What’s the first space you see after you wake up? Your bedroom walls, of course! Your bedroom is typically a reflection of your personality. The colours and patterns used on bedroom walls have a dual purpose: they enhance your bedroom interiors while also having a significant impact on your daily mood. Colour psychology research has accumulated enough evidence to support this claim. As a result, it is critical to pick your bedroom wallpaper choices carefully.

Wallpaper designs for bedroom are slowly gaining popularity in Malaysia, despite the fact that they are a relatively new concept. They are a stunning alternative for individuals who want their bedroom interiors to last longer and are willing to try new things. Bedroom wallpaper patterns conceal imperfections in your existing walls, such as cracks, dents, wall chips and marks. Here is a shortlist of some of our favourite ideas and styles of that perfect wallpaper for room interiors.

1. Bedroom Wallpaper Design with a Subtle Backdrop

Hang an abstract picture to make this wallpaper design interesting

While there is no shortage of flamboyant, forward-thinking bedroom wallpaper designs, a more subtle approach is also becoming popular. This wallpaper is soft on the eyes and is the perfect choice for adult bedrooms. However, neutral colours like cream or beige do not have to be uninteresting. You can also add an abstract picture, a splash of colour and something with an animal print to make it interesting.

2. A Serene Wallpaper for Room

Hang a lantern or a pendant light on the feature wall

This intricately designed classically patterned wallpaper for room interiors is attractive and does not overpower the space. It has a white background with blue patterns to give it a simple yet classy touch. It works perfectly with the furniture, making it an excellent choice for this room. 

3. Bedroom Wallpaper Design That’s All about Cosy Minimalism

Keeping plants on the nightstands on both sides of the bed can add to the look

A bedroom wallpaper can be enjoyed by minimalists as well. Thanks to the muted colour scheme and contemporary wallpaper design for bedroom, this bedroom feels sleek, tidy and contemporary. Choose timeless furniture, tidy bedding and hanging bedside lamps to add texture and warmth to your bedroom.

4. Wallpaper Designs for Bedroom #Florals Abound

Floral pictures matching the colour scheme of the wallpaper are an enchanting idea

The subtlety of nature is combined with a muted combination in this floral room wallpaper  design. This bedroom looks classy and elegant as a resul of the use of muted yellow background and wine-coloured floral motifs. Make a dramatic statement with this multicoloured wallpaper that combines floral and leafy designs in a unique way. It will undoubtedly enchant you.
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5. Wallpaper Designs for Bedroom #Sophisticated Stripes

Make the ceiling appear higher with wallpapers with vertical stripes

This bedroom is clad in grey-and-white- striped wallpaper  on two adjacent walls. To complement these walls, our designer utilised dark brown wooden furniture and light brown parquet flooring. Vertical stripes provide the impression that the ceiling is higher than it is. Of course, a bedroom wallpaper with a pattern of repeating vertical lines is a terrific way to make areas appear taller. These patterns might be monochromatic or contain several tones of a single colour.

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6. Understated Neutrals as Bedroom Wallpapers

Hang pendant lights over both sides of the bed to make this wallpaper design interesting

If you are worried about the resale value of your apartment, we believe that a wallpaper is the best option. Neutral colours are the best bets for bedroom wallpapers because they are light on the eyes and give a luxurious and classy look to your bedroom. Talking about fabrics, grasscloths and imitation suedes are on the rise these days and they are especially well suited to colourblind or elderly people. Take style cues from Livspace’s Interior Designers to bring the look home.

7. Wallpaper Decor Ideas for Bedroom #Moody Palms

You can also accompany this wallpaper with beach waves, sand and others

If you’re a fan of seascapes or a tropical ambience, then your bedroom wallpaper round-up is incomplete without a palm leaf print. With this wallpaper, you may instantly transport yourself to a tropical paradise and brighten your mood. Seascapes, palm trees, sands, calm waves and blue skies combine to bring relaxation and tranquillity straight into your bedroom.

8. Wallpaper Decor Ideas for Bedroom #Solid Monochromes

Keep it bold, royal and classy with red monochromes

Monochromes hold a luxury and elegance of their own, as you can see in this bedroom design. The feature wall consists of wooden panelling and coral monochromatic wallpaper. The curtains and sheets have hints of silky white and gold tones to give the bedroom that royal  look as soon as you enter. The marble flooring enhances this royal classical theme.

9. Murals as Bedroom Wallpapers

Mural wallpapers have emerged among the top 10 interior design trends this year

If you enjoy nature and fantasise about waking up in the middle of a forest, then this mural wallpaper inspired by the countryside is a great choice. It will make you feel as if you are one with the natural world. This look is particularly popular in living rooms, study areas, bedrooms and children’s rooms. They’re an excellent example of how to utilise design to tell a story. Books, found objects, flowers and sculptures can all be utilised to create one-of-a-kind vignettes, and putting these groupings together from your favourite stuff is really satisfying!

10. Subtle Geometric Textures

Complement geometric textures with textured furniture and flooring to maintain the flow

For individuals who are obsessed with symmetry, this geometric-patterned wallpaper is the greatest option. If you want a single feature wall in your bedroom, such wallpaper designs for bedroom interiors is a good choice. What’s  more, you get to use any four-colour combinations you like to make the design pop.

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