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Crisp and clean lines

Singaporeans are always struggling for more space so any design that prioritises space optimisation would be a great fit for the city’s homeowners. Typically, minimalist interior design leans towards open layouts with uncluttered spaces where form follows function. However, such modern minimalist homes are usually devoid of decoration and use simple detailing to create interest.

If you are dabbling with the idea of going minimal with your renovation, you will need some ideas to get you started. So we have curated a list of inspirational modern minimalist designs from our designers to help you discover your own style! 

Minimalist Interior Design #1: Living Room
minimalist interior design-pink sofa designs-orange armchair designs
Minimal designs make the most of natural light

Clean, open and light-filled spaces is one of the primary aspects of minimal design. For instance, this living room is a copybook example of a minimal setup. In fact, the highlight of this space is the abundance of natural light flooding in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The bare white walls and neutral furnishings only accentuate the effect of sunlight in this room. 

Minimalist Interior Design #2: Dining Room
glass partition designs-eggshell chair designs
 Glass partitions keep the layout open

Since minimal designs tend to get monotonous, different types of materials are often used to create texture or visual interest. For instance, this dining space stands out for the use of glass doors and windows that work as a partition. While it segregates the dining and kitchen areas, glass also preserves the openness of the layout. 

Minimalist Interior Design #3: Kitchen
grey kitchen cabinet designs-open kitchen designs
Open kitchens save space

Open layouts are an essential element of minimalism. Typically, this could mean that the kitchen becomes an extension of the living area. Apart from ensuring uncluttered designs, open layouts also help save save. For example, this kitchen takes up just one wall of the living room, and it blends into the background due to its seamless design. 

Minimalist Interior Design #4: Bedroom
glass partition designs-grey wall panel designs
Deliberately bare and basic

Most minimal spaces are inherently devoid of over-the-top decoration. However, they often have simple detailing and uncomplicated wall finishes. This bedroom, for example, stands out for the simple grey wall panel and the pendant lights on either side of the bed. None of these decorative elements clutter the design; they merely create some visual interest in the room.

Minimalist Interior Design #5: Bathroom
glass partition for bathroom-floral bathroom tiles
Clean-cut design where form follows function

In minimal spaces, form follows function. This makes perfect sense for functional spaces like bathrooms. This particular one, for example, has a clear-cut design segregating dry and wet areas. There is floating vanity counter that does not consume floor space and boxy shelves to ensure that toiletries are accessible. The one detail that stands out is the flooring, which brightens up the thoroughly functional bathroom.

By incorporating these essential features of minimal design, you can style your home to be a basic and functional space.

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