How many times have you liked something at the store but had to put it back because of the price tag? Chances are, it’s one time too many. You might also feel the same way when it comes to designing your home since most of the Instagrammable styles come at a hefty price. In fact, planning condo renovations under S$50k can seem like a mammoth task without the right approach and guidance. However, it isn’t entirely impossible either. 

We’ve put together a list of condo renovations between S$10k – S$50k that made the most of their budgets, to give you an idea of the options you have. If you’re stuck on how to get the right design while staying under budget, this list is sure to be an eye-opener for you! 

Budget-Friendly Condo Renovations Under S$50k

#1: This 1-Room Condo Gives Budget-Interiors a Whole New Meaning

Functional and unique go hand in hand in this 1-room condo design

Who Livs here: Daniel and Katherine Tran
Location: Forest Woods
Type of home: 1-room condo
Livspace service: Design, electrical, ceiling, carpentry, painting
Budget: S$10,000

Who said budget-friendly designs are all about cutting costs and minimising expectations? If used correctly, even the smallest budget can have the most beautiful results. Take this simple 1-room condo for example. Designed under a budget of S$10k, its design is no less than luxurious at quarter of the price. We’d even consider it to be one of the top condominium renovations below S$50k based on the functionality it offers its budget. 

The unconventional approach to functional design and adaptive furniture is what makes this condo interior design under S$50k a great investment. If you’re looking at investing in a 1-room condo, be sure to borrow some pointers from designer Mizan’s space-saving design. 

#2: This Compact 31 Sqm Condo Can Teach You a Thing or Two About Budgeting

A lovely shade of mint green daps up the dining area of this 2-room condo

Location: 529 Bedok Reservoir Road
Type of home: 2-room resale condo
Livspace service: Flooring, painting and decorating
Budget: S$10,000

With a similar budget to the home at Forest Woods, this compact condo has a lot to boast about. With warm lights complemented by pastel palettes and comforting hues, the decor aspect of the condo sure is on point. Among the condo renovations under S$50k featured in this list, the design of this home is reminiscent of a warm hug from a loved one. 

Here, designer Wanting Liu ties the entire home together with the use of vinyl flooring in varying shades. What’s more, vinyl is a great cost-effective option if you’re looking to keep your condo interior design under S$50k.

#3: Can You Spot the Hidden Storage Solutions in This Tiny 55 Sqm Home?

Leave it to ID William Chong to finesse a budget condo interior design under S$50k

Who Livs here: Kate and her sister
Size of home: 55 sqm
Livspace service: Living room and bedroom design 
Budget: S$12,000

It may seem like smaller spaces are impossible to get storage out of in a condo renovation under S$50k. On the contrary, this is where our designer William Chong really knows how to flex his creativity and pull a storage-intensive design out of a mere 55 sqm home. 

What if we also told you he managed to pull this off under a budget of S$12k? Before you brush us off in disbelief, we suggest taking a tour of this tiny home to note the many ways to introduce storage in close quarters. You might just want to do a double take of the bedroom to spot these storage solutions too.  

Mid-Range Condo Interior Design Under S$50k

#4: Here’s How to Optimise a 3-Room Condo in All the Right Ways

The smart design of the kid’s room in this condo has everything a growing child needs

Who Livs here: Kevin with his wife and two kids
Location: Forest Woods
Type of home: 3-room condo
Livspace service: Carpentry, painting, false ceiling, electrical, lighting, wallpaper
Budget: S$23,000

Back again with his nifty space-saving hacks, our designer Mizan detailed yet another condo renovation under S$50k. You might ask how this home differs from the others in terms of storage capacity, the answer here is best described in an image. 

Notice the suspended study table in the kid’s room? Not only does this study table design help save floor space while simultaneously adding storage, but it also gives a compact room added function. Such creative thinking in carpentry helps craft a condo interior design under S$50k that’s true to the homeowner’s lifestyle and preferences. 

#5: Embrace the Charm of Wooden Furniture for a Resort-Style Condo 

Every day’s a vacation when you live in a condo designed to look like a tropical resort!

Who Livs here: Nalin Grover and Aditi Grover
Type of home: 3-room Condo spanning 121 sqm
Livspace service: Design, demolition, masonry and tiling, false ceiling, wall finishing, electrical, lighting, plumbing, flooring, erection of walls, painting
Budget: S$30,000

Don’t you wish you could wake up to scenic views and that holiday feeling every morning? With such condo renovations under S$50k, anything is possible. Under a budget of S$30k, the Grover’s certainly got the resort-style vibe of Southern India down-pat thanks to designer Ankita’s homely design. 

