So finally you’re finally getting your house keys and going to see what your new kitchen design will look like! But always remember, in the midst of all the enthusiasm, what the backbone of a good-looking kitchen is. Cabinetry, without a doubt! That’s because it has the power to make or break the appearance and functionality of your kitchen. 

While there are many aspects to consider when choosing the proper small space kitchen cabinet design, the types of kitchen cabinets, the materials and the pricing are the most important. Each of us has our own way of living, which influences the final appearance of our kitchen.

So it is important to learn about the various types of kitchen cabinets available in the market and select the best one for your needs. 

Types of Small Space Kitchen Cabinet Designs

#1. Wall-Mounted Kitchen Cabinet Designs

You can add LED lighting under the kitchen cabinets for increased functionality

Let’s start with the most basic sort of kitchen cabinets — wall cabinets — which are both utilitarian and attractive. In Malaysia, these are known as top hung cabinets and their main purpose is to maximise kitchen storage. Aside from that, homeowners can hide electrical wiring or power switches, as well as water or gas piping that runs along the tops of the walls in these wall cabinets. Wall cabinets can also be used to store kitchen appliances like the hood or exhaust fan.
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#2. Base-Mounted Kitchen Cabinets

You can use bottom cabinets to usually store heavy utensils

Base cabinets, also known as bottom cabinets, are typically solid and sturdy and serve as a foundation for heavy counters. These cabinets sit atop a raised cement base, finished with tiles, defining the footprint of your kitchen design. Base cabinets can hide your sink, stove, dishwasher, gas tank and other appliances. One can use solid surface, real wood, or actual stones such as marble or granite, to finish the base cabinets.

#3. Shaker-Style Types of Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker-style kitchen cabinets are simple and easy to maintain

Let’s first understand what shaker cabinets are. Shaker cabinetry is usually defined by a four-piece frame encircling a recessed centre slab. Its appeal stems from the fact that it is basic, easy to maintain and can be used in any kitchen design, whether traditional or modern. 

For instance, the above kitchen cabinet will impress you if you enjoy playing with different colours. The shaker-style base cabinets in this kitchen have finishing touches of a mix of grey distressed wood and white laminate doors with gold-coloured handles.

#4. Handle-less Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Handle less kitchen cabinets create a streamlined flow of kitchen units

Handleless kitchen cabinets, once considered a niche design feature, have exploded in popularity in the last decade. As a result of growing demand for contemporary styles, minimalist appearances and the necessity to make small spaces appear larger. They’re versatile, adaptable and ageless. As a result, they make for a lovely addition to any home. The lack of handles helps to keep the kitchen design uncluttered. The style is especially effective on base units, where the unbroken surface provides the impression of one continuous piece of wood.

#5. Speciality Kitchen Cabinets

These types of kitchen cabinets make the best use of available space

Speciality cabinets are used for special reasons, as the name implies. When it comes to customised cabinets, we at Livspace think about two things. The first is the cabinet’s closing mechanism and the second is the amount of weight it will have to support. Soft-close cabinets are always a good idea because they are quiet and easy to operate. Since some of us like to keep our supplies, pots and pans in speciality cabinets, they must be durable as well.

#6. Small Space Kitchen Cabinet Designs with Tall Shelves

Simple tall shelving units can be great space-savers in compact kitchens

Such modular tall cabinets as shown above, often known as utility cabinets, provide plenty of storage space in your kitchen. They can be used to store bulk food supplies, cleaning products and unruly goods, among other things. A tall cabinet saves money in the long term and is perfect for working singles and couples who do not often cook in their homes. These tall shelving units with cabinets can easily store crockery and other easily accessible goods.

#7. Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Design

Warm, simple and widely used cabinet material

Solid wood is the most frequently used material in Malaysian kitchen cabinets. The same is what we propose at Livspace as well. They’re readily available, simple to put together and go with any kitchen design. For instance, this kitchen cabinet has a warm texture and you can simply mix and match various colours with it. Not only these wooden kitchen cabinets can be installed within one to two weeks, but they also add a chic style to your kitchen and make it classy yet durable. 

#8. Small Space Kitchen Cabinet Designs with Glass Shutters

Glass kitchen cabinet designs add depth to the kitchen design

A combination of glass and wooden shutters can effectively create modern kitchen cabinet designs that incorporate natural elements. Glass panelling in your upper cabinets can assist you in quickly finding objects in your kitchen. Moreover, glass shutters could be an added design statement if you prefer to organise your kitchen on a regular basis. Moreover, glass doors add depth to the kitchen design. If you need a few solid doors for seclusion, consider recessed panels to produce beautiful, subtle shadows. 

How can Livspace help you?

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