Designing a wall is more than just a matter of taste; it also takes a significant amount of time and money. Whether you choose gorgeous wallpaper design to cover your wall or an old-fashioned method of painting them, you must make an informed decision. We’ve got you covered if you have any enquiries about selecting an attractive wallpaper design for your house! Let’s start with a look at the many types of wallpapers that are available in Malaysia.

Types of Wallpaper Design Varieties Available in Malaysia

Five types of wallpaper design options are available in Malaysia

1. Paper

This is the most prevalent form of wallpaper among the several sorts. A beautiful design is printed over a paper-based home wallpaper. A top coating to seal the pattern may or may not be present on the sheet. It is less expensive than other forms of wallpaper.

2. Paper-Backed Vinyl

The design is printed on a base paper that has been covered with liquid vinyl. It is wipeable, moisture-resistant and cost-effective.

3. Solid Vinyl 

A solid sheet of vinyl is put over a paper or fabric and the design is printed over the vinyl sheet in this type of wallpaper. This increases the wallpaper’s durability and washability.

4. PVC Wallpapers

Because it is essentially a layer of acrylic sprayed on or coated over a paper substrate, this sort of wallpaper is moisture-resistant and one of the cheapest solutions for walls. 

5. Non-Woven Fabric

This style of wallpaper is made up of either natural or synthetic fibres that give the final pattern a refined look. These wallpapers are simple to apply and remove but they are more expensive than the other varieties.

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Why Wallpaper Design Is a Better Option for Your Home Than Wall Paint?

Wallpapers can be installed within a few minutes

#1: Beautiful wallpaper design can be installed in a matter of minutes. Paint, on the other hand, takes a long time to apply, requires multiple coats and takes a long time to dry.

#2: Unlike wall painting, when you apply wallpaper, your home will not smell or be covered in dust. To apply wallpaper to your walls, you don’t need to move your furniture, cover it with plastic sheets or leave for a day. 

#3: It instantly transforms your home. One beautiful wallpaper design can completely change the look and feel of your space. 

Is Installing Wallpapers Cost-effective?

Wallpapers are primarily used for accent walls

Anything being cost-effective implies that you are receiving your money’s worth. Wallpapers are a cost-effective solution since they are long-lasting, easy to apply. If you use wallpapers only for accent walls, they are less expensive than specialty paints such as texture paint. Remember that whatever wallpaper design you choose, painting the house will always be less expensive.

Advantages of Choosing Wallpapers for Your Home

#1. Wallpapers for Bedroom Make the Room Look Larger

Wallpapers can effectively create the illusion of space

When you have a small space, choosing a neutral wallpaper for bedroom is a smart choice. Lighter colours and subtle patterns as wallpaper design can make a room appear larger than it is. Abstract or dispersed patterns lend a sense of spaciousness to small areas.

2. Wallpaper Design Can Hide Flaws

Textured wallpapers cover all the flaws in the walls

Choose texture if you’re seeking the best wallpaper design for the bedroom. Real and perceived texture can help to conceal wall undulations and architectural defects. This wallpaper for bedroom, for example, hides any possible dents on the wall beautifully with its floral pattern. Paints usually don’t work in this situation. One needs to sand the walls and cover the defects with putty.

3. Wallpapers Set the Tone for the Room

There is a wallpaper design for every mood

One can achieve a minimalist atmosphere by using plain wallpaper or wallpaper with very subtle designs. A colourful wallpaper with geometric patterns or block prints, on the other hand, can instantly make a space feel casual and informal. As a result, it can be claimed that there are different wallpaper design options for different sorts of rooms.

4. Wallpapers Can Make Room Look Taller

Vertical wallpaper design gives the illusion of height

Vertical lines make the ceiling appear higher than it actually is. A wallpaper for bedroom with a pattern of repeating vertical lines, of course, is a great technique to make areas appear taller. These patterns might be monochrome or have several tones of the same colour.

5. Wallpapers Can Segregate Space

Wallpapers are dividers that don’t eat up space

You can use beautiful wallpapers to divide spaces without the necessity of real barriers. They also take up no floor space, unlike dividers.

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Dos and Don’ts of Using Wallpaper Design at Home

Do not let the wallpapers stay exposed to sunlight and moisture for long

1: When exposed to direct sunlight, wallpapers degrade. As a result, avoid placing them on walls that face the sun directly.

2: Don’t use wallpapers for walls that are prone to moisture (such as those in the kitchen, bathroom or outside the home).

3: Wallpaper design isn’t just for the walls. For an eye-catching touch in the home, apply it to embellish ceilings or even furniture pieces.

4: Do you have a limited budget? Use high-quality wallpaper design to draw attention to a single column or nook in the wall. That’s all there is to it!

5: Don’t be scared to experiment with different combinations. For a different form of contrast, combine bold painted walls with neutral hues or fine-print wallpapers.

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