Getting a renovation done is often a once in a lifetime task. That is probably why we want to get everything right. And nothing works like real life HDB renovation ideas when you are on the verge of having one yourself. Therefore, we present to you the best HDB renovations done by Livspace.

Let’s set the expectations right at the onset. Every home has a unique renovation of its own. However, if you are in need for inspiration, these are some HDB renovation ideas you might want to explore. After all, they are the best HDB renovation projects done by Livspace!

#1: 17-year-old HDB Redesigned for Young Family

hdb renovation ideas-grey sofa-rattan cushion
This home is both child and pet-friendly!

This is one of our best HDB renovation projects where a 17-year-old apartment was redesigned for a young family with a toddler and a pet dog. As is typically the case with young families, storage has been snuck into every nook and corner of this 148 sqm HDB. However, it is all carefully concealed and cast into niches. The master bedroom with a wall-to-wall rolling shutter wardrobe and a snug study is our favourite here. 

Design Takeaway

If you have a big enough kitchen, it can double up as a dining room too!

Take the full HDB tour here: Everything in this Stunning 17-year-old HDB Was Redesigned

#2: This Child-friendly HDB is a Maximalist’s Dream

hdb renovation ideas-platform bed-laminate flooring
Notice how this wardrobe has an integrated side table?

This HDB integrates the preferences of a couple that has very distinct tastes. So while Habib Noor wanted sleek modern interiors in dark colours, his wife prefered warm wooden finishes. Moreover, being new parents, they wanted certain special elements as part of their HDB renovation ideas. For instance, this platform bed has empty space to keep their baby’s cry at night.

Design Takeaway

The flooring can be your biggest design statement infusing your home with colour and texture provided you choose well. 

To get a full tour, click Dark Colours and Rich Textures Define This 93 sq. m. HDB BTO

#3: All White Renovation for 30-year-old HDB

hdb renovation ideas-white storage unit-mini bar
The space behind the seamless white wall is stocked with storage

This is one of our best HDB renovation projects where a 30-year-old home was redesigned for a couple that runs their business from home. We love the seamless all-white HDB kitchen design created for a baking enthusiast and also the mini bar that doubles up as a partition between the dining space and kitchen. Oh! Did we forget to mention that this home has a gaming den?

Design Takeaway

Using seamless white finishes can help open up space and make compact homes look larger.

For a full tour, click here: This 3-Room HDB Will Teach You How to Make Compact Homes Look Spacious

#4: Clutter-free HDB Interior Design to Open Up Space

best hdb renovation-orange rug-reading chair
A cosy reading chair in the corner for ‘me’ time

This BTO was designed for a couple that is soon to be married and is full of fun young elements. We totally love how the designer has knocked down the wall between the master and spare bedroom to make room for the extra storage the couple needed. Also, the semi open kitchen with an open and shut glass partition is quite the design marvel!

Design Takeaway

Every home needs both common and private spaces. So never miss having private nooks in your home where you can have ‘me’ time.

You can find the full tour and more HDB BTO design ideas here: Modern, Clutter-free and Elegant: A 92 sqm Home That Will Surprise You.

#5: When a Designer Renovates his own HDB

best hdb renovation-green wall-leather couch
Don’t miss the chevron-patterned flooring!

If you’re looking for an HDB renovation idea, why not look at a designer’s own HDB? This home is rare as a painter’s self-portrait because it is a home designed by an interior designer for himself and his family! The first thing we notice about Livspace designer Kader’s home is the delicate Mediterranean colours. But there is much more here than meets the eye. The child-friendly concealed storage, for example, is another bright feather on this HDB’s cap!

Design Takeaway

Good design is all about details. The intricately detailed carpentry in this home bears testament to this fact.

For a full tour, click here: What Happens When an Interior Designer Crafts His HDB Interiors?

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