Mosquitoes are a nuisance. They buzz in your ear at night, they suck on your blood, they make you itch, they bite you. To them, you are as good as an “all you can eat buffet”. They may provide nutrients to the insects and birds but dealing with these nasty monsters on wings is certainly a nightmare. You feel like you can’t escape them and when you kill two, you’ll find ten more in their place. So how do you eliminate them? 

The truth is you do not have to kill mosquitoes to get rid of them. There are many home remedies that you can try to keep your home free of mosquitoes. In addition, as you make your home less attractive to them, you will make it more charming to you. Here are 10 home remedies that you should try if you want to keep your home mosquito-free. You will also learn how to kill mosquitoes without the need to use pesticides, just in case they manage to get into your home. After all, who wants to use chemicals that are as harmful as these little bloodsuckers?

#1: Eliminate standing water

Stagnant water attracts mosquitoes

First, you should know that mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. So, how to kill these mosquito larvae? It is easy, just get rid of all the stagnant bodies of water and avoid them in the future. If you have pets, be sure to refresh their pet bowls frequently. Although this is the first step towards eliminating the presence of mosquitoes in your home, daily “human” activities like exhaling CO2 or sweating also seem to attract them to us. Don’t worry, we have some solutions for you in the following points.

#2: Candles, incense and essential oils

Candles and oils are not only refreshing but also excellent mosquito repellents

Incense, candles and oils made from plants or essential oils are very effective against mosquitoes because they cannot stand the smell. Lucky for you, the most effective fragrances, citronella, lemon, lavender, laurel, rosemary or basil, will lend a refreshing smell to your home. You do not have to use them all; choose the one you like best. You may have already done this without realising it, now you know why when you light your lavender candle the mosquitoes tend to disappear. This is the perfect example of how to get rid of them, without the need to kill mosquitoes while adding a fresh and relaxing touch to your home.

#3: Pot the right plant

Mosquitoes are averse to the smell of basil and mint

Some plants repel mosquitoes because of their smell. Therefore, another option is to plant pots of basil, mint, rosemary etc. In addition to keeping mosquitoes away, you can use these plants to complement your dishes and add a touch of nature to your home. You can place them near a window so that they receive enough sunlight and at the same time, deter mosquitoes from entering.

#4: Lemon and clove

Drive away mosquitoes with lemons and cloves

This method is perfect for small spaces or your room. It is very simple; all you have to do is place some split lemons with a few cloves and just like that, you will keep them away. As you can see so far, there has been no need to kill mosquitoes simply because they will not want to enter your apartment. Winning!

#5: Garlic spray

Mosquitoes hate the pungent scent of garlic

Garlic sulphur not only repels mosquitoes but also flies, ticks and fleas. To apply it in your home, you need to peel and cut several cloves of garlic and put them in a bowl with some water. Leave to macerate for a few hours and then use this water to spray all over your flat. This method is perfect for those who do not love sweet smells and dare we say, enjoy the smell of garlic?

#6: Eucalyptus oil

Mix eucalyptus oil with a shampoo to use it as a repellent

This is the perfect alternative to garlic. If you are not too keen on the idea of spreading garlic around your house, eucalyptus oil is an excellent option. You can spray it around your home or mix it with your shampoo or moisturiser and use it as a repellent. To make this oil at home you can boil a few eucalyptus leaves and separate the liquid into small containers. 

#7: Mosquito net

Protect yourself from mosquitoes at night

This is a commonly used option. You can install these nets on your door or windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home. What you may not have considered is to install one on your bed; a mosquito net can add a new and whimsical touch to your room. This way you can be sure that they will leave you alone at night and you will never have to wake up in gladiator mode to kill mosquitoes again.

#8: Camphor

Camphor is the most reliable home remedy

Camphor can be a very effective repellent. You can leave a few pieces in a container to evaporate on their own. If you are looking for an extreme measure, you can burn some for 20 minutes. Take care to ensure that all doors and windows must be closed, and you have to stay out of the room. This is an effective way to kill mosquitoes and keep them at bay.

#9: Mosquito trap

If you have the time, lay a trap

How to kill mosquitoes in a room? No secret there, just lay a trap! You can build it yourself with a plastic bottle cut in half, water, sugar and yeast. Heat the water with the sugar and put it in the bottle to cool it down. Once it is cold, sprinkle the yeast and insert the neck of the bottle upside down in the shape of a funnel. This way, the mosquitoes will be attracted to the water and get trapped inside the bottle. Pesticides, adieu! 

#10: Carnivorous plants

A bit extreme but definitely efficient

Contrary to what the movies show us, carnivorous plants do not eat humans, but they do kill mosquitoes for food. A plant of this type is always fascinating; you can use one as a complement to the other remedies we have mentioned. These plants get the nutrients they need to grow from insects so now you have the perfect excuse to buy a carnivorous plant!

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Getting rid of mosquitoes may seem like an impossible task but with a few basic ingredients and a couple of creative tricks up your sleeve, you’ll have a mosquito-free home in no time! You should also check out: Lizards Creeping You Out? Try These 8 Effective Home Remedies.

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