Whether you already have a house full of kids or are planning to start a family, safety is often a homeowner’s top priority. However, you might also worry that child-friendly interior design solutions can affect the look of your home. After all, designing kid-friendly interiors might not have the appeal of style. 

Apart from using child-friendly home decor, you can also consider other simple tips and tricks to get kid-friendly interiors. If you’ve been wondering how to make this happen without sacrificing your preferred design style, we’re here to help! Read on for child-friendly design ideas you can use at home, along with some useful products from IKEA to complete the look.

#1: Coffee Tables with a Rounded Edge Are Great to Explore for Kid-Friendly Design Ideas

Use furniture with soft edges to prevent bumps and bruises while kids play

It’s no surprise that sharp edges are not safe to have around a home with children. Since most kids would be at the same height as tables or low-lying furniture, it’s best to ensure they are protected from bumping into sharp edges. 

Tables with rounded edges, like the Borgeby, are great to use for kid-friendly interiors. What’s more, they also come with a lower layer for storage that you could use to store toys. A combination of furniture with soft edges and storage-intensive units are easy-to-implement kid-friendly home decorating tips.

However, if your current table does not have rounded edges, you can still achieve the safety of kid-friendly interiors by using corner bumpers on your table edges. So even if you cannot invest in new furniture or kid-friendly design ideas, you can still make do with simple hacks like this.

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#2: Use Moveable/Stackable Furniture While Designing Kid-Friendly Interiors

Stackable furniture is great for making space without sacrificing seating space

Given that kids are full of energy, they require adequate space to run around and play. If you live in a smaller home where space is limited, you might have to get a bit creative. You can replicate child-friendly interior designs by using stackable furniture wherever possible. 

Stackable furniture supports the needs and demands of kid-friendly interiors by clearing up space without cutting down on available seating. Not only does this work well as kid-friendly design ideas during playtime, but it also helps you make more room for guests. Use furniture like the Linnebäck easy chair or Sandared pouffes (pictured in point #1) in common areas so you can easily stack these units when not in use. 

#3: Select Furniture Pieces That Are Nursing-Friendly

An armchair can provide great support to your back and neck during feeding time

As much as kid-friendly interiors could use the extra space, it’s also essential to have the right kind of furniture for your kids. Depending on the age of the child, they might still need to be fed by hand or nursed. For this reason, investing in a comfortable nursing chair can be highly useful. 

An armchair like the Strandmon works well as a nursing chair since it is comfortable enough to position yourself and the child in while feeding them. So when you select your furniture in line with kid-friendly interior designs, be sure that they can offer both you and your child the right support.

#4: Opt for Washable Sofa Materials to Stay in Style

No matter the mess, a washable sofa is sure to come in handy when living with kid

One of the most common must-haves in kid-friendly interiors is washable materials. From your walls to your accessories, no child-friendly interior designs are complete without ensuring they are stain-proof. 

As mess is inevitable, it’s best to prep your kid-friendly interiors with as many washable materials as possible. This is especially important in common areas where you have sofas and carpets. Make sure you buy furniture that complements child-friendly interior design solutions as any mess can be easily cleaned if the materials are stain-proof. 

Similarly, if your current sofa set is not washable, you can also consider other kid-friendly home decorating tips to combat this. For example, you could use a sofa cover during feeding and play time to minimise the risk of accidents.

#5: Use Rugs/Carpeting as Child-Friendly Home Decor in Kid-Friendly Interiors

Consider using carpeted floors wherever possible to cushion falls

Other child-friendly design ideas you could explore for your home include the use of carpets in common areas. Kid-friendly interiors are all about cushioning your space and softening any hard edges that could endanger your child. So what better way to do this than using large-sized carpets, like the Vindum floor rug

However, if you don’t have fully carpeted floors, you might need to make do with smaller carpets wherever possible. This in turn might lead to accidentally tripping as the carpet is not fixed in place. To prevent this, consider using anti-slip underlays beneath your carpet to secure it in place.

#6: Anchor Your Drawers and Shelves to the Wall to Prevent Them from Tipping Over

Fasten all your furniture units to a wall in each room

Kid-friendly interior designs are incomplete without basic safety features in place around your furniture. Besides soft edges for kid-friendly interiors, you would also need to ensure that all your furniture units are securely fastened to your walls to prevent them from tipping over. 

Similarly, unlocked drawers are the easiest way for kids to get into your personal items that may or may not be hazardous to them. To prevent any such incidents from occurring, a multi-latch for drawers can be quite helpful. You could also go for handleless drawers such as the Malm chest of drawers to prevent children from opening these storage units. 

Also note that if you have any open storage units such as bookcases or shelves, you might want to avoid storing anything but child-friendly home decor at the bottom. Since these openings are well within reach of children, it is best to keep it bare or store kid-friendly items there.

Other Things You Can Do for Kid-Friendly Interiors

  • Hide wires and cables from the reach of children by either encasing them or by using other methods of cable management 
  • Use socket protectors or guards wherever you have exposed sockets at home
  • Add window latches and locks for any low-lying windows that are within easy reach of children
  • Consider using a baby gate at the entrance of your staircase or kitchen to restrict children from entering potentially dangerous spaces when left unattended

How Can Livspace Help You?

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