Hello there! Are you interested in interior design or renovation for your new home? Or are you a decor enthusiast? Either way, it’s nice to make your acquaintance. We are Livspace, an e-commerce-based interior design company, and before we lose you, let’s just say, if it’s interior design, Livspace is the one-stop-shop. In a nutshell, we design, deliver and install interiors. A well-known name in Singapore, we have delivered multiple dream homes to Singaporeans. And now, we are venturing into Malaysia to transform your dream home into reality!

We provide turnkey interior design solutions. However, interiors is a very vague term and we would like you to know what we offer before you meet us. This table should easily clear the air on what we do and don’t do:


What are your needs?


Every home design is different. Are you looking for interiors for a new home? Or do you want to get a renovation done for your existing home? Whether it’s an apartment or terrace house, tailor-made interior solutions are our forte. From Scandinavian style interiors to landed properties and from contemporary to rustic spaces, we’ve designed homes for different lifestyles.

Is functionality more of your concern than style? Do you want more storage options for your family?

How can we help?

This is when you approach Livspace. Here are all the things we can do for you:

Design & Consultation: We’ll tell you how to get started

We know you have been picturing your dream home in a certain way for years. And we also know how overwhelming it can be to get all your preferences and requirements in one place. Here’s where we come in! At Livspace, we have professional interior designers who craft functional and aesthetically pleasing homes. This includes space planning, picking the perfect furniture, colour combinations and designing ergonomic layouts to match your preferences and lifestyle.

We also provide 3Ds of condo interior designs and apartments to make you feel comfortable with your final decision. However, this designing is done in various stages and it is not all-inclusive on your first meet. But what we don’t do is provide only consultation or only designs. We offer holistic and turnkey solutions for now.

End-to-end Solutions: From flooring to ceiling and everything in between!

So what do we mean by end-to-end interiors or turnkey solutions? We take care of your interiors and renovation — from design to execution. Our experienced team first understands your vision and then turns that into reality with the help of perfect designs and products that fit your needs and budget.

Services: Get all miscellaneous work done by Livspace-approved service partners

A warm wooden false ceiling

We work closely with professional service partners to provide diverse options for false ceiling, wall treatments, flooring and civil work. From plumbing to electric changes, we cover everything and we’ll ensure you get a flawless finish.

If you’re looking for some extensive civil work, you need to have this conversation with your designer. 

Installation & Execution: It will be hassle-free all the way!

Installing lights within cabinets

Our promise is a hassle-free experience, which means we take care of the manufacturing and installation too. So, all you have to do is sit back and relax while we take care of getting your home ready.

Our trained professionals handle the on-site work for your new home or renovation, ensuring that the team completes the work with finesse. We also clean your home once we’re finished, making it a ready-to-move-in space.

Post-installation Services: It’s not goodbye after installation!

Happy to hear from you

Our team will cater to any issues that may arise once the house renovation or design is completed. We make sure that the problem is rectified as soon as possible and make sure the inconvenience is minimal.

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