Paint has a lot of power in terms of design. Furthermore, it has the capacity to provide the impression of a larger space. It also ensures your decor items will also blend perfectly with modern furnishings. The right room colour ideas can completely transform how you feel about your home. Furthermore, there is no such thing as the ideal living room paint colour. Your sense of taste and emotions have a big influence on how your living space looks.

#1: Use Bright Blue

Blue as a living room colour is a dark yet bold choice

According to colour specialists, colours are ubiquitous in our daily lives and are a key part of human vision. The colour propensity is influenced by individual human cognition, experience and behaviour as a social swarm. As a result, bright room colour ideas that appeal to teenagers, such as orange and blue, signify mental strength.

#2: Walls in Blue and Neutrals are Trending

Blue walls that complement neutral tones is a soothing bedroom colour idea

Celebrating one’s own strength is flawsome! This palette encourages DIY experiments when it comes to room  colour ideas ranging from rich purples and blues to pastel greens and yellows. At the same time, these colours symbolise personal development. So, if this bedroom colour combination appeals to you, don’t be afraid to get creative. And be sure to use  colours that create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

#3. Use Muted Neutral Tones for Its Calming Effects

Try whispering white as a  living room colour

It’s always a good idea to use room colours that express your unique voice while remaining true to yourself. Maintain a neutral look when you need to keep it natural. The elegance of neutrals has always survived the test of time. They are always a timeless approach to ensure your space reflects your personality. For a timeless look, stick to white and beige tones. The combination has a sophisticated look about it.

#4. Trendy Pastel Shades Never Go Out of Style

Pastels add elegance to the walls

This theme is for you if you want to get creative. A pastel-coloured home is a subtle aesthetic addition to a space while also offering a burst of colour. Pastels give your walls a striking look. Nippon’s collection has a wide range of eye-catching colours to choose from. As a result, as shown above, pastel blue and beige are a strong yet soothing combination.

#5:  Shades of Green Keep It Cool

Shades of green energise your wall

Shades of green, from turquoise to teal, may enliven any space. The colour green is closely connected with Mother nature’s beauty. It may transform a room into a peaceful haven, a lively playroom, or a dramatic bedroom. It all depends on the lighting and the environment. Green is also more adaptable than you might expect, and it looks great with colours you wouldn’t think of. 

#6: Consider Colour-Blocking while Wall Painting

Bring in a touch of vibrancy with colour blocked walls

This wall painting technique entails choosing colours that are diametrically opposed on the colour wheel. As a result, you’ll have an intriguing palette of brilliant colours to provide some contrast to your decor. Color blocking adds a playful aspect to your home, and depending on your aesthetic, it can be coupled with neutral or same-color furniture. Color blocking is a must-try for modern households that like to explore.

#7. Classic Blue With Wooden Panels

Classic blue and wooden panels are just the right combinations

Wooden panels are very common in houses in Singapore. Paneling is an amazing method to give a room instant period authenticity, vintage appeal, or just warmth and interest. Combining these panels with classic blue wall colour can help create that ever-fashionable, boutique rural getaway vibe in your bedroom, and can add texture and depth to otherwise conventional areas. 

#8. Adding Mural magic to the Walls

Anjali Asnani 2
Heighten your room’s appearance with mural wall paintings

With a wall mural, you can make a big impression! Allow your imagination to go wild and transform your walls into works of art. Not quite ready to pick up the paintbrush? The solution is to use removable wall stickers. There’s a vast choice of designs to choose from, whether it’s tropical-inspired artwork or abstract art.

These room colour ideas from Livspace paint specialists have turned ordinary life into thematic colour palettes by holding seminars and discussion groups with people from all walks of life, from musicians to business owners. This colour prediction can assist you in being a trailblazer in the design world if you are seeking to stay on top of your design game while expressing yourself.

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