5-room BTOs are quite popular in Singapore as they offer more living space, are more family-oriented and affordable. 5-room BTO floor plans often include features like larger bedrooms, spacious living areas, and versatile layouts, making them ideal for growing families and individuals who desire ample space. Here’s a quick glimpse into 5-room BTO floor plan ideas to try for your space.

#1: 446A Bukit Bakot West Avenue 5-Room HDB Floor Plan

This 446A Bukit Batok West Avenue home is a good choice for multi-generational families because of its amenities

A 5-room floor plan must include a bomb shelter (mentioned as household shelter in the floor plan) according to HDB rules and regulations. This 446A Batok Bukit West Avenue has three bedrooms, a spacious living and dining area and even a suggested area for study.

In fact, if you want to increase floor space, you can keep the living, dining and kitchen area open.

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#2: Fernvale Punggol 5-Bedroom BTO Floor Plan

This Fernvale Punggol 5-bedroom BTO lets you visualise your dream home with furniture

Want a 5-room BTO floor plan with furniture to help visualise your dream space better? Here it is! Three bedrooms next to each other, two baths, a household shelter, an open living/dining with study, a parallel kitchen with an extra countertop (island) space.

A parallel or a galley kitchen is the best way to utilise narrow space, while giving your family enough countertop space to cook simultaneously! A service yard is like a service balcony with additional space for laundry, utility, and storage.

#3: Sembawang Crescent 5-Room Flat Layout

This Sembawang Crescent home comes with two balconies, perfect for the balcony lovers

Want a 5-room HDB floor plan with balconies? This 5rm BTO floor plan has two!

One balcony is for the views and the family time. Whereas, the other is a service balcony that’s quite useful for laundry, storage, or utility.

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#4: Sembawang 5-Room Improved HDB Floor Plan

This Sembawang 5-bedroom home is slightly different from the previous one: it’s more compact

More compact and lacking the area for a study, this 5-room BTO floor plan again has two balconies. One for utility, and one for the perfect ‘patio’ time.

This 5-room flat layout comprises two baths, three bedrooms, a pantry/household shelter, a spacious kitchen, and an open living and dining area.

#5: Forest Woods Residences 5-Room BTO Floor Plan

This Forest Woods Residences 5-room BTO floor plan has private enclosed space (PES) for outdoor patio unit

Fancy an outdoor patio unit? This 5-room BTO floor plan in Forest Woods Residences comes with one!

The kitchen is a little compact and best suited as a galley/parallel layout to utilise the most space. Moreover, the HDB 5i room flat floor plan has one more balcony to ensure that the air circulation remains great throughout your home.

#6: 5-Room BTO Floor Plan in Tampines: Visualised

Here’s a 5-room BTO floor plan that has been visualised with a video tour of its interiors to help you understand what your home can look like.

This Tampines 5-room HDB floor plan also has an in-built wardrobe for all the Marie Kondo lovers out there. Tour the home here.

Why Is a Good 5-Room BTO Floor Plan Important?

Your home is as good as your floor plan. That’s because your floor plan determines your home’s flow. Flow is a crucial interior design attribute that can’t be quantified, but can definitely be felt. In layman’s terms, flow indicates how easily you can move through your house.

  • 5-room HDB floor plans are best for three generations, as they have three bedrooms
  • In fact, HDB 5-room flat layouts allow more customisation options
  • The extra room can be converted to a gym, a home office, or a study
  • These homes also have a higher resale value

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