Did you just purchase an HDB apartment recently? Then, designing or renovating your toilet in Singapore HDB will be the next natural step. To renovate your bathroom in Singapore, to your surprise, you don’t need to worry too much about spending a lot of money. You may acquire the greatest functional yet lovely bathroom interior design under $5k too. Check out this list of HDB toilet designs under $5k we’ve curated for you!

1. Compact Bathroom Design Under $5k for This Woodlands Drive Home

Make compact bathroom storage-intensive to make use of the most space

This bathroom design under $5k has undergone a few changes to mirror the new Scandinavian interior design of the Woodland drive house. Livspace designer Winny gave this bathroom a makeover with the addition of new floor and wall tiles that coordinate with the colour schemes used throughout the house. This bathroom’s storage cabinet was a wise investment because it takes up little room and holds a lot of toiletries. And yes, dark themes are especially attractive in compact bathroom designs.

2. Minimalist-Style HDB Toilet Designs Under $5k for This Punggol Walk Home

Go for light-coloured wall and floor tiles to create the illusion of a bigger space

As part of the home’s new boho interior design, the bathroom underwent renovations in addition to the wall hacking. This HDB BTO toilet design under $5k received a makeover from our designer Mizan thanks to a new layer of wall and floor tiles that coordinate with the colour schemes used throughout the house. Due to their ability to create the impression of a larger area, light colours are as significant in compact bathrooms. Also try to incorporate large-sized tiles in bathrooms to make them look bigger.

3. HDB BTO Toilet Design Under $5k for This Yishun Home

Lager bathroom wall tiles with grout joints give the illusion of space

Bathrooms that are used by more than one person may rapidly run out of storage space without the proper storage furniture. In order to prevent this, our designers created this bathroom with a lot of storage for both dry and wet regions. A glass wall can be used to separate the dry and wet spaces. The bigger bathroom wall tiles with less grout joints help create the impression of space.

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4. Elegant and Bright Bukit Batok HDB BTO Toilet Design Under $5k 

Use modern vanity cabinet and warm lighting all around the bathroom mirror

This resale condo’s original bathroom was completely different and was in need of an exquisite makeover. The goal of our designer was to make this area as luminous and opulent as the rest of the house in order to preserve consistency throughout the home renovation. Our designer Eleonora used her magic to bring in a modern vanity cabinet and warm lighting all around the bathroom mirror to complete the look. It’s difficult to imagine that this toilet interior design under $5k is part of a 20 year-old resale property given the brand-new contemporary design!

5. Quaint Yet Customised Toilet Interior Design Under $5k in Tampines

Contemporary bathroom designs are the best bet for budget bathrooms

While working on this compact HDB BTO toilet design under $5k, our designers were restricted by space, as in most HDB toilets. They were, nevertheless, able to give the bathroom a contemporary appearance, though. This HDB bathroom interior design in $5k includes a shower stall, and even features floating cupboards with wood finishes for all the storage requirements.

6. Storage-Intensive HDB Bathroom Interior Design in 5k for This Yishun Home

Make compact bathroom storage-intensive to make use of the most of the space

The entire family utilises a single bathroom. Therefore, this HDB toilet design under $5k has more storage and is bright and cheery. Yin and Liu living in this property have a son who can readily access the toiletries because they are fastened at a lower height. Double swing shutters on the mirror cabinet allow one person to utilise the mirror while the other reaches inside. The mirror in this bathroom is storage-intensive too.

7. Get a Large Mirror for Your HDB Toilet Design Under $5k

Use a large bathroom wall mirror to give the illusion of space

This modern bathroom design under $5k is roomy and adorned in beige and brown. It includes glass partitions separating the wet and dry regions. It also includes a wooden vanity unit with lots of storage. The space is widened even more by a huge mirror that covers the wall behind the vanity. Off-white furnishings and decor give the area a spa-like atmosphere. 

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8. Simple Grey and White Design for This Lorong Toa Payoh Bathroom

Use metal shelves for storage to keep the bathroom design simple

This resale 3-room HDB bathroom interior design in 5k is compact but well made, employing only the barest necessities. Unlike the usual bathroom units, it is not unduly packed with accents. The toiletries are kept on fixed metal shelves instead. We also adore how neutral this toilet’s colours are. Up to the white ceiling, the grey flooring and wall tiles provide a seamless appearance to this HDB BTO toilet design under 5k.

Check out this black, white and grey HDB:

9. Dark Themed Modern Bathroom Design Under 5k for This Elias Road Home

Use homogenous tiles to give an impression of spaciousness

A few minor adjustments here and there have changed the basic layout of this bathroom in this apartment. The uniform black tiles give this bathroom design under 5k a luxe aesthetic. Using homogenous tiles also gives an impression of spaciousness.

10. White and Wooden Toilet Interior Design Under $5k for Havelock Road Home

Use ceramic toiletries and vanity cabinet to give your bathroom a lux appearance

In this HDB toilet design under $5k, the space has undergone a comprehensive renovation. The master bedroom has white ceramic toiletries. To complement the sleek design with boxed-in pipes, the toilet has a backlit mirror on its vanity cabinet and smooth ceramic surfaces.

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