Sold your HDB apartment for $300,000 and received less after the sale? Well, you’re not the only one! First-time HDB sellers might not be aware of this, but you will not receive the whole amount of your sale earnings when you list your house and make a sale. As a result, the final amount you get after selling your home may not be enough to support both the purchase of your new property and the accomplishment of your other financial objectives which you had in mind initially. Here’s HDB sales proceeds calculator to fix that.

The majority of the HDB sales proceeds, however, actually goes toward paying down the debt associated with your newly sold house. It will be easier for you to see where your money is going and how much you will be taking home at the end of the day if you understand where your HDB sales proceeds go. Here is a complete HDB resale calculator guide to help you calculate how much money you will receive when selling your HDB apartment.

It is advisable to use the HDB calculator for calculating net sales proceeds prior to selling your apartment

When Can You Sell Your HDB: Remember to Meet the MOP Before Selling Flat

Mode of Purchase of HDBMinimum Occupation Period (MOP)
Any new flat bought from HDB5 years
Any new flat bought from the
property dealer under Design,
Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS)
5 years
Resale HDB flat bought with/without
Central Provident Fund (CPF)
housing grants from the open market
5 years
Any new flat bought under the
Prime Location Public Housing
Scheme (PLH) from HDB
10 years
PLH resale flat bought with/without
Central Provident Fund (CPF)
housing grants from the open market
10 years
Any new flat bought under
Fresh Start Housing scheme
20 years
Any new flat bought under
Selective En bloc Redevelopment
Scheme (SERS)
For SERS sites which were
announced before April, 2022:
At allotted replacement sites,
whichever is earlier:
5 years from the date of key collection
OR 7 years from the date of
selection of the replacement flat

For SERS sites which were
announced after April, 2022:
5 years from the date of key collection

How to Check the HDB Valuation Before Selling the Flat?

It is advisable to ask HDB to conduct HDB valuation for your flat

HDB Valuation for Your Flat

When purchasing or selling a HDB apartment, the only formal way to determine the value of a HDB Resale flat is to obtain a complete valuation. It will serve as the foundation for calculating how much of your CPF or HDB Housing Loan you can utilise to finance your new home purchase. 

The buyer must agree on a selling price set by the seller before receiving a HDB valuation. Then the buyer is given the Option To Purchase (OTP), which is a payment of up to $1,000 from the seller (to be negotiated between buyer and seller). In order to arrange for HDB authorised valuers to inspect the seller’s HDB unit, the buyer can then submit a Request for Value. There is a minimal $120 processing fee charged when you Request for Value. Until the OTP expires, HDB will not accept another Request for Value (request for HDB valuation) for the same apartment from the same or other different buyers after the valuation has been completed. 

You must be wondering what factors affect the valuation of an HDB. Read this article to know.

How to Figure Out the Worth of Your HDB Flat on Your Own?

But the question is if there is any other way to determine the value of your HDB without involving HDB. There is one way to do it. You can check the median prices of previous resale transactions in the locality you’re trying to buy the flat in. You can use the HDB Resale Flat Prices or HDB Map Services portal to check the prices of transactions in your desired locality in the past two years. Based on that, buyers and sellers can come to an agreement on the selling price.

The buyer will ask HDB to conduct a valuation after the selling price has been agreed upon in order to determine how much Cash-Over-Valuation (COV) must be paid. For instance, if S$300,000 is the agreed-upon selling price of a flat and after physically inspecting the apartment, the HDB-appointed valuer assigns a value of S$270,000 to it, a COV of S$30,000 would be due from the buyer.

HDB Sales Proceeds Calculator: How Much Money will you REALLY Get?

What Are the Costs Involved in Selling Your HDB Flat?

Before getting into the numbers, let’s understand a few important terms or hidden costs.

Outstanding Home Loan Repayment

Your outstanding house loan must be paid off first when you sell your apartment. This could take a sizable portion of your sale proceeds, depending on how long you’ve been making loan payments.

HDB Resale Levy

If you sell your apartment, you might have to pay the HDB resale levy. If your existing apartment is subsidised (e.g., a BTO) and if you want to purchase an Executive Condominium (EC) straight from a developer or buy another subsidised apartment, you must pay the tax.

Commission Fees From Property Agent

Your property agent markets your flat and concludes the deal on your behalf, and hence, needs to be compensated for their services. The market rate for an agent is often between 1 and 2 percent of the total transaction cost.

Legal Fees 

The legal fee is charged by the appointed solicitor. Your legal fees will remain quite reasonable if you designate HDB to represent you throughout the legal process.

Amount Taken and Accrued Interest From Ordinary Account (OA)

Everything that you took out from your OA must be returned back. Since you would need to account for compounded accrued interest (2.5%), the final sum will really be a little bit greater than the original amount borrowed. 

Amount to be returned to CPF OA = Principal amount + Accrued interest

Amount Used in the Name of CPF Grants

Grants like Enhanced Housing Grant and Proximity Housing Grant are regrettably not merely free money. You actually have to return the money to your CPF OA, including with the accrued interest (2.5%).

Amount to return to CPF = Total CPF grant used + Accrued interest

Case Study

To understand this better, let’s take up a case-study of HDB sales proceed calculation.. 

Mr. Lim is selling a 3-room HDB apartment in Tampines after living in it for five years. Negotiations brought the selling price of the flat down to S$300,000 using the services of a property agent who will charge a commission fee of 2%. He has an outstanding loan amount of S$70,000.

The expected HDB sales proceeds for this transaction determined using the HDB calculator will look like this:

Selling price of the houseS$300,000
HDB resale levy feesS$30,000
Remaining amount of home loanS$70,000
Commission fees for property agentS$6,000
Legal fees taken by HDBS$181
CPF Ordinary Account (OA) Amount used + Accrued interest (2.5%)S$70,000 + S$9,198.57
= $79,198.57
CPF Grants used by Mr.LimS$50,000 + S$6,570.41
= S$56,570.41
Net HDB Cash ProceedsS$58,050.02
*Please note that the prices are roughly decided to explain the concept

Conclusion: Have a Financial Plan Before Selling Your HDB

Selling your HDB apartment in order to buy a new home is always a good idea but getting through the HDB Sales proceeds calculator to get the final amount might not be an easy task. Numerous long-term variables could have an impact on your financial condition in the future, which could make or break your banking and housing possibilities. Before committing to anything, it would be preferable to make a complete financial calculation with a reliable advisor that takes everything into account – from house loan and grant interest rates to other costs and fees. 

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