When you enter a home, the first thing you often see is the living room. Well, other than your foyer, of course. But since this is one room that receives a lot of attention right from the entryway, it’s important to get your living room design right. So how do you go about finding the best living room ideas to help create a beautiful yet functional space? For starters, you can use our simple seven-point list as a guide. Whether you’re looking to design a minimalist living room or a modern living room, these living room ideas are sure to get the ball rolling. 

Read on for some expert tips on how to design your living room:

#1: Focus on Creating a Functional Layout

Accessibility in design can only be achieved when your floor plan is functional

While your living room’s aesthetic is important, your living room design is just as crucial. For this, it’s essential to ensure that the layout you opt for has the right kind of functionality based on your needs. If you have an open-concept design, arrange your furniture in a way that allows the smooth flow of traffic. You can make this happen by keeping pathways to doors and windows open and accessible. 

Similarly, for a modern living room design, try to create a focal point to anchor the space better. This can be done by using a centred coffee table or with simple furniture arrangement to draw the attention to a certain point in the living room.

#2: The Lighting You Choose Can Make or Break Your Aesthetic

Ceiling downlights are not only great lighting options but are also energy-efficient

No space is complete without the right lighting accessories and the same holds true for your living room. Here’s where selecting living room ideas with the best lighting components becomes paramount. What’s more, this also helps manipulate the illusion of space based on the size of your interiors. 

For example, living rooms with a low ceiling can benefit from recessed lights or simple uplights. This helps throw the light upwards, which further elongates your walls, creating the illusion of height. Similarly, if you have statement artwork as part of your living room design, use spotlights to draw more attention to them.

#3: Add Dimension with Different Types of Furniture

Moveable furniture units work better for your resale value compared to in-built furniture

Whether you’re aiming for a modern living room or a minimalist living room, your living room design entirely depends on the type of furniture used. And in some cases, different furniture units can also help add depth and dimension to your space. However, when you’re exploring living room ideas to incorporate in your space, there are a few other things you should bear in mind. 

For starters, the type of furniture used in your living room design can also deeply affect your resale value. You might opt for in-built furniture that’s high on storage, such as TV consoles or shelving units, but ensure the design you choose is timeless. Else, try to stick to moveable furniture units that can be changed if you ever want to sell your home in the future.

#4: Rugs Help Add an Element of Texture

Add some texture to your interiors with rugs of different styles and materials

Rugs are no doubt a great stylistic element that can add texture to your modern or minimalist living room. No matter the concept you’re going for, adding a rug is a sure-fire way to spice up any old living room ideas and give them a fun touch. 

If your interiors are minimal, you can opt for a fluffy faux fur-style rug to create a statement. Or if you prefer a modern living room design, go for a short rug with metallic thread work to add some interest to sleek interiors.

#5: Soft Furnishings Can Do Wonders for Your Interiors

Bring in an element of luxury with soft furnishings in rich textures such as leather and faux fur

The term ‘soft furnishings’ might be confusing to navigate. So let’s break it down for you. This term largely refers to items made of cloth such as your curtains, furniture upholstery and even your carpets. When you invest in the right kind of soft furnishings, it helps take your living room ideas from concept to reality. The key here is texture so try to stick to soft or warm textures if you prefer a more cosy chic aesthetic.  

While there is no shortage of soft furnishings to choose from for your living room design, be sure to only go for those styles that are timeless. This ensures that you do not stray too far from one central theme and also keeps your interiors from requiring frequent revamps.

#6: The Right Colour Palettes Can Help Accentuate Your Aesthetic

Shades of grey, beige, black and white work especially well for minimalist living room interiors

It’s no surprise that colours play a pivotal role in making a house a home. Without the right palette, your living room design can go from a minimalist dream to a maximalist nightmare. Since most Malaysian homes are big on minimal themes, you’d want to embrace neutrals and muted colours to get the most of your interiors. 

What’s more, you can also use certain colours to play with the visual of space depending on the room you have to work with. Darker-coloured interiors are known to create a compact look whereas lighter colours can help open up your space. So if you’re looking for living room ideas for a compact home, embrace more neutral colours in your design.

#7: Opt for Flooring Options that Add Character

Hardwood floors are known to boost the resale value of your home

The most overlooked component when it comes to living room ideas is undoubtedly the floor. With so many other changeable areas to focus on, we tend to forget that the style of flooring we choose also greatly influences our space. So let’s look at a few options you can pick from when it comes to your living room floor; there is hardwood, ceramic and even homogenous tiles! 

However, the idea of changing your flooring is still a considerably big investment and cannot be approached lightly. Before you make any changes, also consider the various options and how they’d affect your resale value in the future. If you’re looking for something short term that does not require invasive changes or hacking, overlaid vinyl flooring might be your best bet. 

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