It’s that time of the year again where “new year, new me” hashtags bombard our social media feeds. But of course, they’re always followed up by a big transformation we’ve made, or are looking to make in the new year. So, how about we take a look at some of the best kitchen makeovers of 2022 in Singapore, to get our creativity flowing.

Here are 5 amazing kitchen transformations from Livspace HDBs that you just can’t miss:

1. We Gave This Old Kitchen at Oleander Breeze a Seamless Upgrade

Create smooth surfaces by going seamless with your cabinets

Though handles offer convenience, they might not always be the most aesthetic addition to your kitchen. In fact, they can even run the risk of making your cabinets look a bit bulky. So, what do you do when you’re looking to try something new with your HDB kitchen? You go ✨seamless✨, of course!

The pop of orange brought in by the bar stools adds perfect contrast to the space

Livspace designer Eleonora spun her magic on this kitchen by transforming it from dull and outdated to a modern wonder. She did this by ditching the old base cabinets for chic modern shades like white and grey. Moreover, the new cabinets have seamless profiles, giving them a cleaner look.

2. Updating the Cabinets (and Floors!) Provided Maximum Functionality in This Kitchen

Never fear slipping in the kitchen again with non-slip homogeneous floor tiles

Upgrading your kitchen cabinets is probably a no-brainer when it comes to renovating your HDB or condo. After all, older flats might not be able to keep up with modern tastes and preferences. However, there’s something else that’s just as important as your cabinets. This, of course, is none other than your flooring.

You want durable floors that can stand the test of time while also being accident-free for you and your family. Here’s where homogeneous tiles can be a great investment.

The gold accents on the breakfast bar unit add a touch of sophistication to this space

Our designer Nurshafiqah swapped out the old kitchen floors for some handy homogeneous tiles that can withstand heavy-duty use. In fact, these tiles are great additions to multigenerational homes that acommodate both kids and the elderly. Why? Because of their anti-slip qualities!

3. Love What You Saw at an IKEA Booth? We Can Get You the Same Look at Home

Going for that country chic look? Don’t forget to get some framed cabinet fronts

Picture this: you’re at IKEA, and you’re this (🤏🏼) close to moving into one of their booths because of how organised and well-designed they are. Though we completely relate to how you feel, it might not be the most ideal (or legal) way to show your appreciation. Instead, you can just call us to help you recreate the look at home!

To deck up this kitchen reno, Livspace designer Erin uses nothing but clever design, and some classic IKEA products. What’s more interesting is the fact that she was even able to throw in a kitchen island in this galley kitchen! We love a resourceful ID, don’t you? 😉

4. From Dull and Dreary to a Bright and Airy Open Space

Hacking away your kitchen wall can be a blessing in disguise when you’re low on space

With great change comes great opportunity. And this couldn’t be more true with respect to your kitchen reno. In fact, sometimes all it takes is a little hacking to turn your space into something beautiful. Notice how dull and dreary the kitchen initially looked? 😬

With one fell swoop of the kitchen wall, we were able to open up the space and give it a new lease on life. And of course, no kitchen makeover is complete without some accessories. So, that’s exactly we added to this kitchen! Take the full tour of the home to see the cosy little breakfast counter we threw into this open kitchen layout.

5. Can You Tell That This Kitchen is 38 Years Old? That’s the Power of a Livspace Reno! 

Simple doesn’t have to mean boring, if you get creative with your floors and backsplash

Age is a powerful thing. And when it comes to your kitchen, it definitely does show in ways that are much worse than a few fine lines and grey strands.

So, how did Livspace designer Stephanie Ng help this family of chefs manage this ordeal? Let’s just say she took a chance on creativity and the rest was history. Be sure to pay close attention to the grout lines between the subway tiles. 🔍

Add some interest to your plain subway tiles by colouring their grout lines

We’ve used a splash of orange in them to match the backsplash and terrazzo floors. Leave it to our Livspace designers to add a fun twist to even the simplest of designs!

Check out this HDB:

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