Colours can influence our perception of time and temperature, our performance and even our mood! There’s a reason why people usually have favourite colours or are attracted to that one particular hue most of the time. But instead of a single, boring bedroom wall colour, why not go for unique but best two-colour combinations for bedroom walls that will resonate with you and your personality.

Adorn your home with classic off-white bedroom two-colour combination walls

Check out these timeless bedroom two-colour combination suggestions.

Understanding Cool and Warm Bedroom Colours

Cool Colours Have Calming Effects

Cool bedroom colours like green, blue, purple, and even grey have calming effects on your psyche. They are known to improve creativity and help us relax. These cool colour combinations might even help you to improve your performance during tests and exams as compared to warm colours.

Get soft pastel teal for home office as the best choice in muted wall colours

Warm Colours Evoke Emotions

Wall colours such as red, orange and yellow are purported to have stimulating effects, and can arouse emotions such as love, joy and passion. Keep that in mind when you’re planning your two-colour combination for bedroom walls, stick with warm colours if you want to wake up feeling energised, or if you want to evoke passion and joy in your marriage.

Bright yellow makes for a passionate master bedroom colour

Best Two-Colour Combinations for Bedroom Walls

The array of colour combinations to choose from is just too broad to give you a perfect solution. Nevertheless, depending on your personal taste and on the room you are looking at, there are some go-to bed room two colour combinations that you might want to consider.

Classic Dark Blue and White Wall Colours

This is a great bed room two colour combination. Deeper shades of blue such as navy and indigo can have a calming effect that’s attributed to their cool tones. And when combined with the brightness of white, this colour combination can make your bedroom feel a lot more cosy and welcoming.

two-colour-combination-for-bedroom-walls-light blue sheets-indigo blue wall
Bright and spacious looking two-colour combinations for bedroom walls

Cream and Brown Colour Combination for Expensive-Looking Interiors

Cream and brown is one of the simple yet best two-colour combinations for bedroom walls that never get old. The sobriety of brown paired with the casual elegance of cream can give your room a high-end look. It’s important, however, to pick your furniture accordingly in order to highlight the aesthetic of the space.

Elegant and warm, cream and brown bed room two colour combination

Play With Shades of the Same Colour

This is a genius way to solve your woes when choosing two-colour combination for walls. It gives the best results when you correctly choose the light and dark shades to go on respective walls. For instance, a darker colour is assigned to the accent wall while a lighter colour is applied to the walls with windows or doors in them. This creates a pleasant frame for the eyes as the dark wall colour won’t contest with the bright light that comes into your bedroom.

Shades of teal used creatively in this bedroom with the lighter shade on the window wall

Unique Two-Colour Combinations for Bedroom Walls

You have already seen some of the best, classic combinations of bedroom colours but there are many other colour combinations for bedrooms that go beyond the popular picks. Here are a few alternatives that may suit homeowners that are looking for something a little more unique.

Reef Green Eccentricity

There are many common shades of green that work well for a room two-colour combination and though this is a darker kind of green, it’s no exception. The outcome? A bedroom colour as reassuring as its cool-colour green roots, but also so unique that you won’t get bored of this two-colour combination for bedroom walls.

Unique reef green two-colour combination for bedroom walls with white for dark bedroom colours

Quirky Pastel Orange and White as Colour Combination for Bedroom Walls and Ceilings

You can do wonders to your room lighting with this two-colour combination for bedroom walls if you use warm lights. The colour orange lets you interact with the brightness and reflectivity of your walls; you can go from intense warm to natural warm light by controlling the amount of orange. So, it is up to you to make the best of this color combination for bedroom walls and ceilings.

Outlandish pastel orange and white two-colour combinations for bedroom walls

How to Choose Two-Colour Combination for Walls of a Kid’s Bedroom

A rewarding two-colour wall combination for your kid’s room will mean that the users are responding positively to the colours and their moods are well regulated in the room. Whether you go for warm or cool colours, make sure to ask your kids for their preferences, this will enhance their confidence in expressing themselves.

Pastel Pink with Grey as color combination for bedroom walls and ceilings

Pink with light grey for your kid’s bedroom is the best two light colour combination for bedroom walls and will bring the best of both worlds. On one hand, you have the soothing effect of soft grey which will also make the bedroom look brighter and spacious. On the other hand, we have the warm and joyful traits of pastel pink.

two-colour-combination-for-bedroom-walls-light pink-grey coloured room
A highly productive two-colour combinations for bedroom walls in kid’s rooms

Cream and Celadon Green Two- colour Combination for Bedroom Walls

Looking for ways to enhance the sleep quality of your child? Are you hoping for more cheerful mornings? Then this two-colour combination for walls is what your kid needs. This perky shade of green can easily go well with other mainstream colours or can be a part of the two light colour combination for bedroom walls for your kids bedroom.

two-colour-combination-for-bedroom-walls-blue and white room
Soothing Caledon green two-colour combination for bedroom walls and ceiling with cream walls for kid’s bedroom gives colour combination inspirations

We hope you found some inspiration from our unique and bold two-colour combination bedroom walls. It is easy to think of your favourite colours, but how to employ them in your room can be a tricky task. There are always experts who can guide you to achieve your perfect room design. Also check out 11 Quick Ways to Turn Your Home From Dingy to Bright.

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