Planning your new kitchen accessories but don’t know where to start? There are a few basic points you can consider while selecting your modern kitchen cabinet design. But it’s always good to have multiple options to explore before you start this process. And when you have an array of beautiful IKEA kitchen designs to choose from, you’re sure to be spoiled for choice. 

We understand that there are a few factors that can make kitchen design planning tricky. Which is why we’ve put together a few ideas to help you decide. 

Here are some simple modern kitchen cabinet design ideas from IKEA you can consider for your home:

#1: IKEA Kitchen Ideas for a Compact One-Wall Kitchen

Plan your kitchen based on how you’d like to use it, not by its size

We’d like to think that the smaller the space, the more room there is to innovate! If you have a compact kitchen, you need not worry about storage or functionality. With the right mix of IKEA kitchen cabinets design, you can address any space concern you might face. 

Similarly, no modern kitchen cabinet design is complete without modular units. To make the most of your kitchen space, opt for customised modular cabinetry. Custom kitchen cabinets are great space-savers no matter how small your kitchen is.

Simple tall shelving units can be great space-savers in compact kitchens

If you’d still prefer more storage, go in for a tall shelving unit with cabinets that can store your crockery and other easy-to-access items.

#2: IKEA Kitchen Designs for Galley Kitchens

To get a more spacious feel to your kitchen, you can opt only for base cabinets

With double galley kitchens, IKEA kitchen planning can be taken to the next level. To add a touch of personality to your kitchen, opt for elegant quartz worktops with framed cabinet doors. The versatility of this modern kitchen cabinet design helps bring a subtle handcrafted look to your kitchen. 

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A combination of open and closed cabinetry is a great way to boost storage in your kitchen
If you have a double galley kitchen, segregate your wet and dry areas for maximum efficiency

If you’re thinking about modular kitchen designs for your galley layout, consider going for a mix of open and closed cabinets. Open cabinets are great for displaying fine crockery and designer glassware. You can also use them for decorative purposes and store indoor plants on them. However, they do require a fair bit of organising on a regular basis and might not be ideal for storing large items. 

When you have a mix of both open and closed units, you get the benefit of display as well as storage. Based on your needs and aesthetic, this can be an especially useful modern kitchen cabinet design element to have.

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#3: Explore Seamless Cabinets for Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Breakfast counters are a great addition to modern kitchen design

Nothing says modern kitchen cabinet design like seamless cabinets. Unlike framed cabinets, seamless cabinets bring a sleek and sophisticated look to your modern kitchen. Given their minimal aesthetic, these cabinets are a great choice for open-concept homes that want to avoid clutter. 

Their simplistic design allows them to seamlessly blend into your wall, while also being highly storage-intensive. If you want to segregate your kitchen area from the rest of your open-floor plan, go in for a kitchen island or breakfast counter. This can help you anchor the kitchen area and help draw a boundary.

#4:IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Design That Add a Homely Touch

Earthy colours and wooden tones can bring a comforting and homely feel to your modern kitchen design

Looking for specific IKEA kitchen designs to create a more homely feel in your kitchen? Wood is a great way to make this happen. For a modern kitchen cabinet design that embraces natural materials, you can opt for a combination of glass and wooden shutters. Glass panelling in your overhead cabinets can help you find items in your kitchen in a timely fashion.  

Though it comes with its own appeal, glass shutters might not be ideal if you have messy cabinets given their high visibility. However, if you like to organise your kitchen on a regular basis, glass shutters could be an added style statement.

Be sure to add appropriate task lighting to your kitchen cabinets to get the most out of them during meal prep

No matter the size of your kitchen space, there’s an IKEA kitchen cabinet that can work with it. This kitchen may look small, but rest assured it’s packed with storage. But besides cabinetry, there are a few other things to keep in mind while planning your kitchen. 

We’ve covered why seamless cabinets are a must-have for those who want a modern kitchen cabinet design. But another important feature to plan for is the segregation of your dry and wet areas. What’s more, you don’t necessarily need a spacious kitchen to facilitate this either! 

By using two parallel worktops, you can host your hob on one and your sink or wet area on the other. This helps improve the workflow in your kitchen and creates a more organised space for cooking and meal prep.   

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