Be it a small room or a spacious one, having a bedroom with a study table does make life easier. If you’re working from home, you will need a working desk to perform well. So, why not find the space for it in a quiet corner of your bedroom? Picking out a study table design for your bedroom requires you to decide on storage space, measurements and even style. Here are some of our favourite HDB bedroom design with study table for rooms of all sizes. If you have limited space, a spacious bedroom or just want a minimal design, this one’s for you!

#1: Multipurpose Platform Bed With Study Table

hdb bedroom design with study table-oak and plywood-study unit-platform storage
Study, bed and storage units all in one smart design

Completely designed by Livspace designer William Chong, this flat is compact and unique. With two small rooms, William has installed custom made beds and study units to fit the space like a glove. 

This HDB bedroom design with study table makes the most of your space, offering maximum functionality. Additionally, these units made of oak laminate and plywood come with plenty of hidden platform storage to boot. 

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#2: Home Office With Bedroom and Study Room Combined

hdb bedroom design with study table-white bed-white desk
A sleek bed and study unit design for a smaller room

This HDB bedroom design with study table was specifically designed for a couple that wanted home offices in their rooms. A bright white colour was picked for all the interiors to give the compact room a spacious feel. This custom study room with bed design is ideal for small bedrooms with little to no wall space. It has a minimal design with clean lines and is made to fit against the available wall.

#3: Study Room Design With Bed for Spacious Bedrooms

hdb bedroom design with study table-grey bed-grey wood-blinds
A wall to wall unit can be installed to make the most of a bedroom window

A big bedroom doesn’t necessarily call for a sizable study unit. Here, this cool grey toned bedroom has a complete workstation with ample space for office equipment, a computer and even a bookshelf. 

To make the most of this HDB bedroom design with study table, you can:

  • Install a wall to wall unit next to a window with a floor to ceiling bookshelf to maximise storage.
  • Install the unit below the window ledge to let in as much sunlight as possible.

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#4: Open Storage Study Room Design With Bed

hdb bedroom design with study table-orange chair-beige shelves
Add a pop of colour with a comfortable upholstered chair

If you are searching for HDB bedroom design with study table that’s high on storage, then this is for you. This open storage study table unit is ideal for collectables and coffee table books. The bright orange chair adds a pop of colour to the beige unit. You can also mix it up with a unit of closed storage to store electronics and books.

#5: Ceiling to floor Study Table Design for Bedroom

hdb bedroom design with study table-grey and white storage modules-blue wallpaper
Go for fun colours for a kids study unit

Here’s a HDB bedroom design with study table your kid is going to love using. This space is custom designed and packed with plenty of open and closed storage modules. Moreover, the walls have fun colours all over matching with the theme of the room. Ensure that your unit has an ergonomic chair for those spending long hours using these study tables.

#6: Custom HDB Bedroom Design With Study Table

hdb bedroom design with study table-blue chair-wooden study unit-white wardrobes
The perfect study table design for a bedroom with no available wall space

This simple study design is easy and quick to recreate. It consists of two elements—a wall-mounted board and a small movable cabinet unit. This study table design for the bedroom is perfect for a room with no wall space. You can utilize an empty window space to install your desk and storage.

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#7: Wall-mounted Study Table Design for Bedroom

wall mounted unit-pink walls-grey bed-drawer
This basic wall mounted ledge unit does the job

Unlike the others, this unit is minimal and works for small as well as spacious bedrooms. Consequently, if you want  a multi-purpose unit that can double up as a vanity unit, this is the ideal design for you. In this HDB bedroom design with study table, we have opted for a wall mounted ledge desk with drawers. This unit is made of a light wooden laminate to match the other storage units in the room.

#8: Custom Built Workstation

white brick wall-study unit-mirror-wardrobe designs
Find a spot with the most natural sunlight for an ideal workspace

A popular and space-saving hack for any room is a wall-mounted unit. Moreover, these sleek units make the best use of the available space on the wall. Here, this trendy study table is in oak and shades of grey. A study table design for a bedroom like this has plenty of storage space for books as well as curios.

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