A backyard garden is an extension of your home. Depending on whether you want a backyard vegetable garden or a space to host outdoor dinner parties, backyards present you an opportunity to express your creative side. You can also hire a landscape designer or architect to help guide you with layout ideas. They can also help you with organising your layout, choosing materials, separating zones and accommodating any special requirements such as installing a garden water fountain. (fancy!)

Looking for a DIY model for your own garden? Here are some backyard garden ideas that you should consider. However, before that, let us consider the benefits of a garden.

Why Do You Need a Garden?

Discover a way to relax right in your backyard!

The backyard garden is a shared space that can easily be turned into a backyard vegetable garden, a barbeque spot or as outdoor seating. In short, there are many benefits to such a space:

  • One of the more simple ideas is to use it as a relaxing spot. Tired after a long day at work? Sit out in your backyard with a cuppa and feel the fresh air rejuvenate you.
  • It serves as a great space for your kids to play too! While in bigger gardens children have the space to learn riding their bikes, in small gardens, children can still find creative ways to entertain themselves with toys and run free. 
  • Growing your own herbs or vegetables will be easier on your pocket and relieve your stress too! 
  • They can also offer extra storage space. Take the example of gardens with sheds — you can keep your gardening tools there as well as any items that may be needed occasionally. 

However, how the backyard can be used depends on its size too. Here are a few ideas for your backyard depending on size — small, medium or large. 

Backyard Garden Ideas from Small to Big Spaces

No matter how many square metres you own, at Livspace we believe that you can make the best use of the space available no matter the size. Here are some ideas that will help you make the perfect space within what is  available.  

Big Backyard Garden Ideas:

Let’s start big, shall we? A big backyard can range anywhere from 280 sq. m.  to 400 sq. m. If your backyard falls in the above size range, you can consider the below options. 

#1: Make a Multipurpose Backyard Garden

Enjoy a cosy feast with your family while keeping an eye on the kids

You can easily divide zones and make your backyard garden into a multipurpose space. For example, you can have a cosy seating setup in the area while retaining a backyard vegetable garden. Likewise, growing kids can have a space to play too.

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#2: Get the Mid-Century Modern Haven Right in Your Home

Use a garden water fountain to bring old-world charm to your backyard

Looking to bring some lavishness into your home? How about bringing it into your garden? With a garden water fountain and the Cupid statue the above garden is able to create a mid-century modern inspired charm worth admiring. 

#3: Experiment with Cottage Core Backyard Garden Ideas

Bring in some rustic charm

For a cottage backyard idea, stick to natural materials, thick textures and uneven lines. The idea of this backyard garden is driven by slow gardening — reclaiming the pleasure of gardening. A cottage-style backyard is cosy and warm, often filled with the scents of a diverse variety of flowers. 

Medium-Sized Backyard Garden Ideas:

If your garden’s size ranges from 140 square metres to 250 square metres, you have a mid-sized garden. That is still a lot of space to work with in these backyard gardens. Read below to find out how. 

#1: Create an Intimate English Garden

Be snug in this beautiful garden

Create an intimate English garden with natural materials like wood. If possible, stick to a colour palette. As seen above, the garden is dominated by pinks and blues which makes for a coherent colour scheme. Don’t forget to include roses, wisteria, salvia and tall blooming flowers too! 

#2: Go for a Tiered Backyard Garden

Level up your backyard garden!

Want a backyard vegetable garden along with a relaxing spot in your mid-sized garden? Optimise space with a multi-tiered backyard garden where you can have it all! Take the example of the above backyard garden that has cleverly used vertical space to fit in seating and packs quite a variety of greenery too!

#3: Build Backyard Gardens with Sheds

Backyard gardens with sheds provide an extra spot for storage

If you plan on maintaining a full-fledged backyard vegetable garden or are heavily involved in gardening, a garden shed is quite a handy spot. You can keep your tools there, out of reach of children or even use the shed as storage.  

Small Backyard Garden Ideas:

Anything below 140 square metres can be classified as a small backyard garden. Now that your space is limited, you need to get creative with it to make the most out of the available space. Below are some ideas that will make your backyard a low maintenance small garden. 

#1: Use Vertical Backyard Garden Ideas

Utilise vertical space for your backyard garden

Growing your personal herbs requires you to sacrifice floor space? Go ahead and use the vertical space available! You can opt for orchids, ferns and air plants that will transform your backyard into a low maintenance small garden.

#2: Keep Your Backyard Vegetable Garden to Small Pots

Decorate your backyard with cute little pots of plants

Potted plants are preferred as they come in all shapes and sizes. If you want a backyard with a low maintenance small garden, opt for potted plants. You can grow a variety of plants based on your preference too!

#3: Hang Pots with a Panoramic City View

Get hanging pots in the balcony to save floor space

Hanging pots can easily serve as decorative items in your balcony while saving you floor space. You can opt to plant vines or creepers in such pots. However, make sure they are within your reach so you can easily water your plants.   

Basics Steps to Start a Backyard Garden

Want to start a backyard vegetable garden but don’t know where to start? Here are some tips you’d need to know. 

#1: Know Your Soil Quality

Measure the soil quality index in your garden

Determining the soil pH quality measures its fertility. Soil pH is the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration. The pH scale can go from 0 to 14 with pH 7 as the neutral point. You can use a professional soil analysis or DIY soil kit for the same. Depending on its quality, take a call on what you want to grow. Also determine the soil type to understand what kind of vegetables or herbs thrive in your garden.

#2: Decide the Layout of Your Garden

Divide your garden into different sections for better growth

The layout of your garden determines its functionality. Make sure you divide the zones according to your needs — seating, gardening or play area for kids can be easily demarcated so your garden requires less maintenance.

#3: Pick Out the Basic Gardening Tools

Make sure you have these handy to maintain your garden

Here are some basic gardening tools that are important for every size of garden — gloves, pruning shears, garden forks, hand trowel, rake, garden hose and watering cans. If your garden is large, you can also buy a wheelbarrow and a spade. 

#4: Get Your Garden Bed Ready

Weed out the space to allow for new plants

Now that you have your tools in place, it is time to get the soil ready according to the seedlings you want to plant. Get rid of stray weeds and spread out mulch to enrich the soil. It is best to start working the soil when it is moist to promote the rapid growth of the seedling.

#5: Plant Your Seedlings

Plant the seedling when they have sprouted four to five leaves

The general rule of the thumb is to plant a seedling when it has sprouted four to five leaves. This will help the plant to photosynthesise and grow rather quickly. However, please be mindful of the different types of seedlings and their maintenance.

#6: Don’t Forget to Maintain the Garden 

Make sure to weed out your backyard garden regularly

Now that you have planted your garden, it needs to be maintained. Trim the leaves regularly, water the plants and make sure you weed out the garden regularly. You can also keep adding fertiliser at regular intervals to make sure your soil is rich in nutrients to promote plant growth. 

We hope that your backyard garden is blooming in no time. Looking to read more? Check out These 15 Small Garden Ideas That Are Perfect for Small Spaces

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