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Wallpaper for wall interiors for home comes in an array of styles and patterns for you to choose from. Be it flower wallpaper styles or something as nuanced as black wallpaper designs, this article covers them all. So, if you’re hoping to explore some new ideas for your wallpaper for home interiors, read on for some beautiful wallpaper for wall design inspiration:

#1: House Wallpaper That Complements Wooden Accents

Cream wallpaper works well with wooden furniture

If you’re a fan of traditional Malay house interior design, chances are that you have a lot of wooden elements in your home. To complement darker shades of wood, you can opt for a neutral wallpaper for wall interiors and add some contrast to your space. Go for shades such as beige and cream for your house wallpaper to tie the look together.

#2: Mint Green Wallpaper for Wall Design

Pastels such as mint green pair well with light shades

Apart from neutrals, you can also opt for pastel shades like light mint green for your house wallpaper. This type of wallpaper for wall design works especially well if you’re going for a more subtle room design.  

#3: Wallpaper for Home Interiors in a Compact Room

Large, spaced out patterns are great for space-optimisation

If you have a small space to work with, you can consider going for large patterns in your wallpaper for home interiors. This is because a wallpaper for wall design in large repetitive patterns tends to make a small space appear bigger. 

#4: Colourful Wallpaper With a Geometric Design

Geometric wallpaper in different colours helps add visual interest to the room

Tired of flat designs in your wallpaper for home interiors? Maybe some colourful wallpaper in geometric patterns can bring some personality to your space. Geometric wallpaper for wall interiors can also make your room appear bigger if the patterns are big and wide. 

Plus, if the rest of your room uses subtle colours, don’t be afraid to play with some colourful wallpaper to make things interesting. 

#5: Country-Style Wallpaper for Kitchens

An affordable option for your kitchen backsplash is to go for wallpaper instead of tiles

Kick things up a notch by introducing some rustic-themed wallpaper for wall surfaces in your kitchen. If you’re tired of tiles or simply don’t have the budget for it, you can use your wallpaper for home interiors in the kitchen.

#6: How About Some Abstract Prints for the Kids’ Bedroom?

Abstract wallpapers are more age-appropriate for kids as their preferences change

Want to give the kids’ room a nice design that they can grow into as they grow up? With abstract wallpaper for wall interiors, you won’t have to worry about changing the design every few years. Try to pick a house wallpaper design that is timeless yet colourful to make the room more engaging for children.

#7: White Wallpaper in an Exposed Brick Design for an Element of Rustic Decor 

Get the look of exposed brick walls with patterned wallpaper

You might think that white wallpaper isn’t as interesting as colourful wallpaper, but we’re here to convince you otherwise. If you love the look of exposed brick walls, you can easily replicate it with a wallpaper for wall surfaces. To get this look, all you need is white wallpaper in a brick pattern, and you’re good to go! 

#8: Can’t Pick Just One Colour? Go for a Set Combination

Add some colour to all-white interiors with some colourful wallpaper options

Committing to one colour for your wallpaper for wall design can be quite the challenge. Instead, why not go for a range of colours that complement each other perfectly? The CMYK colour combination works especially well in all-white interiors. So, if you’re in the market for a beautiful wallpaper design to complement plain interiors, this might be the one for you! 

#9: Mauve Wallpaper for Home Interiors Can Be So Elegant 

Mauve can be a beautiful wallpaper choice too if you select the right shade

Mauve might not be your first choice when it comes to selecting a wallpaper for wall surfaces at home. However, when you have the right shade and design, it turns into a beautiful wallpaper style for your space. Go for a light mauve shade with gold geometric lines running through it for a dash of opulence.  

#10: This One’s for the Lovers of Cubism

Love the cubist movement? Add it to your walls!

Every art movement has its time in the sun. When it comes to your wallpaper for wall design, you can choose to incorporate it into your home. If you’re a fan of Cubism, this beautiful wallpaper pattern is something you don’t want to miss!

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#11: Play With Herringbone Patterns

Play with different designs like the herringbone pattern for a unique look

Popularised in the 1600s, the herringbone style hasn’t gone out of fashion just yet. If you aren’t a fan of large stripes, you can also opt for smaller prints with alternating colour-blocked segments in your wallpaper for wall design.

#12: Flower Wallpaper for a Cottagecore Feel

Floral patterns are reminiscent of the idyllic lifestyle

Take a step into the woods with this lovely cottage-themed wallpaper for wall interiors. Whether you live in the city or not, this flower wallpaper is guaranteed to give you all the cottagecore feels!

#13: You Can Never Go Wrong With a Movie-Themed Wallpaper in the Kids’ Room

No kids’ room is complement without some Disney movie magic

If your child has a favourite movie or a cartoon, you can use it as a wallpaper for wall design. This way, you can bring some movie magic into their space without breaking the bank! 

#14: Add Some Cultural Flavour to Your Space

Represent your culture with a dedicated wallpaper design

Every home has its own distinct style depending on the culture the homeowners belong to. So, why not bring some of this cultural flavour to your wallpaper for wall design too? Go for intricate designer wallpaper or a simple colourful wallpaper to represent your heritage. 

#15: Wallpaper Can Also Double Up as Wall Art 

Use your wallpaper as wall to make your wall design more interesting

Wallpaper for wall design doesn’t end with just application of a wall sticker or wall decal. If you plan it right, you can also turn it into a framed piece of wall art. For a curated look, go for a batten-and-board wall design and add your wallpaper inside each grid.

