The modern-day urbanscape has undergone quite a change; these areas are seeing a rise in the number of single-person households, thus raising the necessity for new kinds of dwelling units. This has led to a change in the small apartment design, so as to overcome the issues that inevitably arise, such as challenges of shared common areas, absence of privacy and human health hazards that are typical to cluster housing. 

But what sort of a small house interior is affordable, comfortable and compatible in such accommodations? We take you through a modern small apartment design that we did, with many clever solutions that make its interior a successful affair.

#1: An Open-Concept Small Apartment Design

How do you design a one-room apartment to make it look spacious and welcoming?

An open-concept layout allows ample light and ventilation throughout and makes the house look spacious despite its constraints. It was first popularised in the early 20th century with the advent of the mid-century modern design style. The minimalists from that time were inspired by the Nordic small house interior to include minimal furnishings with natural materials and textures. There are more such relevant small apartment ideas that you will see in this one-room apartment.

#2: A Decluttered Entrance and Kitchen Design

Full-wall, closed cabinetry to keep your house clean and organised

The one-wall kitchen layout with wooden finish laminates gives a simple yet expensive look to the design. The handleless shutters help in making the experience less obstructive for the couple who lives here. The cabinetry by the door is to accommodate footwear and other outdoor essentials. The walls are painted in neutral colours to keep the modern small apartment design bright and beautiful.

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#3: A Flexible Dining Room

A wooden dining table with four cushioned stools gives cafe-style experience

The light-wood dining furniture matches the soft beige colour of the walls. The four cushioned stools are a quirky addition to the dining area. There is layered lighting in the form of ambience lighting and spotlights in this small apartment design. While the ambience lights are a major source of light in the room, the spotlights are tasked to accentuate the modern art work on the wall. 

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#4: A Minimal Living Room in a Small Apartment Design

Minimal designs make small living rooms appear comfortable and spacious

A seamless wooden TV unit panel with a low-height marble base is a great idea for a  modern small apartment design. The contrasting black sofa with a sturdy wooden frame complement the TV unit. There is a recess between the false ceiling and the outer wall that has cove lights, and there is a fibre-optic floor lamp to cast the mood lighting. Additionally, the spotlights on the panel and common ambient lights brighten up the small house interior. 

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#5: A Bright and Cosy Bedroom

A minimal bedroom design with a floor mattress and sliding-door wardrobe

Sliding-door wardrobes make for a great small apartment idea. They offer as much storage space as their swing-door counterparts without the added spaces needed to open the door outwards. This bedroom, like the dining area, offers flexibility in design via its floor mattress. The wooden headboard with LED strip lights offers task lighting and the modern abstract lamp is a great source for some mood lighting. There is an intelligent control of daylight in this small apartment design thanks to the layered drapery. The sheer curtains allow mellow sunlight to come through and the solid green blinds block all of the sunlight from the French windows. 

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#6: Storage-Compliant Bathroom Design

Make cabinets behind the mirror in your vanity to increase the storage space

As far as bathrooms go, storage is the biggest issue in a small apartment design. But that is not the case in this bathroom. This bathroom has smart storage options for the commode and the vanity. The vanity is optimised by adding cabinets behind the mirror, whereas the commode has an open ledge above and two niches in the vanity next to it. This is a great small apartment idea because it also offers easy accessibility to the appropriate essentials. 

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We hope we have given you enough ideas if you are looking for inspiration for your small apartment design. But apart from good ideas, you must keep an eye out for some common mistakes too! Read 10+ Brilliant Interior Design Ideas to Save Your House from Costly Mistakes

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