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How to Maximise Space in Your 2-Room HDB Flat: 10 Intelligent Hacks

Simple hacks to make the most of the space in your compact 2-room BTO


Want a Modern House? These Modern House Interior Design Ideas Will Inspire You

In search of design inspiration? Be sure to check out our gallery of modern Livspace homes!


15+ Unique Study Room Designs: Functional Study Room Ideas to Take Inspiration From

Ditch the couch! Have a look at these best study room ideas from Livspace homes for inspiration


What Is Wabi-Sabi Interior Design, and How Can You Incorporate It Into Your Home?

Embrace the beauty of imperfection with the wabi-sabi style of interiors. Here are 5 ways you can get the look at home too!


11 Best Room Divider Ideas to Effectively Optimise Space in Your HDB or Condo

Let these Livspace homes show you the best ways to partition space with this list of room divider ideas

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7 Living Room Lighting Options That Can Save Any Dull Living Room

From cosy living room lighting to amping up your living room’s style quotient with chandeliers, here’s how you can plan your living room lighting design for maximum illumination.


A Complete Guide to False Ceiling Designs in Singapore

Everything you wanted to know about adding false ceiling designs into your home renovation. We’ve also included details about the false ceiling prices in Singapore!

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9 Amazing Ways to Utilize Your Bay Window

Bay windows not only improve ventilation and light but also leave a good scope for good interior design. Read to know more.


How to Plan Your 3-Room HDB Flat’s Layout: Renovation Cost, Room Sizes and More!

How can you make your 3-room HDB flat stand out? Practicality rules the HDB 3-room floor plan. Here are tricks on how you can maximise on it using layout options. (Bonus: Understand why cost estimates range from $16,000-$80,000 and how you can cut down on it!)


Small Bedroom Ideas for Your Home That Will Make You Go Wah!

It’s all in the tricks; get the best tips on small bedroom design in Singapore.

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