For many, the study room and home office have become a permanent fixture at home owing to the hybrid working model. It is essential to use curated and well-thought-out designs to create a working environment that allows you to segregate the living and the working space. The right interior designs will also help you enhance productivity and fuel creativity. 

If you’re looking to convert that spare room into a study or are seeking inspiration to transform your current home office, take a peek at our list of study room designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

But first, let’s get to the basics:

What are the things you should consider before you design your study room?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to setting up a study. But here are a few pointers you should take into consideration:

Space and furniture are the most important aspects to consider

#1: The space

Choose an area that gets ample light, is spacious and away from household activities. Note down the dimensions of the space before you buy the furniture.

#2: The colour 

Neutral, white and light colours are best when it comes to study room interiors as they calm the mind and can result in enhanced productivity. 

#3: The furniture

The essential furniture that you need to get is a desk and an office chair. They must comply with your working style. Since we spend long hours sitting, it is advisable to invest in a durable and ergonomic chair and a desk.

For an average person, the height of a study table should be 28 inches, and the chair should be at 18 inches.

#4: The storage and organisers

To maintain a neat and clutter-free study space, invest in storage units and organisers. Efficient and space-saving storage options are abundant. So, choose the one that ticks all your boxes.

#5: The lighting 

Keep your energy and productivity levels up with proper lighting. Natural light is most preferred, but if that’s not possible, have a combination of lighting options such as lamps, pendant lights, recessed lights, etc.

#6: The accessories 

Personalise your workspace with artwork and accessories, but ensure that you don’t clutter. Feel free to skip this step if you are not into accessorising.

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Now that you know the basics of setting up the room for study, take a look at our gallery for inspiration. 

Latest study room designs from Livspace homes

#1: Wooden heavy study room design

Wooden elements in the study can transform the aesthetics of the space. Being a natural material, it brings in warmth and adds a natural touch to the room for studying. Since natural wood is hard to maintain, you can go for wooden laminates to achieve the same look while ensuring durability. You seldom find interior designs without wood as they are timeless and elegant.

#2: Study space by the balcony

Add warmth to the space with wooden tones

Research indicates that placing your work or study desk near a natural source of light increases productivity and concentration. By placing your desk near the balcony, you also get easy access to fresh air and panoramic views.

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#3: Minimalist study designs

White and minimalist designs are a match made in heaven
study room minimalist
Keep it simple with the essentials

Neutrals like white and beige are best for rooms for studying as they are believed to declutter the mind and boost positive energy. These rooms are an example of a minimalist set-up, bearing only the essentials. Allowing for a larger workstation, the long desk also comes with drawers and cabinets for storage. An extra wall shelf is added for displaying photos, books and plants.

#4: Study room with bookshelves

A book lover’s paradise

In this home, the compact space has been tactfully optimised by placing the study strategically just below a wall-mounted bookshelf. The top shelves can hold the books and accessories, and the base units can be used for storage. We absolutely love this design because it not only optimises space well but also looks neat.   

#5: Get moody with dark aesthetics

While most people shy away from dark aesthetics, they make for a cosy study space that reminds us of vintage libraries and Victorian era study rooms. Balance the dark wall colours and furniture with warm and sleek lighting fixtures. Bring in candles, vintage collectables, leather chairs and golden decor pieces to transform your space into a cosy room for a study that whispers a hint of royal sophistication.

#6: Storage intensive nook

Keep it neat with storage units

The window ledge is a perfect spot for a simple study desk. Take a look at this room for studying where the desk neither occupies a lot of floor space nor does it obstruct the window, making it an ideal solution for small rooms. For storage, all you need to do is integrate the desk with an open storage unit. Look at the several compartments in this one; it screams convenience!

#7: Pretty in pastels

Fresh and tasteful, these study room designs are all about aesthetics. Pastel green is considered to be refreshing and energising, while pastel peach brings warmth and comfort. These colours also promote positive thoughts and a sense of peace, which is beneficial for studying. Pastel green and peach are versatile colours that can be easily paired with other hues and design elements. They also tend to create aesthetically pleasing and harmonious environments, making the room for study a visually appealing space.

#8: Compact study room designs

Who said your rooms for studying need to be huge? Lean into compact study designs if lack of space is your primary concern. All you need is a comfy chair, desk space and a few cabinets to store your books and stationery. Compact designs don’t have to be boring; get playful with the design and colours to jazz up the study space.

#9: Multipurpose study units

We love designs and units that cater to more than one need. Take a look at the designs above, where dressers and bedroom furniture have been extended as study desks. These study room designs are great for small and compact spaces.

#10: A study space for two

When it comes to designing a study room for two, it’s all about choosing the right furniture. To make the most of your space, go for long sleek desks or an L-shaped desk to carve out a workspace for two.

#11: Study space in bedroom

If you lack an extra room dedicated to studying, consider incorporating a study space into your bedroom. It’s not always necessary to have a distinct room for study or work purposes. A small nook in the bedroom can be creatively utilised as a room for study. Gain ideas from our bedroom designs that seamlessly integrate study areas; they offer an excellent solution when space is limited within the house.

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#12: Study room with a reading nook

If you have the luxury of having a designated room for study purposes, squeeze in a reading corner within the room. These reading nooks will enhance aesthetics and provide a cosy spot to curl up with a good book. Position your miniature reading sanctuary near windows to benefit from natural light and savour the outdoor views.

#13: Modern study room designs

Modern study designs boast sleek and narrow desks paired with simple, comfortable chairs. These spaces often incorporate chic display units and shelves for efficient storage. Some designs seamlessly combine study areas with wardrobes, while others integrate them with TV units, maximising functionality in a streamlined and contemporary manner.

#14: Take inspiration from Scandinavian designs

Scandinavian designs are characterised by their clean, minimalistic, and functional aesthetics. These spaces typically feature neutral colour palettes, abundant natural light, and a focus on simplicity and practicality. Scandinavian design often incorporates sleek furniture, ergonomic elements, and a clutter-free environment, fostering a conducive atmosphere for concentration and productivity.

#15: Use light colours to boost productivity

White is the most popular choice of colour for study rooms as it tends to boost productivity and concentration. It also brings in a calm and serene energy that is ideal for a study space. Opt for a combination of white and a light coloured paint to add some interest to the space. You can also go for colourful furniture to add an element of fun. 

#16: Upper-west style study room

A minimalist design with a luxe touch

Your workstation may be as basic as a countertop without any drawers or storage spaces beneath it, just like this home. Your one wall might be a strong pop colour, and the other walls can be white and simple for a clean design. Add a luxe touch to the design by adding chandeliers or statement lights.

#17: Study room design for kids

Get creative with study room designs for kids and bring in fun elements and quirky decor pieces. Incorporate bright and vibrant colours to stimulate creativity and boost imagination. Ensure there are enough storage units to stow away their books and toys. Additionally, kids’ room for study should have some room that enables them to bring in decor pieces and fun doodles that reflect their personality and embrace their individuality.

For more information on creating the best study room design, how to optimise space for your study rooms is worth a read. 

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