We all live in the modern world but sometimes forget to update our homes, which makes it lack finesse. While a modern room design is great to have, it is not possible to get it right without following some basic steps. Modern designs offer clean lines and undeniable sleekness that is not possible without planning. Mostly, having an open layout makes for ideal modern interiors. We have some other amazing ideas on how to get that modern living room.  

#1: Focus on Colours for a Modern Living Room

Always choose a subtle colour palette

The main hero of this modern room design is the colour scheme used. Natural and cool tones are a preferable option to build a modern living room. As you can see in this living room, the grey sofa complements the white elements, such as the laminate on the crockery unit and the curtains. Making things simpler and cleaner are the light wood undertones alongside. The mix of cove and recessed lights in the false ceiling completes this look.

#2: An Open Layout Is a Must for a Modern Room Design

The more open the layout, the more modern the design will be

An open layout in a modern room design opens up the space for thematic continuity. A spacious modern living room with large windows and an open floor are the hallmarks of modern design. Here, we have integrated the living and the dining rooms, making the space ideal for get-togethers and conversations. Notice how the dining and living rooms are connected with blue walls on either side.  

#3: Modern Room Design Plays with the Right Patterns

Try using different patterns in one space

A modern room design can turn quite monotonous if not complemented with the right amount of textures to add dimension to the space. More often than not, using neutral colours and pairing them with plain walls proves to be a fatal flaw as far as modern designs go. So how do you fuse character into your design? With texture! Try using textured laminate or flooring to give your space some much-needed oomph. As you can see in the above image, the flooring of this kitchen adds texture and makes this kitchen come to life. 

#4: Symmetrically Lined Furniture for Your Modern Room Design

Opt for simple furniture that is not too bulky

Furniture is the main element of any modern room design. If you get it right, you have already won half the battle. Keeping up with modern designs, this dining table is located just outside the kitchen, partitioned with a glass. This dining set has leggy furniture which is then paired with modern pendant lights which imparts a light and airy look to this dining room. The design is put together in a way that no elements weigh down the room, so it looks open and spacious.

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#5: Select Right Accents and Accessories for a Modern Design Room

Create a bookshelf by putting together niche shelves

This study flaunts a simple table and a full-length bookshelf. The element of interest is brought in by the accent wall beside the bookshelf. Geometric patterns are common in modern designs and rarely go out of style. Coupled with the classic 3D walls, this modern room design is complete. Wall shelves set up in a niche declutter the space effectively. Wooden tiles keep the flooring minimal and simple.

#6: Influence the Room with Modern Designs

Choose floating fixtures over others

There are plenty of options when it comes to ensuring your bathroom reflects  a modern room design. However, we recommend going for floating fixtures as they look sleek. White works great for bathrooms. Do not forget to give it a hint of texture like the wooden laminate does in this modern bathroom design. Do not compromise on storage in the bathroom and opt for a vanity mirror that can hold your bathroom toiletries with ease.

We hope you now know the major elements of modern room design. If you want to learn more about other design styles, check this out: 8 Most Important Questions on Interior Design in Malaysia Answered

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