With bigger cities, come smaller apartments. Thus, smart design becomes an essential part of house interiors. TV feature walls can easily assume the focal point of the room. In most Condos or HDB’s, this can present as a problem given that most homeowners want a stylish focal point and can often lack the appropriate space to envision it. Thus, we have compiled a few  ideas for TV feature wall designs that can easily make your space appear larger just with a couple of changes. Are you ready to get them? Here we go!

#1: Grace a Spacious Look with Neutral TV Feature Walls

Get side cabinets in the same colour palette so they  blend with  the background

Neutrals and whites have become a cult classic when it comes to choosing dominant colours in the home. TV feature walls that use neutral colours are often viewed as more spacious and airy. White, especially, lends a chic look to feature walls. 

#2: Blend Patterns on Your TV Feature Walls  

The vertical strips on this TV feature wall visually raises the height of the room

Playing with patterns is about playing with the eyes of the viewer. If done correctly, it can easily add the illusion of space to  your room. Stripes or geometric shapes can easily be used to lengthen or widen a room. Using them on TV feature walls will have the same effect and since feature walls are the focal points of any room, they  can have an overall impact on how the room itself is viewed. 

#3: Flaunt Luxe and Modern TV Feature Walls

Marble backsplashes add sophistication, and are easy to clean

If having luxe interiors is your goal, then a TV feature wall should exude the same. Glossy marble-finish laminate and its reflective finish  adds space to the room with its neutral pallet. The floating unit saves floor space too.

#4: Conceal Storage With Shuttered TV Feature Walls

Slide the door conveniently to reveal the TV unit

How about hiding away your TV unit behind sliding panels? Believe us, shuttered TV feature walls are a wonderful way to add space and storage, along with style, to your living room. Opt for a sleek design and you can add pattern, wallpaper or colour to make it stand out.

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#5: Add Dimension to TV Feature Walls with Texture

Use wooden panelling to create a natural accent

Adding textures such as wooden panelling on TV feature walls is a great way to accentuate an otherwise plain space. Want to know what else it does? It adds dimension to the living room, creating an illusion of space. Hence, it can easily make your space look extensive.

#6: Don’t Go Bold With Your TV Feature Walls

Use a darker shade of the same colour palette to make the accent more natural

Looking to create a natural accent so that your space appears bigger? The best way is to shape your colour palette to create a natural looking accent on the TV feature wall design. This will help the wall to stand out in a subtle way.

#7: Use Right Lighting on TV Feature Walls

Recessed lights provide ample lighting with style to the space

Not only is this living room bathed in a neutral palette that’s proven to be space enhancing, but it also  has ample lighting that adds on to making the space bigger. The recessed lighting behind the floating modular TV unit aptly lights up the room, and  eliminates dingy shadows as well. This works in favour of making the room larger.

#8: Play with Colour Depth Perception of Feature Walls

Copy of 231 AMK Terrence 004 1
Blue creates depth while contrasting white which appears expansive

This is a general idea that can be used to make your living room appear larger easily. Use the juxtaposition of light and dark colours as the darker hues accentuate the lighter hues making the living room look more expansive. Place the two hues carefully to allow this contrast to emerge in full effect.  

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#9: Consider Monochromes for Imposing TV Feature Walls

Use monochrome pallet and its darker hues to create desired accent

Want to stick to monochromes? For a smaller living room, this might actually make the space look bigger. Monochromes often seem restricting however, if placed with the right accents, they  can actually make for interesting TV feature walls while making the space appear larger. 

#10: Keep Reflective Elements to Create Illusion of a Bigger Space

 Notice how the mirror on the left wall makes the space appear larger

Adding reflective elements is a great way to add depth and dimension to your room, which then also makes your TV feature wall design appear larger. As you can see, this feature wall design has gold trims with a mirror wall right beside it which instantly makes the space appear larger. 

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