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Sintered Stone vs Quartz: Which Material Is Best for Your Interiors?

Similar yet different; find out how exactly sintered stone and quartz differ, what makes these materials special, as well as where to use them at home


The Ultimate and Best Guide to Granite Flooring and Stunning Ideas for Your Home

From features to advantages, this easy guide on granite flooring will help you make the right decision


Your Personal Guide to Porcelain Tiles and How to Use Them

Great for use in kitchens and bathrooms, there’s a lot more to porcelain tiles than what meets the eye. Check out this guide for more details


The Complete Guide on How to Use Peranakan Tiles at Home

A touch of Peranakan design can do wonders to your space. Here are a few ways to use these tiles in your home.


How Much Does Kitchen Tile Installation Cost in Singapore?

We’ve also included different types of tiles, cost to install a tile in kitchen and where to use tiles in the kitchen


Homogeneous Tiles Vs Vinyl Flooring: 7 Things to Consider Before You Invest

Which flooring works best for your home?

cover 11 1

What is Vinyl Flooring Made of and is it Really Worth it?

And we think yes!


Rattan Furniture in Singapore – Cost, Availability and Everything You Need to Know

A detailed guide to rattan furniture

wooden floor tiles

6 Creative Ways to Use Wooden Floor Tiles in Your Home This Time

Timeless, value adding home solutions


5 Amazing Living Room Floor Tiles And What You Need to Know About Them

With options for every budget

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