#16: Frame Your Wallpaper in a Wall Niche for a Clean Look

Add some wallpaper to a wall niche for a framed look

Do you have an existing wall niche that you don’t know what to do with? Here’s a fun idea: use your wallpaper for wall interiors within this niche for a framed look. You can also consider adding LED lights to outline the space.

#17: Try All Neutral Everything 

Notice how all the colours in this room are uniform and complementary

Neutral colours are a great way to create the impression of a larger space. Use shades such as light browns, whites, beige, cream, and grey in your wallpaper for wall surfaces and your room will certainly appear bigger than what it is. What’s more, you can also match your home decor to your wallpaper for a uniform look. 

#18: Get Experimental With Nature Wallpaper

Nothing is more unique than a portrait of animals as your wallpaper

Nature wallpaper comes in a variety of designs and styles as per your preference. You can either go for something floral with vines, or you can try animal-themed wallpaper for wall interiors. Similarly, to avoid making your space look cramped, go for white wallpaper that has a central design to it. 

#19: Go Chic With Black Wallpaper for Your TV Wall 

A simple black wallpaper with gold-framed edges is one way to add sophistication to your space

Black wallpaper for wall interiors is a sure-fire way to give your TV wall a chic edge. Pair this wallpaper with gold accents and rich textures to enhance the theme. 

#20: White and Black Wallpaper for the ‘Serious Ones’ 

Integrating some element of pop-culture into your space is a great way to keep up with the trends

When it’s time to get serious with your wallpaper for wall interiors, there’s no better way to do it than with pop-culture themes. Bring in an element of your personality with some themed white wallpaper from your favourite show.

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#21: Love Nature? Bring Those Themes Into Your Wallpaper

The white wallpaper with green vines complements the wooden dining set perfectly

Another type of nature wallpaper design you can go for is one with plants and vines. This type of wallpaper for wall surfaces is a great addition to any home as it brings in a breath of fresh air! 

#22: A Touch of Luxe With a Stone-Wash-Style Wallpaper

The contrast between the velvet sofa and brown stone wash wallpaper is one for the books!

If you’re a fan of textures, the stone-wash style of wallpaper for wall surfaces is for you. But remember not to overdo your decor and interiors, as this type of wallpaper is a statement on its own. The more elements you use with this wallpaper for wall design, the more cluttered your space may appear. 

#23: Live Like Victorian Royalty With a Floral-Themed Black Wallpaper

Looking for a dark academia themed bedroom? This one’s for you

Victorian wallpaper for wall surfaces works quite well for homes that love to reflect some of that old-world charm. Go for a black wallpaper with floral prints to amplify the feel of opulence in your home. 

#24: Starry Night for the Aspiring Astronomers 

Keep it simple with some stars and a moon for your kid’s wall design

It’s important for kids to dream big, so why not nurture this need with a wallpaper for wall interiors where the sky’s the limit. Go for black wallpaper with small star patterns on them for an astronomical take on design. 

#25: Green With Gold Accents Is a Powerful Pair 

You can play with two different styles of wallpaper for a mix and match theme

Green and gold are a luxurious match for interiors that love the lush life. You can use this combination for your wallpaper for wall design as a whole or with other wallpaper designs. To avoid overpowering the space, be sure to balance out your wallpaper styles evenly. 

#26: Revive Tribal Art and Decor With a Wood-Themed Wallpaper

Add contrast with wood-grain wallpaper that’s a shade different from your furniture

Tribal art might be a niche interest for some, but the beauty it holds is profound. If you’d like to replicate it in your home, ensure your wallpaper for wall interiors has a wood-grain effect. This will give you a rustic base to decorate the rest of your room with.

#27: Keep Things Simple With Minimal Stripes

Simple vertical strips are a minimalist’s best friend

We’ve covered a variety of elaborate wallpaper for wall designs, but sometimes simplicity is key. If minimal interiors are your thing, go for simple striped white wallpaper. 

#28: Go for Subtle Colours and Patterns for the Study

Make sure your study room wallpaper is simple to keep distractions at bay

Home offices and study areas are best kept minimal to avoid distractions while working. Subtle colours like grey with simple patterns that aren’t attention-grabbing work best for this type of wallpaper for wall design.

#29: The Bold and the Beautiful Wallpaper

Blue is a common fan-favourite in Malaysia, and we can see why

If darker themes are to your liking, you can also try your hand at blue shades in your wallpaper for wall surfaces. Flower wallpaper with a dark background would work just as well to bring more visual interest to the room.

#30: Don’t Be Afraid to Chase Intricate Patterns

Choose a detailed wallpaper design that can serve as a feature wall

Are bold patterns with lots of detailing something you see yourself looking for? If yes, this wallpaper for wall interiors will leave you smitten! However, only use this in areas where minimal design is followed, as it can lead to a lot of visual clutter in densely decorated rooms. 

#31: Purple – The Colour of Aristocracy 

Indulge in luxury with purple for your wall interiors

Known to be a colour synonymous with regality, purple is another strong choice for wallpaper for wall interiors. Take a cue from history and drape your walls in rich shades of purple and cream. 

#32: There’s a Geology Themed Option Too!

Infuse your love for rocks and crystals into your wall design

If collecting crystals is your thing, this wallpaper for wall surfaces deserves to make it to your home. With a look akin to agate crystals, this wallpaper design is a must-have for crystal lovers. 

#33: Customise Your Wallpaper to Look Like a Hand-Painted Mural 

Get your favourite photo or artwork customised as wallpaper for a curated look

Mural walls are a great way to showcase your taste in art, but getting it professionally done can be time-consuming. Instead, customised wallpaper for wall interiors is your second-best option. Pick out your favourite design and print it out as a wallpaper. Your walls will thank you later! 

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