There doesn’t always have to be one specific way to design a home. As our homes evolve, so do the design styles that could decorate them. We can either embrace a popular look from the past that’s been reinvented to suit future preferences, or we can go for the avant garde. In terms of older designs that are making a comeback, one such style we’d like to highlight is the industrial design aesthetic. So if this is something you’re not familiar with, we’d like to introduce you to all that the industrial style has to offer.

So, What Is Industrial Design?

The cement look never goes out of style for industrial interiors

If you’ve come across images of industrial design inspired homes, you’d probably find them to be reminiscent of warehouses or factories. And this is because it’s exactly the look industrial home design aims to recreate. Birthed from the transformation of old factories into living spaces, industrial design has influenced interior designers since the 1970s. Nowadays, the industrial style is all about using existing building materials as a part of the home’s design. By doing so, it helps create an unfinished or rugged look in a functional modern home. 

This style also embraces elements of minimalism as it includes a stripped-back approach to interior design. Materials like metal, wood, brick and cement are highlighted to create a warehouse theme across the home. So if this is a design style you see yourself living in, we have a few design tips that can help you get the ball rolling.

How to Get the Look

While there are several ways you can incorporate the industrial style into your home, here are a few main things to consider:

#1: Embrace a Rugged Look with Exposed Brick Walls

Use exposed pipes as a style statement to create open shelving units

Though industrial design is all about recreating a warehouse-style look, you don’t only have to go for darker themes to make it happen. If you prefer a warmer industrial style look, you can achieve it with an exposed brick wall. You can either leave it as is or paint over it in neutral colours to match your interiors. 

By using structural elements like a brick wall, you’re one step closer to creating an industrial living room design. Similarly, stick to rustic colour palettes and wooden fixtures for a warmer industrial look. This can add a level of warmth to your space compared to the cool tone industrial design typically carries.

#2: Use Grid Patterns for that Modern Edge

For a look that is reminiscent of industrial home design, use the grid pattern

What better way to recreate an industrial style look than to go for grid patterns wherever possible. You can either use this structure as a partition wall or as a wall design for an added metallic effect. For an edgy look, consider using black metal elements in the style of a grid wall. This helps give your industrial design a sleek look that’s perfect for modern interiors.

#3: Stone and Cement are Reminiscent of Warehouse-Style Elements

Use pendant light fixtures with metallic accents for an industrial style look

When you think about what a warehouse looks like, you’re bound to imagine a bit of stone and cement. Since these materials are reminiscent of the factory-style homes of the 1970s, they’ve also made their way into modern home design. 

To get an industrial design theme going in your home, opt for cement floors over the usual flooring materials. This could also be a fairly cost-effective flooring option if you already have existing concrete floors under your overlay. You can even choose to polish it or keep it unfinished depending on the look you prefer. In this home, we’ve used a quartz countertop for the kitchen island to complete the look of an industrial home design.

#4: Go for Furniture and Accessories with Wooden Finishes and Metal Accents

Bring in wooden elements to offset any harshness from grey colour palettes

While selecting your furniture and fixtures for your home, you’d want to look at accessories that have a metal or wooden finish. Black metal accessories are usually the more popular choice when it comes to industrial design decor, but you can experiment as well. 

In terms of furniture, ensure that the shade of the wood you choose complements the rest of your industrial home design. You want to make sure that the colours are complementary and do not clash with each other. An easy way to do this is to stick to lighter shades of wood to add some contrast to a darker-coloured room.

#5: Neutral Colours Complete the Industrial-Style Aesthetic

Black, white, grey and brown work especially well for industrial style interiors

Industrial design is all about paring down a busy room and giving it an edgy minimal style. Neutral and muted colours are a great way to achieve this as they can help keep a space minimal without bordering on the basic. For this, stick to monochromatic colours in neutral shades such as grey, black and white for example.  

What’s more, to add some interest to your space, you can also use accent colours like red, green and yellow to break any monotony in design. Rust is another great use of colour that especially complements industrial design styles.

#6:  Play with Different Textures and Materials

Try to keep your floor space as open as possible to mimic the warehouse-style design

Want the industrial design look in your bathroom but don’t want it looking bare with just cement walls and flooring? If so, it’s time to embrace a few out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to your bathroom tiles. Notice how the darker side of this bathroom looks like it’s made of wrought iron grills? If you look closely, it’s nothing other than a simple penny-tile design! The penny-tile pattern gives us the appearance of a metal grill when it is in fact just a regular bathroom tile. 

What we also love about this industrial style bathroom is the segmentation of space using the same tile design in different colours. The combination of black and rust tiles separates the shower area from the wash basin in a neat and functional way. The penny tiles bring an element of design continuity to the bathroom while also adding a layer of visual play to it.

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