If you’re moving into a long-term home, you’re probably looking for good furniture options to invest in. During this period, you might find that there are a multitude of options to choose from that can leave you quite overwhelmed. Do you go for fully built-in wardrobes or will simple moveable units suffice? Ahead of making any concrete decisions, it’s good to know the basics about your options so you can make a well-informed decision. And when it comes to built-in furniture, there are a few things worth knowing before taking the plunge. So let’s get into them! 

Before we get to the advantages of built-in wardrobes, here are a few frequently asked questions you might be curious about:

#1: What is a Fitted Wardrobe / Wardrobe Built-in Design?

A wardrobe built-in design can help maximise space and increase storage

Built-in wardrobes, or fitted wardrobes, by definition, are integrated closets custom-designed for your space. They fit into your bedroom and cannot be moved once fixed. So in simple terms, a built-in wardrobe is literally built into your wall cavity and fitted to the exact dimensions of the space there.

#2: Do Built-in Wardrobes Increase Resale Value?

Customise your wardrobe doors with different handles and finishes

While a built-in cupboard or fitted wardrobes can maximise the amount of space in your home, it can also simultaneously reduce the home’s resale value. After all, the new homeowners might feel that they prefer to remove the built-ins.

However, this doesn’t mean that all built-in furniture diminishes the value of your property either. In some cases, up-to-date renovations can fetch you a higher sale price, but that also depends on the nature of changes you’ve made.

Use wood and beige finishes for a clean homely aesthetic

For prospective buyers to invest in a home with built-in furniture, they will need to be sure that they like the general design of the fixed units. If they do not, it would cost higher amounts of money to revamp it, making it an expensive buy. Whether you go for a built-in cabinet in the bedroom or a custom-made wardrobe for your Singapore home, be sure its design has long-term functional value.

#3: Are Built-in Wardrobes Better Than Standalone?

You can even choose seamless wardrobes for a sleek minimal look

With free-standing and pre-built wardrobes, the caveat is that it may not fit your room perfectly, or that there’s not enough storage space. At the same time, they’re less likely to cater to your custom storage needs since they’re mass-produced. On the contrary, standalone wardrobes also have their advantages, since they’re relatively cheaper and easier to carry and install. The same would not be possible with a built-in cupboard.

If you want to try something new, go for textured wardrobe doors

It also gives you the option of choosing from a wide variety of designs. If storage and customisation is what you’re looking for in a wardrobe, then you must go for a built-in cabinet for the bedroom.

Built-in Wardrobe vs Closet

Functionally, both these storage units serve the same purpose. Similar to built-in wardrobes, a closet is also built into your room and is typically not a freestanding unit. Based on the amount of space you have to work with, you can also make either a wardrobe or a closet a walk-in area.

#4: What Should You Look Out for When Planning Your Built-in Wardrobe?

No matter the space you have, you can still create a storage-intensive built-in unit

If you’re thinking about how much you have to spend on fitted wardrobes, there are a few things you should be vary of and keep in mind. This will help you make an informed decision and know what you’re spending on. 

The cost of built-in wardrobes is usually determined by its size, construction, configuration and the material used. Even its colour can affect the cost of your wardrobe.

#5: What are the Advantages of Getting Built-in Wardrobes?

While you might feel that built-in wardrobes are a big commitment, these benefits might help change your mind.

They are Highly Customisable

Go for two-toned palettes to add a pop of colour to your built-in units

Since you are going to be fitting this wardrobe in your bedroom from scratch, you have full freedom to customise it according to your needs. You can go beyond the cookie-cutter shelves and accessories and add extra rods, hangers and so on. This is difficult to get with freestanding wardrobes since they are readymade and you will have to pick from whatever options are available.

Built-in Wardrobes are Designed to Fit in Your Space

Matte-finish wardrobe doors are great for modern interiors

When you go shopping for a freestanding wardrobe, you have to keep all your room measurements in mind. You have to think about the height and width of the space where you want to keep your wardrobe. But with a wardrobe built-in design, you can get one made according to the dimensions of the space.

Pro Tip

Mirror-finish wardrobes can create the illusion of space in compact bedrooms. To know more about them, check out: Looking for Mirrored Wardrobes? Check Out 10+ Best Designs by Livspace.

They Offer Ample Scope for Storage

L-shaped spaces are ideal options for built-in wardrobes

Since built-in wardrobes are made-to-order, they allow maximum utilisation of space. With freestanding wardrobes however, you may run the risk of wasting some precious floor space. Also, because you can customise the internal sections of built-in wardrobes, you can include any type of organisation or accessory.

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We hope these FAQs have helped you answer the question of what is a fitted wardrobe. For more details on wardrobe units, consider checking out: How to Pick the Right Wardrobe for Your Room?

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