Personal care is an important aspect of our daily life that helps us unwind. When it comes to self-care, our bathrooms are a fairly important space for each of us. Whether you have a 12-step skincare routine or just like to relax under a hot shower, you need sufficient space to make it all happen. To help you with this, we’ve put together a few simple tips to boost storage space in your bathroom. From using storage boxes to picking the right storage cabinet, this list is sure to bring you a great personal care experience! 

Read on to find out the best ways to design your bathroom for personal care:

#1: Make Full Use of the Wall/Vertical Space

Make the most of your wall space with shelves and storage racks

Compact bathrooms might not always have the luxury of using storage cabinets. But this doesn’t mean you need to compromise on storage because of it either. An easy fix to get more room out of your bathroom is by using whatever vertical space is available. Opting for a built-in floor-to-ceiling cabinet is a great way to make this work. IKEA storage cabinets also work especially well for compact bathrooms in need of more storage space.

Store easy-to-grab items on open shelves for immediate access

If you do not have enough wall space for a full built-in cabinet, IKEA storage boxes are your next best solution. Use these multifunctional boxes to store any items that do not fit on the counter to boost storage space.

#2: Use Storage Boxes to Free Up Counter Space

Place your wicker storage box beneath your sink to open up the floor space

If your bathroom counter space is extremely limited, storage boxes are a great investment. The best part is they’re available in a multitude of sizes and styles that suit every bathroom! If you’re running low on shelves or counter space, go in for IKEA storage boxes you can keep under your drawer cabinet.

Bring a natural touch to your bathroom with simple woven storage boxes

Simple woven storage boxes are ideal if you’d like to add a natural touch to your bathroom. Being fully multifunctional, these boxes can be used to store anything, from personal care items to fresh towels. Pop them under your sink or wherever you have space and you have an easy-to-access storage solution!

#3: For Easy Access, Keep a Stool Handy

Stools or two-step ladders are bathroom accessories that offer great utility

Storage isn’t the only thing you should plan for when it comes to personal care. Ensuring easy access to the things you need is equally important in a bathroom. To streamline your experience, be sure to include bathroom accessories like a small stool or step ladder to improve accessibility.

With this, you can easily reach the top shelves of your storage cabinet without risking a fall. You can even use this as added counter space to store storage boxes when not in use.

#4: Use Locked Cabinets for Medicines

Lock your drawer cabinets to keep your medicines and personal items private

If you share your bathroom with many people, especially kids, it’s important to go in for locked cabinets. This helps keep your medicine cabinet private and also prevents children from accidentally taking items from it. Avoid keeping medicines and other prescription items in unlocked storage boxes to limit access to them.

Mirrored cabinets are great for concealing personal items without drawing attention

If you do not have locked cabinets, you can also store your medicines in higher cabinets out of the reach of children. Using mirrored cabinets is a great way to achieve a seamless experience while also concealing your medicine cabinet.

#5: Shallow Cabinets/Shelves Work Best Above the WC

Make the most of your wall space with shelves that can go above the water closet

In terms of selecting storage cabinets, shallow cabinets are ideal for tight bathrooms with limited wall space. They can easily be placed above your water closet as they do not bulge outwards like bigger wall-mounted cabinets. Both shallow storage cabinets and open shelves are a great space-saving solution for even the smallest of spaces.

#6: Strategically Place Hooks and Holders for Maximum Usability

Adding extra hooks by your shower area can help maximise space in your bathroom

There’s nothing more frustrating than finishing your shower and realising your towel is too far away. Prevent that last-minute sprint to grab your towel and clothes by ensuring your hooks are fitted in the right places. Include as many hooks as needed in your shower area to hold your towel, clothes and bathing accessories.

Hooks and holders can be placed in areas of high use for maximum convenience

If your shower area is compact with no room to hang dry clothes, you can add these hooks above your water closet instead. Be sure to have sufficient hooks and holders fitted in all the areas you use the most. This will make sure all your accessories are accessible and stored correctly.  

Simple suction cup hooks are a great way to amp up storage in your bathroom without damaging your walls.

#7: Keep Kids Toys in Storage Boxes Near the Bathing Area

Wicker storage boxes are ideal for categorising your personal belongings

Storage boxes are a great way to store small items that you need easy access to. If you have kids, you can store all their bath toys and accessories in dedicated IKEA storage boxes to prevent clutter. Be sure to keep these storage boxes in easy-to-reach areas so your kids can access them on their own. This also helps segment personal items from other things in storage, without mixing it all together.

Use seating areas to store boxes or as a diaper-changing station

To make your bathroom more child-friendly, you can also opt for a seating area that doubles as a diaper-changing station. Storage boxes can be used to hold baby-related items while extra seating space can be multifunctional, based on your needs.

#8: Use Water-Resistant Materials Only

Avoid using marble for your countertop as it is porous and prone to water damage

Our bathrooms are probably the one room that’s most susceptible to damage from wear and tear. Being constantly exposed to changing temperatures and water damage, your interiors are at high risk. Knowing which materials can boost longevity is imperative to keeping bathrooms sleek and beautiful. 

Waterproof materials are the way to go when it comes to picking your countertops. Laminate and quartz counters are good examples of materials that are water-resistant. Not only are they durable but they’re also easy to maintain, making them great for low maintenance interiors.

Invest in flooring tiles that ensure grip and prevent slippage when wet

When it comes to bathroom flooring, slip-resistant tiles are a good option to help prevent safety risks. Similarly, linoleum flooring is a durable and waterproof option that can withstand heavy wear and tear.

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