Are you someone who loves looking at the finer details when it comes to things, and particularly where home design is concerned? Then we can assure you that this 2-bedroom condo is going to surprise you in more ways than one. Our designer Ava Gui helped the couple residing here to convert their 3-bedroom condo into a 2-bedroom one, to make it cosy and comfortable. For the love of the old and the new, she paired mid-century modern furniture with contemporary design to create a cohesive and warm aesthetic, just like the couple wanted. Read on and check out the details and to see how beautiful this condo looks post renovation.

Who livs here: A couple

Location: 35 Robin Road

Type and size of home: 2-room condo spanning 98 sq. m.

Livspace team: Interior designer and project manager Ava Gui

Livspace service: Full house renovation

Budget: $$$$$


Let’s Kick-off with the Stunning Transformation


Decor is the Hero in This Living Room

Splashes of colour make this living room come to life
White is the dominant colour here
Floor-to-ceiling glass windows that offer a great view of the city

This open and spacious living room came into being by hacking down the walls of the third bedroom in this condo. The couple residing here loves spending time in their living room, vibing to some good music while soaking up the great view. The huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows are proof of this and allow ample natural light to flow in. Ava loved designing this area since it was transformed completely to give the space a whole new look.

Down to the Details

Pretty prints for the cushion covers
Trendy patterns dominate this living room
Interesting wall art livens up the space

They say that the devil is in the details and for this 2-bedroom condo it is absolutely true. From the cushion covers to the area rug and the wall paintings, everything was carefully picked out by the couple and Ava. The vibrant cushion covers are from Josef Frank and were designed in the 1940s. As for the centre table, it is a Le Courbusier LC10-P low table designed in the 1930s and offers a great modern take on functionality. The statement ceiling lights that were also picked up from Josef Frank were designed in the 1920s.

A Mix of Contemporary and Mid-Century Vibes in the Dining Area

The mix of old and new is breathtaking
Curvy walls take you back to a bygone era
Marble flooring for that modern touch

The dining room in this 2-bedroom condo is a great example of merging the new and the old seamlessly. The sleek dining table and dining chairs, for example, pair up with a curvy antique wooden cabinet from the 1800s, bringing in the best of both worlds in one space. And don’t miss the glossy marble flooring that binds everything together.

Seamless Cabinetry for This Sleek Kitchen

Sleek grey cabinetry for this modern kitchen
Black appliances make for a great addition
Handy accessories for convenient storage

The kitchen was levelled to ensure that it would have a seamless flow into the dining room. In keeping with the rest of the house, luxurious marble flooring was used for the space and it has been perfectly offset by the sleek dark grey cabinetry. This kitchen also has accessories that make it functional and easy to use. The black countertop works well with the trendy black appliances that make this space look fetching.

A Bedroom with Its Very Own Sun Corner

A comfy bed and a side table is all the furniture here
Windows that offer a great view
A cosy reading corner in the master bedroom

The master bedroom in this 2-bedroom condo is the kind that we all dream of having. And we are sure you will love it too! Just look at the reading-cum-sun-corner that offers a breathtaking view of the city! We are totally crushing on it. Additionally, the upholstered bed and warm lighting round up the space into a perfect sanctuary.

Down to the Details

Printed rug to keep the feet warm
Pretty chandelier FTW
Mirrored wardrobes keep space from looking weighed down

There are some details that you should pay special attention to in this master bedroom. The rug, for example, is just the right size for this space and looks great on the wooden flooring. The ceiling light is a mid-century chandelier by Gino Sarfatti for Arteluce, designed in 1958. Another interesting element here is the mirrored wardrobe that opens up this compact bedroom and reflects natural light to make it brighter.

Compact Bathrooms Renovated to Perfection

Simple design for a compact bathroom
A compact glass shower cubicle with sliding doors
Metallic knobs add a charming touch

The compact bathrooms in this 2-bedroom condo are high on functionality. From white cabinetry to task lights, Ava has taken care of incorporating just the right kind of details that would be a fitting addition to the space. The smallest of things make a difference, like those metal knobs for the vanity, which make for an elegant accent.

“This home is timeless and elegant with every piece having its own story to tell. I have selected mid-century classic pieces to fit in the modern-day design. The couple was receptive to suggestions and I really enjoyed working on this home.”

Ava Gui

Interior Designer, Livspace

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