Are you wondering what would be the perfect combination of fun-and-classy for home interiors? While designing a girl’s bedroom, satisfying both the adult’s preferences and the kid’s aesthetics can become a challenging task. Don’t fret! We are here to help you design a girl’s room that stays practical for years to come. While there are a lot of girls room ideas that you can borrow from the Internet, we are here to give you the best of the lot.

If you have a little girl running about, you can plan out a design that is around a theme like her favourite cartoon character or movie. Storytelling with interiors will make the space even more enjoyable for them.

While pink is a favourite among girls, design a room that goes beyond colours without compromising on that fairytale feel. Take a look at how you can incorporate elements in a girls bedroom design that are timeless for a girl of any age.

#1: Keep calm and find the right bed and bedding

bed-bedding-side tables-wardrobes
Incorporate their favourite colour with bedding and pillows

The real key to a long lasting bedroom design is the bed. Once your kid has outgrown a crib, you can opt for a full size bed to avoid making another purchase a few years later. However, you don’t have to compromise on the decor with this.

We recommend letting your kid select the colours for their bed sheet and pillows as it makes them feel like a part of the process while you remain in control of the material and price.

For these girls room ideas, the bedroom features a bed and set of nightstands that are similar to the ones in the master bedroom. Moreover, the bedding is pastel pink with black and white pillows.

#2: Light it up with the right lighting

Warm lighting is a good idea

Apart from the overhead lighting in your kid’s room, make sure to install night lights near their bed and desk lamps at their study units. We suggest selecting these in colours like black or white that can go with any bedroom theme. However, you can always mix and match to create a variety of lighting options.

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#3: Make it work harder with multipurpose furniture

Girls room ideas-study and vanity desk-wardrobe designs
A sleek study desk that doubles up as a vanity unit

Growing up entails prioritising your space according to your needs. However, as a parent you can opt for furniture that can be used in a number of ways. Here, we have designed this room that is perfect for a teenage girl. It has a study cum vanity unit. Moreover, it bridges two wardrobes and flauntsin-built bookshelves that can also be used as storage cubbies later on and drawers with a jewelry display on one end. This minimal yet functional design will let your daughter use the space any way she likes.

#4: Go high on functionality and storage

Girls room ideas-table chair-wardrobe-pink walls
These two-toned wardrobes are the perfect storage solution for all ages

Children are usually less concerned with storage spaces in their room. So it’s up to you to find storage solutions that are functional yet pleasing to look at. Generally, you would not need plenty of storage to start off with. Maybe a set of chest of drawers or a single cabinet will do the trick. However, you can consider installing a full wall wardrobe that can not only store baby clothes but also, toys for the time being. This also works out well as she grows up too!

#5: Go all in with fun wall treatments

Girls room ideas-wallpaper-themes-grey bed-yellow bedroom
A colour mix of colours for a fun bedroom theme

Picking out colours for your kid’s bedroom can be a tricky task. If your kid is not old enough to have a preference we suggest incorporating a variety of colours in a subtle pastel shade for girls room ideas. For practicality reasons, you can also pick white so that you find it easier to paint once a colour becomes favourable a few years down the line.

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#6: It’s all about decor sometimes

white bed-green wall-pink decor
Pick out furnishing in their favourite colour

Decor is a great way to make children add their mark to the room. You and your little one can pick out curtains, wall art, soft furnishings, planters, chairs etc. However, if you are looking for inspiration, think subtle and dainty trimmings on curtains, tassels on soft furnishing, elegant patterns on storage units. You can also furnish the room with a full length mirror, a laundry basket, seating and more for a girls room.

#7: Experiment with unique themes

A cute canopy-style bed for the girl

If you look at some teenage girl room ideas 2021, you will notice a lot of themes going on out there. It’s always good to work with a theme when designing for kids. This way they can give their inputs on what they want and you can play it up from there. You can try a Scandinavian theme or an Industrial one, depending on what they like. For girls room ideas we also love this cute canopy-style addition on the bed or play area.

#8: Look up at the ceiling

Backlit cloud-themed ceiling design for a dreamy look

When you are working with girls bedroom ideas for small rooms, it is good to add details that will shift the gaze upwards. For this, we suggest you go for a striking ceiling design like this one. Think clouds, stars, moon, sun and so on. You can literally have an entire sky designed up there, so your girl sleeps under the sky every night!

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#9: Carve out a space for homework

Space optimisation at its best with a suspended study table

No matter what the design or size of the bedroom, we suggest you take out some space for the girls for their studies and homework. From compact study tables to slightly spacious ones, there are many study corners you can carve out. If you are too low on space, try getting a suspended study table design like this one that has open shelves for storage.

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#10: Add in extra storage

Make best use of space with open shelves between wardrobes

A little extra storage space does not hurt anyone. When you are deciding on the amount of storage your girl needs, you should take into consideration that she will eventually have a lot of things to keep. From clothes to books and toys, she should have dedicated storage for everything.

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