Bomb shelter designs have been a compulsory feature in all Singapore flats since 1997. This is mainly to protect people during emergencies. After all, one cannot predict when a war starts, so it is always best to be prepared for contingencies. But, when it comes to the overall look, there is no question that a bomb shelter door with its oval vent ruins the aesthetic of your home.

Bomb shelter designs typically comprise a room about 2.5 metres high with around 4.8 square metres of space. This room comes with an airtight door, a vent and a rubber gasket around the door to seal it. As far as the rules regarding bomb shelter designs go, one cannot drill the walls, floors, ceiling or the door, or make any modifications to the door and vents. 

However, don’t let the rigid rules get you down. They don’t have to stop you from decorating your bomb shelter from the outside. Wondering how exactly to go about this? Here’s where we come in! We’d like to show you how to conceal your bomb shelter door in a way that works well with your home interiors. So let’s get started. Check out these six ideas on how to successfully camouflage a bomb shelter in Singapore:

#1: Build Around the Bomb Shelter Door

bomb shelter designs-wooden swing door-display shelf
Conceal your bomb shelter door with a display shelf

There is no permit required if you choose to build, create or place anything on the external wall of the bomb shelter. That gives you the opportunity to add shelves, mount cabinets, create a display case and get creative with your bomb shelter or maid room design in Singapore. 

Just make sure that the door to your HDB bomb shelter design is easily accessible. The shelf or the storage unit can be a swing door or a sliding door that is easy to move in case of emergencies. Check out this Livspace home to see how you can recreate some real bomb shelter designs in your home.

Similarly, you can also use this space as a combination bomb shelter maid room design. If you have no other use for your bomb shelter designs, you can convert them to your helper’s quarters. But also note that it might not be safe for sleeping due to the lack of ventilation. While it can be used as a short-term resting area, it might not be ideal as a full-time bedroom.

#2: Use a Traditional Trapdoor-Style Bookshelf

bomb shelter designs-white bookshelf-arch door
A movie-inspired trapdoor is a creative way to conceal your bomb shelter

They are a common feature in those edge-of-the-seat thrillers — trapdoors that led to a secret lair or an escape route. And, usually, they open with a switch behind a bookshelf or by moving a book that serves as the trigger. This cool idea can inspire bomb shelter designs too! 

In essence, you’re hiding away — like in the movies. It is like a safe house within your home. The design doesn’t necessarily have to be a bookshelf; it can also be a display unit, storage or a wardrobe to successfully hide your bomb shelter.

#3: Make it a Part of Your Interior Design Style

bomb shelter designs-accent wall design-wood finish wallpaper
Use a rustic-style wallpaper to help it blend into the interiors

Another brilliant inspiration for bomb shelter designs is wall design! Check out this bomb shelter that uses a rustic wallpaper theme to blend the bomb shelter door with the interiors. This is a smart way to make your bomb shelter or maid room design a part of your home in Singapore.

 Also, you can use wooden rafters, exposed brick wallpapers or similar designs to bring a retro-industrial feel to your home. There are a myriad of ideas to choose from and only your imagination is the limit here.

#4: Get Creative with Blackboard-Inspired Entry

bomb shelter designs-blackboard
Here’s one bomb shelter or maid room design in Singapore that nobody would know about

A sliding door in front of an HDB bomb shelter design is a great space-saving measure. You don’t have to worry about leaving room for the swinging of the door while decorating your space around it. This brilliant HDB bomb shelter design uses a blackboard theme to add a touch of quirky decor to the design. 

Adjacent to the kitchen, it makes for an easy-to-use grocery planner, an art centre for kids as well as letting your creative skills takeover. You could choose to change the art when inspiration strikes. Also, you can use your bomb shelter as additional pantry space. If an emergency arises, you’ll be stocked well, just in case.

#5: Part of the Wallpaper

bomb shelter designs-green wallpaper-grass patterns
All covered up in quirky wallpapers

Wallpapers are the most common way in which homeowners hide their bomb shelter designs. This is very cost-effective and doesn’t require extensive planning and work. Simply use an exciting pattern to cover the wall and the door, and voila! Your guests won’t know where the door is. 

This simple solution is also a great way to bring colour and pattern to your HDB interiors. In the picture above, the grassy pattern of the wallpaper gives the home a refreshing vibe.

#6: Keep it Minimal by Painting the Door

bomb shelter designs-black-painted door-wall clock
Want to hide the vent? Use a bomb shelter ventilation cover clock 

If you love all things minimal, then painting your bomb shelter door the colour of your choice is the best way to go. You can try to hide it by painting the door the same colour as your walls or choose a contrasting colour. Make the door seem like one that simply leads to another room in your house.  

Now that you know how to hide the door of your bomb shelter designs, you might be curious about the vent. Wondering how to conceal the vent in your bomb shelter designs? Just use a bomb shelter ventilation cover clock! You can either use some decor on the wall, a wall clock or coat hangers to hide the vent.

Bomb shelters are usually vacant spaces used only during emergencies. But you can use it any way you’d like to as well. However, ensure that you follow the rules when you utilise this space. Do not tamper, destroy or modify it extensively.

Tips to Effectively Use Your HDB Bomb Shelter Designs:

  • Use it as a storage space
  • Convert it into a reading corner
  • Transform it into a maid’s room
  • Create a personal fitness zone
  • Use it as a walk-in wardrobe

How Can Livspace Help You?

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