With a focus on maintaining a touch of traditional Indian decor, Ankita makes use of all-white interiors to introduce contrast in the space. The bold wooden furniture hits all the right notes of traditional Indian homes, without compromising modernity. Don’t let the 5 star resort vibes fool you because this certainly is a condo interior design under S$50k.

#6: Luxury Certainly Doesn’t Skimp on Storage in This 100 Sqm Condo

The different finishes used in this home are what budget luxury homes are all about

Who Livs here: Mr Chua NS and his wife Haniza Hashim
Type of home: Condo spanning 100 sq. m.
Livspace service: Living room, kitchen, master bedroom and study; including design, demolition, masonry, wall finishing, false ceiling, floor polishing, painting, lighting, and electricals
Budget: S$33,000

If you thought marble is the only way to get a classy looking home, Livspace designer Noel has some tricks up his sleeve that might surprise you. Instead of increasing your budget to accommodate marble and other expensive materials, why not go for a close dupe? 

By using glossy laminate panels for some of the walls in the home, Noel was able to give this condo the look of absolute luxury. While also keeping this condo renovations under S$50k, of course. To match this, soft furnishings in equally luxe textures have been added to create balance. Doesn’t this space encapsulate the look of a plush 5 star hotel? We think so too!  

Premium Condo Interior Design Between S$40k – S$50k

#7: How Many Design Ideas Can You Steal From This Carissa Park Condo?

White, brown, and beige are a winning combination for pristine looking interiors

Who Livs here: Ankur, Shipra and their daughter 
Location: Carissa Park
Type of home: 4-room condo
Livspace service: Design, masonry, carpentry, electrical, painting
Budget: S$40,000

While you don’t necessarily need a bigger budget to get your dream design, it certainly helps open up new avenues for your interiors. Since this Carissa Park condo is big on aesthetics, Livspace designer Sheik went all out while designing the home. However, the end result was still a condo renovation under S$50k!

From the 3D renders to the actual execution, everything in this condo interior design under S$50k has been designed to perfection for a family of three. 

#8: Perhaps This Chic Condo With Scandinavian Influences is the Inspiration You Need

This is one way to strike a balance between Scandi and American country design

Who Livs here: Irene and Zee
Location: Sturdee Road
Type of home: 3 room condo
Livspace service: Full design scope including carpentry, masonry, electrical, plumbing, etc
Budget: S$40,000

If you’ve always dreamt of easy-breezy scandi interiors, there’s no time like the present to try them out. And if your budget permits, why not go all out with your carpentry to set the mood as well? After all, you can still get a condo interior design under S$50k if you play your cards right. 

What we love about Livspace designer Wanting Liu’s approach to this design is the different personalities found in each room. With a mix of boho-chic styles, American country vibes, and good old scandi furniture, a stunning 3-room condo was born.

#9: An All-White 5-Room Condo Will Certainly Wow Your Guests

Natural materials like rattan can be found in every room of this stunning condo

Who Livs here: Elena and Bernard
Location: Prince Charles Crescent
Type of home: 5-room condo
Livspace service: Hacking, tiling, plumbing, electrical, painting, and carpentry
Budget: S$45,000

Dressed in all-white, this 5-room condo renovation under S$50k sure is a sight for tired eyes. Just one look at the clean and crisp interiors of this stunning home is enough to know it has been designed with the utmost care. In fact, our designer Noel Tan even went as far as to employ a bit of DIY for the wall trims in the living room! 

#10: Even a 20+ Year Old Condo Can Turn Into a Modern Daydream 

Let this minimalist condo design inspire you to get a makeover for your home too

Who Livs here: Mr. Ken and his family 
Location: Bukit Batok
Size of home: 105 sqm
Livspace service: Full home renovation
Budget: S$50,000

How do you get a clean, modern-day resort style condo renovation under S$50k? You steal some inspiration from Mr. Ken’s condo of course! Designed by Eleonora to balance minimalism and modern styles, you would hardly be able to guess this stunning condo is over 20 years old. Here, Eleonora uses neutral shades across the condo to allow the homeowners to decorate it as they see fit, with their household effects. 

Tour this resort-style 2-room condo:

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