A 4-room HDB floor plan is the ideal choice for young couples, especially ones with children. Quite spacious in nature, 4-room HDBs come with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living/dining area, a kitchen, a service yard and a household shelter. At Livspace, we have designed multiple 4-room BTO floor plans that are both unique and stunning. Get ready to see these 10 4-room HDB design ideas and be inspired.

#1: A 4-Room HDB With a Soft and Classy Bedroom Floor Plan

The wardrobe is the showstopper in this bedroom

This 4-room BTO has a bedroom floor plan that features a serene colour palette. Additionally, here are the reasons it stands out:

  • Compact bedside table carved out of the wardrobe
  • Handleless wardrobe with lofts for a seamless look

Check out the rest of the HDB 4-room flat floor plan here.

#2: An Open 4-Room Flat Layout for a Young Couple

Tour the entire 4-room HDB here

One of the biggest advantages of a 4-room HDB floor plan with an open layout is that it maximises space and allows free movement. Apart from the open layout, here are the elements that make this living room stand out:

  • Bar counter that doubles as a dining table and a workstation
  • The pop of blue from the TV unit wall

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#3: A 4-Room HDB With a Scandinavian-Style Bedroom

Cosy, Scandi vibes in this simple bedroom

Although the bedroom floor plan of this 4-room HDB is quite simple, it’s striking. Here’s what adds to the serenity:

  • All-white Scandi bedroom with rattan-shuttered wardrobe for warmth
  • Sliding mirrored door that leads to the bathroom

Check out this Scandinavian-style HDB.

#4: One With Dark Wood Finishes and a Clutter-Free Dining Room

The Bob Marley poster echoes the homeowner’s love for music

While most bachelor pads might be messy and unorganised, this 4-room HDB floor plan is clean and clutter-free. Discover the exceptional qualities that give this dining room its edge:

  • The dark wood and green theme gives a forest-like vibe
  • Handleless, wall-to-wall storage

Check out the entire Bohemian bachelor pad here.

#5: A 4-Room HDB Floor Plan Accommodating a Dining Set

Check out the entire home here

One of the most notable aspects of this home is that our designer changed the original 4-room HDB floor plan to accommodate the dining set. Some of the other unique features include:

  • A dining room enclosed within sliding wooden panels
  • A stunning chandelier

#6: A 4-Room Flat Layout With a Mint Blue Kitchen

Tour the complete 4-room HDB

The kitchen in this 4-room BTO floor plan went through a massive transformation. From dark and dull, this kitchen is now a bright and open space. Here’s why we love this kitchen design:

  • Light-wood laminate kitchen cabinets and white quartz countertop
  • Light-blue lacquered glass backsplash

#7: The 4-Room HDB Bedroom Floor Plan in Soft Neutrals

A lovely combination of beige, grey and dusty pink

This bedroom is reminiscent of a warm and cosy hotel room. However, apart from the look, it has multiple other remarkable features:

  • Wooden handles that make the wardrobe stand out
  • Minimal pendant lights

Tour the entire HDB floor plan here.

#8: A HDB BTO 4-Room Floor Plan With the Right Furniture Pieces

Join us for a tour of this 4-room HDB floor plan

While this living room is quite compact, it looks bright, spacious and airy due to the right choice of colours and furniture. Here are some key takeaways from this living room:

  • All-white walls and furniture maximises the natural light flowing in
  • Sleek, wall-mounted TV unit saves space

#9: A 4-Room HDB With a Budget Kitchen Reno

Tour the entire home here

This contemporary-style kitchen exudes elegance. Apart from being gorgeous, it’s also cost-effective! Here are the best features to look out for:

  • Economical laminate cabinets
  • Existing storeroom and tall unit were removed to open up the space

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#10: Minimalistic Vibes in This 4-Room HDB Living Room

The living and dining areas look seamless due to the beige colour theme

The choice of beige as the primary colour creates an uncluttered and open look for this living room. Additionally, here are the features that make this area an unforgettable one:

  • Light wood furniture maximises the natural light flowing in
  • Maximum storage

Check out the entire home here.

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