Not a fan of opulent or extravagantly designed dining rooms? Do you prefer subtle and elegant spaces to make the most of your meals? If all you need is a simple and practical dining room design, look no further! Here are the elements of dining room decor for an impeccable dining experience.

1. Dining Table: Shape and Seating

A rectangular six-seater dining table for a big family

The cornerstone for establishing a warm and inviting dining room design is finding the perfect table. Begin by determining which shape is appropriate for the space.  Rectangular or oval tables perform the best in large rooms while round or square tables function best in small areas.

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An oval four-seater dining table for a small family

However, make a decision about the size based on the seating capacity, as the larger the table becomes, the more problematic the ergonomics become. Large square or round tables make it difficult to reach dishes in the centre. A Lazy Susan will come in handy in this situation. Rectangular and oval chairs, on the other hand, provide more arm space for a more comfortable experience.

2. Picking Perfect Dining Chairs

Wooden chairs improve the aesthetics of the room

Since the mix-and-match trend is becoming popular among Malaysians, choosing dining chairs has become more versatile. However, make sure you select ones that are comfortable and allow you to carry on a conversation without feeling rushed. If you’re going to use different chairs, make sure they’re all the same height.

Benches provide additional seating and save space

When it comes to selecting a relaxing eating chair and getting the perfect dining room design for your home interior design, consider benches. They are a good option to provide additional sitting. You can also place your dining table bench against a wall to provide adequate back support for your guests.

3. Crockery Unit or Console Unit for a Good Dining Room Design

A separate wooden crockery table and bar unit makes for a smart storage solution
A separate console near the dining table to store crockery makes dining accessories easily accessible

Every room needs storage and dining rooms are no different. You need a unit to store your  crockery, cutlery, napkins and other items. Such units are available in various sizes and shapes. It isn’t always necessary to have a tall unit; a little crockery storage unit that has been customised to carry all of the necessities might also be useful. If you enjoy throwing parties at home, a beautiful bar may be an option to consider as well.

4. Lighting Options

Pendant lights are our favourite to create a focal point

Because dining room design has fewer elements to focus on than the other rooms, use lighting to create a sense of drama. Chandeliers and pendant lights are popular choices for creating a focal point. For a balanced look, choose linear light fixtures that are at least one-third the length of the table. A cluster of pendants will look beautiful on a round or square table. You also need to think about the height of your ceiling when planning the kind of lights you want for the space. The distance between the light fixture and the table should be at least 36 to 40 inches. If your ceiling height won’t allow it, recessed lights will suffice as mood lighting.

5. Soft Furnishings

A rug completes the dining room design aesthetic

Although a rug isn’t a common element in a dining room, it can help to complete the dining room design aesthetic. Make sure, however, that the area rug you choose can cover the total floor space of your dining table and chairs. Sheer curtains are ideal for dining room decor because they look good  and also let in plenty of natural light, making the space feel warm and inviting. You can also enhance the decor by combining solid-coloured drapes with sheers.

6. Decor Ideas for an Aesthetically Beautiful Dining Room Design

Big wall paintings as part of dining room decor serve to create an artsy focal point in the space

We get that most Malaysians prefer a minimalist dining room design aesthetic, but blank walls can be a bit of a letdown. A large artwork, an elaborate mirror or even a simple arrangement of crockery on shelves can be discussion starters. After all, dining rooms aren’t just for eating wonderful cuisine; they’re also about having interesting conversations and spending time with family. 

We hope these tips will help you create by striking dining room space within the framework of your home interior design. But whatever you decide, be sure your dining room design reflects your personality. You get to be the perfect host and get praised for your elegant selections! 

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