As interior designers, we have come across many beautiful homes. However, a house only qualifies as beautiful when it captures both the characters of the people who live in it and the essence of the community in which it is situated. Siti Asmah’s 4-room BTO interior design Hougang falls under this category. 

We contacted interior designer Kayle, who brought this magnificent 4-room BTO interior design Hougang to life, to find out how she went about creating the appearance. She began by expressing how much she enjoyed designing this house because the clients offered her complete creative freedom to demonstrate his knowledge and abilities. Interestingly, Siti’s 4-room BTO interior design in Hougang, Singapore is also an eczema-friendly home design as their daughter has eczema.

Let’s hear Kayle’s thoughts on this stunning modern 4-room BTO design Hougang.


Who livs here: Father and mother with their three kids

Location: Hougang 

Design team: Interior designer Kayle, business manager Shim

Livspace service: Foyer/Living/Kitchen/Yard/Bathrooms/Bedrooms

Area of house: 90 sqm

Budget: $$$$



To design a home that is cosy and practical, with the right notes of modern and contemporary influences

What we loved
Simple open concept kitchen and a big platform in master bedroom

Look out for
Eczema-friendly interior design with vinyl flooring and alkali filter

Biggest Indulgence
Use of Singapore Green Label products to create an eczema-friendly environment at home

Smart Buy
The carpentry

Livspace Team: What Was Your Vision and Inspiration for This 4-Room BTO Interior Design Singapore?

Interior designer Kayle: The main idea behind the design of this home was to keep it minimalist and modern. The homeowners asked us to keep this home very basic and not to add too many stylish accents to it. So I came up with a modern and contemporary design for this home with the dominance of minimalism.

The home was designed for a family with three kids and hence, various measures were taken to keep the design child-friendly. They wanted to have a cosy BTO interior design in Hougang where they can relax when they’re back home after a long day, and we tried to give them exactly what they wanted.

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4-room-bto-interior-design-singapore-living room
Minimalistic living room with a simple couch and TV unit
4-room-bto-interior-design-singapore-open layout kitchen
The open layout kitchen helps the family to enjoy their meals together

Explain the Design Concept and Materials Used in This BTO 4-Room Flat Interior Design in Hougang.

If I have to describe the concept and materials of this home in one word, I’d go for contemporary and Green :Labelled products. The homeowners wanted their home to be minimally modern and contemporary with a hotel-like vibe. Have a look at the living room which just comprises a three-seater sofa and a simple TV unit. It’s minimalist yet efficient!

We spent a lot of time understanding the colours and materials that the homeowners wanted to use in their modern 4-room BTO design. I remember sitting down with them for six hours just to choose colours and materials. Their main concern was to install Green Label Products in their home to make it sustainable and child-friendly. We also installed vinyl flooring throughout the house instead of tiles to make it an eczema-friendly home design. 

We also chose different laminate colours to create contrast in the kitchen, living room and bathrooms. The dark grey wardrobe in the foyer creates contrast with neutral wall colours and also makes the space storage-intensive. The golden handles on the blue kitchen cabinet and golden faucets impart a luxe look to the kitchen. Another interesting decision was to install glass shelves in the bathroom for the contemporary touch. You can also see that we placed plants almost in every corner of the home to give it a green ambience.

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Blue cabinets provide a good contrast between neutral walls and backsplashes
The bathroom mirror is backlit by LED lights for a pleasant glow
Golden faucets against neutral white backgrounds look classy
Smart mirror with temperature and time align you with modern trend

Which Was the Most Exciting Space To Design?

Though I enjoyed designing the entire home, I’d like to pick the master bedroom as my favourite. The homeowners wanted their bedroom to be a versatile space where they can ammodate themselves with their kids, and also to grow and adapt as their kids grow up. That’s why we didn’t include much built-in furniture in this modern 4-room BTO interior design. We kept it plain and simple with a bed and handleless white-coloured wardrobes.

The bed rests on a big platform in the master bedroom so that the entire family can sit together and enjoy family time. This master bedroom is high on storage as well. We replaced the night stand with a counter with storage cabinets where the couple can keep items of their necessity. In the corridor next to the master bedroom, there is a vanity unit with a wall-mounted mirror. We installed spotlights on the ceiling to give optimal focused lighting to the vanity area and the corridor. The master bathroom is attached to the master bedroom. 

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The master bedroom is a versatile space that can be modified in the future, based on the family’s needs
Storage-intensive cabinets in the bedroom are a good idea for a big family
Dedicate a separate space to bedroom vanity with focus spotlights

Please Highlight a Unique Aspect of the Project.

In a house with three kids, a couple always needs materials that are durable and easy to maintain. Keeping this in mind, we installed laminates in the kitchen to keep the look more natural and clean. We also used mirrors in the bathroom extensively to give it an illusion of space. 

Use laminates in kitchen for easier maintenance and higher durability
Use wide/full-length wall-mounted mirror in bathroom to make them look spacious

What Was a Smart Buy for the Home? 

Everything in this home is a smart buy and I’d like to appreciate the vision of the homeowners which fit exactly within their budget. But if I have to choose one, I’d say flooring. Flooring is yet another interesting aspect of this 4-room BTO design in Hougang, Singapore. Instead of installing tiles, we selected vinyl flooring for this eczema-friendly home design including the alkali water filter. 

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Use vinyl flooring instead of tiles for eczema-friendly home design
Using vinyl flooring in kitchen is a budget-friendly option

What Was One Thing That You Splurged on in This Home? 

They did not really splurge on anything an were clear from the beginning about keeping their home design very basic, cosy and comfortable. They had a limited budget in their mind and they chose materials and the concepts based on that budget. 

A very basic, cosy and comfortable home design where you can unwind
Use handleless wardrobe designs and a bed on the platform to keep  it simple yet storage-intensive

What Did You Enjoy the Most About This Project? 

I loved the overall designing process of this house. The best part was meeting with the client and the way they trusted Livspace to create their house. I was very happy with their involvement in designing the house and how precise they were with their choices. They gave me freedom to design the house the way I suggested, while keeping their needs in mind.  They asked me to take my time with renovation as there was a manpower restriction during the Covid period. I really enjoyed working with the family.

A cosy, comfortable and child-friendly home design for a family of five

How Different Was This BTO 4-Room Flat Interior Design Hougang to the Other Projects That You Have Done?

All projects are different for me. Every homeowner has different needs and requirements when it comes to creating a dream house of their own. This cosy Hougang BTO interior design was more about comfort and basic needs. They needed a versatile place which can be modified based on the needs of their growing kids as well as a place where they can relax after a long day.

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The grey door at the foyer gives home a spacious look and gives it a unique touch

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