting in this room. There are brilliant storage quick fixes as well, such as the Stocksun wooden bench at the foot of the bed and the aforementioned PAX wardrobe for the corners.

Light-coloured furniture and the Stocksund bench for elongated bedrooms
The L-shaped PAX wardrobe with mirror-panelled shutters help dispense natural light

#4: Effortlessly Complementary Bedroom Furniture Accessories 

Wood is the most desirable interior design material because apart from thermal, acoustic and maintenance benefits, it remarkably enhances the aesthetic of the room. It symbolises positivity and creates a relaxing environment. Therefore, our IKEA bedroom ideas had to include wooden-finished bedroom furniture sets. This light wood IKEA bed frame with side tables and the beige pile rug along with the curtains bring the room together. They furnish the room with pleasing warmth and playful textures, making the space cosy. The white PAX wardrobe with plain swing doors brightens up the room as well.

Warm and cosy bedroom furniture sets with the Nymane bedside wall lamp and a timeless black- and-white picture frame
The IKEA swing door PAX wardrobe accessorised with ceiling track lights

#5: IKEA Bedroom Ideas in Dark Colours

We have not forsaken dark colours for our IKEA bedroom ideas and no one should. Dark colours are fun to experiment with and the results can be quite surprising. For instance, our favourite thing in this bedroom is the dark-green upholstered wingback IKEA bed frame with a low-pile dark-grey rug. There is an anthracite floor lamp and Skurup wall lamps above the bed for soft lighting and they easily blend with the grey focal wall. The storage on the wall is composed using four EKET shelving units that match the Setskog bedside table. Also, the black PAX wardrobe with glass-panelled sliding doors is accessorised with ceiling track lights. Soft furnishings like pillowcases, curtains and blankets also follow the colour scheme in the room to pull off this dark bedroom look.

Dark green wingback upholstered bed against the grey focal wall
A sliding-door wardrobe and white ceiling track lights

Let us know if these 5 IKEA bedroom ideas have helped you figure out how to furnish your rented flats easily. You can also send in your suggestions to

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