Most of us spend a substantial amount of time at home and want to make every room as comfortable as possible. We understand that budget plays a major role when one decides to renovate any part of the house. However, who says renovation has to drain your savings? This is where decor comes into the picture. Living room design ideas are considered expensive investments. However, what we have in store for you  can be fairly easy to do without spending a lot. Want to find out how? Here are some listed basics that your living room should have and decor that can play up your room instantly. Read on to find out!

Must-haves in Your Living Room

Most of us have certainly grown fond of  the minimalist style and with the Scandinavian designs making a constant appearance on our catalogues, we understand there are some  that should be part of every living room decor. The best way to achieve the Scandi minimalist look is through furniture and its placement in the room, and colours of course!  For inspiration, check out these basic things that you need to ace in your living room design to make it a minimalist haven. 

#1: Furniture

 Optimising your seating should be a priority in the living room

We all know the essentials of furniture in the living room: sofas, armchairs, center table and a TV/entertainment unit. L-shaped sofas work very well for a living room interior design since they optimise the seating space. Mind the availability of space, create a focal point, think of facilitating conversation and consider traffic flow when placing the furniture.

#2: Area rugs and carpets

Rugs complement the space of the living room

Area rugs are instrumental in determining a room’s finish. The colour, pattern, design and material can all be factors that change the look or vibe of the room. Always consider the rug size before buying one. We advise that most furniture should be sitting on the rug. There should be around 10 to 15 inches of bare space between the edges of the rug and the walls.

#3: Lighting

Use ambient lighting to set the mood right!

For an apartment living room design, we need slightly fewer focus lights and more ambient lighting as this creates a warm and soothing atmosphere in the living room. We suggest you get a mix of ambient lights, like false ceiling cove lights and recessed lights, along with some floor lamps and pendant lights. Create a focal point with a chandelier if you like. Remember that the minimum height of the ceiling for a hanging fixture is 9 feet.

#4: The Right Paint Colours

The pops of blue in this living room go well with the muted palette of the room

One living room idea that we recommend you to not prioritise on choosing a paint colour as they can ideally stop you from factoring in other details. It is very important to consider the kind of ambience that you want before choosing the right colour to suit your needs. However, it is alright to not worry too much about it, since you can change the paint of your  walls anytime if you do not like it. 

#5: Decor Pieces

Choose decor elements that go with the vibe of the room 

From plants to souvenirs, there’s a lot of living room decor elements that you can introduce in different corners in your living area. Family pictures or unique vintage pieces can be used on the small side tables in the living room. However, keep the form and size in mind and remember that these are just additions to your living room decor. Read on to know what is the best decor for your apartment living room design.

Decor That Can Amp Up Any Living Room

#1: Bring in Plants For a Natural Touch

Planters can also be used to make a space Feng Shui compliant

Plants can be brought in anytime to add a touch of greenery in your living space. They are especially recommended if you have a neutral-coloured space and need to add a pop of green to enliven it. Plants bring more life to your living space and can instantly open up any corner of the house. How you use them totally depends on you: you can use tiny planters or make a statement with a huge plant to occupy a corner. You can also add planters on your coffee table. There are a wide variety of indoor plants that are available in the market for you to pick from. Our go-to choices are usually terrariums or bamboo. 

#2: Play With Layered Drapes 

This living room has managed to make a perfect medley of shadow and sunlight

Another essential living room idea is that it should have ample lighting; it should hit the sweet spot between not too dark or too bright. So how do you do this? Layered drapes can be of use when you are trying to achieve optimum natural light in your apartment living room design. While white is the perfect colour for the sheer layer, you can experiment with the colour and print of the curtains. They can change the entire look of the space so choose carefully. 

#3: Wall Art will Instantly Enhance Your Living Room

Strategically placed wall art breaks the monotony of this neutral-toned room

If you are into wall paintings and artsy pictures, here is your chance to put that to good use. Buy that piece of art from the gallery or go to that thrift shop with that really pretty painting and hang it on your living room wall. You will soon discover that these pieces open up the space instantly. Contrast these art pieces with plain walls so that their colours and accents are enhanced to give a more lively look to your living room. 

#4: Use Wallpaper/Paint for an Instant Boost to Your Living Room

Colours can add a dynamic character to your living room

Whenever you are designing your living room you are most definitely going to repaint the walls. The best way is to pick any one of the central walls and create a focal point on that. The easiest way to do this is by painting the wall in a bold trendy colour. If you are the more sophisticated type, you can also choose a wallpaper that offers you bold prints and patterns. That accent wall will attract attention immediately.

#5: Statement Coffee Table

Create an instant focal point with a coffee table that reflects your style

Creating focal points and using them to place statement pieces is something we strongly recommend. Here is another way — a striking coffee table that reflects your personal taste! This statement piece can be the centre of attention in your living room decor. This is one piece we recommend you choose after careful thought as this will be one of the first things people will see in your living room. You can also invest in an expensive centrepiece to keep on the table.

#6: Change Up Your Look With Versatile Seating

Consider accent chairs, floor cushions or ottomans for extra seating in the living room

Do not feel bound with the idea that decor can only be the little things. No, you can add decor in the form of seating too. Just like this living room idea, which has a floor cushion and an accent chair that look good and are fun seating ideas.

#7: TV Console is a Simple But Stylish Addition to Your Living Room

A modular TV console will give you storage as well as style

There are so many ways a TV console can be made stylish. One way could be to add trims and colour to it. You can also experiment with accent walls or backsplash tiles that add character to the room. The gold strips on the off-white TV unit and the LED lighting behind it, for example, enhance  the look of this unit, which is bound to catch attention.

#8: Curvy Accents Like Couches, Mirrors Produce Aesthetic Symmetry 

A blend of soft patterns instantly make the space appear comfortable

One of the ways you can make your living room look natural and comfortable is by opting for curvy and rounded furniture. Think round ottomans, cushions, pouffes and soft-edged sofas. Be flexible when it comes to choosing your furniture and opt for a mix and match of geometric and curved patterns that look trendy. 

#9: Wall Shelves/Storage Will Give You Extra Space Too!

Display your wine collection with the in-built shelf

Have a small living room? Wall shelves are the solution to give you extra space. It is also a great way to utilise walls as a canvas for living room decor by using these spaces to display your art pieces. Take inspiration from the above shelf, which is a back-painted piece that showcases the favourite decor accessories of the homeowners. This idea also adds character to the living room while providing storage and aesthetic value.

#10: Statement Lights Can Brighten Up The Whole Look

Statement lighting draws the attention instantly

Lights are the kind of decor that add layers to your living space without taking too much room. Lights are a great way to add decor to your living room. When choosing lights, make sure you are going for at least one statement piece. Whether you like chandeliers or pendant lights, make sure you get one that lights up your space like no other!

Are you ready to renovate your living room? We hope with these tips, you are! If you are looking for more, check this out: Get the Scandinavian Look Like These 6 Living Rooms Crafted by Livspace.

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